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Is ginseng the same as radish? In fact, they have three essential differences

  • Last Update: 2018-01-04
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Some people say that ginseng and radish grow almost the same, especially the whole pickled radish is more similar to ginseng We all know that ginseng is a good thing to nourish the body, and radish is a common food in our daily life Because they look like they will be compared, there are many people who question whether the ingredients of radish and ginseng are the same Is that true? Actually, there are three differences between Ginseng and radish: 1 Plant classification: Ginseng and radish are not the same family Because of the difference between the two ingredients, ginseng was added into the medicine and radish became the dish Just like the differences between people and things, there are certain similarities and different personalities 2 Function: we all know that ginseng is suitable for warming and tonifying It can not only nourish the spleen and lungs, but also nourish the vital energy It is a good medicine for people with deficiency of body and early recovery of serious diseases It is more suitable for those who are prone to dizziness, sweating, low blood pressure and cold On the contrary, radish's nature is mild and cold, which often has the effects of clearing away heat and detoxification, strengthening stomach and eliminating food, promoting qi and diuresis, promoting body fluid to quench thirst and so on It can be said that it is the opposite type of ginseng 3 Pharmacology: in terms of pharmacology, radish is discouraged and ginseng is invigorating Eating more carrots will promote intestinal peristalsis, strengthen digestion, of course, will also fart more, and ginseng is a tonic, so ordinary people are not suitable to eat, which is easy to cause nosebleed, this kind of inflamed situation There must be many differences between the two in terms of ingredients, and they cannot be confused In daily life, as long as they are used according to the actual situation and properly used, they will play a role in health care, which is conducive to the health of the body So how can we eat them better in our daily life? Ginseng: 1 Stew: cut ginseng into 2cm thin slices, add water in a porcelain bowl, steam and stew for 4-5 hours 2 Chewing: each can contain 1-2 thin slices of ginseng in the mouth, which can play a good role in refreshing and refreshing, sweet, cool and delicious This method is relatively simple 3 Brewing wine: when brewing wine, use a white wine of about 50-60 degrees, slice ginseng and put it into a brewing bottle, but drink it in an appropriate amount 4 Stewed food: because ginseng will have a certain bitter taste when eaten If cooked with some meat, such as lean meat, chicken, fish, etc., it can reduce the bitter taste and nourish the body Radish: 1 Slice the carrot, add seasoning and stir fry it with sufficient oil; 2 Slice the carrot, and stew it together in a pressure cooker Cooking in this way can reduce its contact with air, which can better preserve β - carotene It's worth noting that carrots can't be eaten with wine Research shows that carrots are rich in carotene, mixed with alcohol, will produce toxins in the human liver, leading to liver disease.
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