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    Jack Ma HHB Music Bar Opened? Shareholders are Ali executives

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
    • Source: Internet
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    On January 7th, it was reported that MrMa had recently opened a music bar he had founded, called the HHB Music BarAmong them, "HHB" means flat-headed brother, and the bar logo is also flat-headed brother"I pulled some friends into a bar and wanted it to go up in the red and give a lot of young people who were buried in the music a chance, "Ma Yun said at the opening ceremony's Red Star News investigation found that the bar is operated by Hangzhou Mars Entertainment Management Co., Ltd., and its shareholders are current Alibaba executives, Jack Ma was not involvedAli's Bar without Jack Maon January 7, Red Star News called the HHB Music Bar, and staff said the bar opened on January 6th, and Ma Yun came to attend the opening receptionat the same time, the other side told reporters that the bar's operating company for Hangzhou Mars Entertainment Management Co., Ltd., Ma Yun did not participateas for Ma Yun's public statement that he was in partnership with a friend, the staff said "it is a personal opinion, our side is not in a position to comment." " According to SkyEye, Hangzhou Mars Entertainment Management Co., Ltd("Mars Entertainment") was registered on September 27, 2018 with a registered capital of RMB 1 millionbusiness scope includes entertainment management, cultural and artistic activities planning (except performance and performance intermediary), singing and dancing entertainment business, entertainment entertainment businessit is worth mentioning that although there are no Ma Yun shareholders of Mars Entertainment, the six shareholders are Alibaba partners: Zhai Xiaofeng, Zhang Jianfeng, Yan Luyuan, Wang Shuai, Zhai Siyi and Hu Xiaomingin addition to The 600,000 yuan paid by Zhai Xiaofeng accounted for 60% of the shares, the other five people paid 80,000 yuan, accounting for 8%, Yan Xiaofeng is the party secretary of Alibaba Group, Zhang Jianfeng is the chief technology officer of Alibaba Group, Yan Luyuan is the rotating president of Ali Da Entertainment Group, Wang Shuai is the chairman of the market public relations committee of Alibaba Group, Zhai Siwei is the vice president of Alibaba Group, and Hu Xiaoming is the former president of Aliyunnot to earn money for the purpose, there is no lowsince the media said, Gao Xiaosong, Ma Dong, Wang Han, Big S and Cai Kangyong and other entertainment industry star artists have attended the opening ceremony of the "HHB Music Bar", and Ma Yun himself also sang a few songs to help in a live video released by netizens, Ma Yun said bluntly: "I just want to make a good wine, good music, good friends of the place." Everyone does not make money for the purpose, we are purely to help good music, good music, good friends gathered This is our starting point HHB Music Bar staff told The Red Star News that hHB Music Bar does not have a minimum consumption, the average main push cocktail about 90 yuan a cup Red Star reporters search the HHB Music Bar on The Goethe Map, and its page shows that the per capita consumption is 100 yuan At the same time, the reporter flipped through the public comment network related pages found that the netizen "brown-eyed man" had been on January 4th out of the opening of the wine party invitation at the same time, netizens "perhaps also" also in the public commentpage to show the day's photos when asked by a Red Star reporter if an invitation was sent to a particular group of people, the staff at the HHB Music Bar gave a positive answer, but also said that the invitation was sent on multiple conditions, and it was not convenient to disclose the specifics , the staff member told The Red Star news agency that Ma Yun's future is uncertain, depending on his personal Jack Ma fades? interesting is that on the same day that Ma Yun was exposed to the bar (January 7), some media noticed that Zhejiang Taobao Network Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Taobao") again to make equity changes, Ma Yun and Xie Shihuang exited Taobao's equity filing, the addition of Hangzhou Xi Investment Management Co., Ltd as the sole shareholder later, "Ma Yun transferred out of the Qing Taobao equity" on the weibo hot search list According to titanium media reports, so far, Ma Yun and Xie Shihuang have transferred the "Ali" company shares five times Prior to that, Jack Ma announced his retirement on September 10, 2018 however, Alibaba responded by saying that Mr Ma had never transferred or withdrawn his stake in Taobao and had no intention of that , alibaba said the change was disclosed in its July 2018 annual report, according to the Economic Observer Placing the corresponding equity in the partner will ensure that Alibaba's partnership system plays a role in corporate governance This adjustment does not involve an Equity Adjustment at the Alibaba Group level, nor does it affect Alibaba's Partner Mechanism Jack Ma will remain a partner at Alibaba and continue to play a significant role in Alibaba's partnership Source: Red Star News
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