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"Jotun Interview" Dong Zhaoming Managing Director: Focus on paint, focus on strengths

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Dong Zhaoming Managing Director of Jotun Coatings (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd.
On March 21, Mr. Dong Zhaoming, Managing Director of Jotun Coatings (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd., had a lively face-to-face interaction with a number of media, including Coatings and Protection, in Shanghai, and discussed and demonstrated the company's three-dimensional picture of the company's operational strategy, business performance, solutions, market development, business sector, technology research and development, training management, development planning, etc.
1, Mr. Dong expressed his gratitude and welcome to the arrival of a number of media, and first briefly introduced the company's situation. In the next media interactive session, when the media asked about the development of the entire Jotun coatings in the world and China in recent years, Dong said that founded in 1926, Jotun is a relatively special coating industry enterprises, Jotun focus on organic development, will not merge /annex other companies or do capital operations, Jotun's principle is to mature a development, adhere to organic development
. Jotun has been expanding in Norway since the 1820s, first to Libya and then to the Middle East and then to Central and South-East Asia. Jotun is generally first from the paint can do the local export, and then sales to expand the market, this market matured or will mature, consider building a factory and then do some financing, Jotun development path is basically like this.'What's special about Jotun is that we focus on the field of coatings, not on other areas, and do paint on the strengths, with Jotun's strengths in the areas and regions where Jotun can play strong, we focus on marine paint, industrial protective paint, powder paint and home paint,' said
Dong. Among them, the marine paint business in China's market share of 32%-33%. Globally, together with Japanese partner NKM, it has a global market share of almost 25%. Ship paint is growing fast in China, but at the same time many competitors in the industry are growing faster at some point, but generally stop there when it grows to 10-15 billion, and Jotun moved up from 1 billion, 1.5 billion, 2 billion to 2.7 billion. The industrial paint business is also Jotun's strength, as it has strong technical support and research and development capabilities, and last year sales of industrial paint in China reached nearly 1.7 billion. The powder coatings business is relatively small, especially in China, which is close to 100 million, and is in its infancy. Decorative paint business is also almost 100 million. The recent adjustment is relatively large, from the overall strategy of adjustment, we will be in accordance with the requirements of the Jotun Group to develop high-end paint brands. From the group as a whole, last year about 26 billion yuan, in China's turnover of 3.1 billion yuan.
2, in response to a question about this year's Jotun business in the face of domestic economic downtrodden pressure, what new changes and new growth points, Dong always believes that the domestic economic restructuring, policy strength, new tax regulations and other support for enterprises is increasing, for Jotun, from the overall economic situation, or more optimistic, especially in the Chinese market. As a quality-based premise, environment-based assurance, customer satisfaction as the ultimate goal of the company, feel that is an opportunity.
3, some media asked in China's foreign-funded enterprises, Jotun how to achieve relatively good growth of benign development, Dong said that the existence and development of a company, culture is very important, and stressed the role of cultural heritage and transmission. Jotun's culture has four key words: love, respect, loyalty, and courage. Dong always feel respect for love, people-oriented, this is the most basic, at the same time, but also to the environment-oriented, customer-oriented, from the basis of this concept, in the strong places and regions to Jotun's strengths to develop strong business. In addition, in team building, Jotun is also very hard work, committed to a brave, wise, strong team, and, first of all, leaders have a public heart, can not be too self-interested, team leaders to lead by example, play a leading role. These are the main factors that enable Jotun to develop benignly.
4. When asked by the media what kind of solutions Jotun has in green, and whether these solutions have any advantages in helping the evaluation process of buildings, Dong always believes that Jotun has always attached great importance to the concept of green buildings, Jotun has many high requirements, high standards of certification, such as LEED in the United States, BREEAM certificate in the United Kingdom, and the logo of green buildings in China. In the case of the case, many landmarks and projects around the world have Jotun's presence.
Of course, from the whole solution to see the problem, green protection from the design, are linked to Jotun's technology, and in accordance with the entire international and domestic requirements in the continuous promotion, transformation of products. For example, anti-fouling paint under the ship paint, we all know that the anti-fouling paint under the ship paint, is to prevent sea creatures attached to the ship's shell to ensure its operating rate and effectiveness, this must be solvent-based so far, because water-based paint can not meet this requirement, but also can not meet this standard. So the next thing to do is how to make anti-fouling paint can be higher solid non-toxic material.
Zotun Power Snow Dragon Arctic Expedition Ship Project
5, regarding the media mentioned what highlights Jotun in the ship paint and marine paint, Dong gave an example: since polishing anti-fouling paint because the release of toxic material is always sustainable, from the first day of coating until the coating disappeared has been a continuous release of toxic material, in 2003 began to ban organic Tin, by 2008 completely eliminated organo tin, since then Jotun has been relatively strong in ship paint, its key technology is anti-fouling paint, Jotun with related technology to replace organo tin, but also with the International Maritime Organization set the ship hull and propeller performance measurement standards, known as ISO19030, this is Jotun and IMO set international standards. In the field of marine paint, Jotun in the solvent-free development is very good, in which the enhanced glass scales and coatings can play a role in the underwater environment anti-corrosion and splash-proof impact, for the marine field equipment and facilities played an excellent role in the protection.
Zotun to help China's first independent development of large-scale all-submersive deep-sea fishing
1", some media pointed out the impact of price factors in market behavior, and asked Jotun in this situation, how to find the right price, quality, service, brand, these aspects of the balance point, Dong generally expounded that Jotun's operating strategy is to take a high-end route, and, insist on doing something, not what to do. Also gave an example of Jingbo Petrochemical, explained the importance of quality, high-end matching, and finally get the user's trust and recognition. Dong always believes that the key is to target the market, how to improve users' awareness of anti-corrosion and enhance their anti-corrosion requirements. This is also a boost for the industry as a whole.
addition, the price of raw materials for coatings is also a very difficult problem, the paint industry is a great challenge. Specific to Jotun company, or adhere to the operating philosophy of doing something, for the contract in hand, must be fulfilled, in the contract signed, we put forward reasonable price increases, at the same time can improve the grade of some products, and from the product classification and customer classification to do some work, the most critical is to be able to timely launch some high-performance products, do not pursue the public's products, Jotun is taking a high-end route, high-end products in the entire sales system in Jotun accounted for a very large proportion, and the proportion will be higher and higher.
7, when asked by the media what focus Jotun's training and the operation of the Coatings Academy are, and how it is driving the industry, Dong specifically mentions that Jotun invests $23 million a year in staff training, an investment that is unlikely to be possible for many small companies. All sales in Jotun have been more specialized training, and training has the first, second, intermediate, advanced and so on. About the Training Academy, in addition to the construction of a fully equipped, advanced training center, there is a unique mobile training school in the world, that is, made a container, installed in it from the beginning of sand blasting, painting, testing, training set four-in-one training mobile center mobile school, mainly for customers on the scene. In addition, there are targeted exchanges with experts and design institutes, such as ship design institutes, offshore design institutes, industrial paint bridge design institutes have exchanges. Of course, after the exchange they proposed to train their staff, because Jotun has the training center capacity, there are training teachers, and this training center is in cooperation with FROMIO and NACE, these two certificates are anti-corrosion construction professional job certificates, such as offshore, if there is no qualification, is not able to work on the anti-corrosion construction of offshore equipment.
8, on intelligent manufacturing, some media asked Jotun in this regard layout and the current level of intelligence, Dong introduced the headquarters of Jotun plant fully automated production model, from the intelligent management point of view, Jotun is still relatively ahead, but also pointed out that intelligence is of course the direction, of course, from the direction and the actual situation, we can not be separated from the actual, the road to step by step. In China, more from environmental protection and protection of our employees as a starting point to do some intelligent transformation, such as our irrigation area automation, pipeline automation, although not particularly advanced, but overall is relatively effective.
, in response to media questions about Jotun's domestic development plans for the next few years, Dong introduced the current production capacity of the two plants, about 200 million liters, and is still able to meet demand. Powder coating design capacity is 10,000 tons, but from the future development trend is certainly more than. Decorative paint is now also about 100 million, there will be great development in the future. This plan may be visible in three to five years, so future investment will certainly be there, the factory will certainly have, but as for now it is not easy to say where to build, see our business development or in accordance with the requirements of the organic development of Jotun to continuously improve the business development of each of our regions. In addition, research and development investment will certainly continue, and the intensity is not small. Last year, Jotun invested 270 million Norwegian kroner worldwide.
10, when asked by the media which business in Jotun is most optimistic about the development of the Chinese market, he is confident that, in addition to the marine paint market share has been in the first industry position, its industrial paint development potential is very large, but also Jotun's strengths, the next few years will be very fast. At the same time, it is pointed out that the layout of the decorative paint business in China, Jotun to the Nordic lifestyle and its traditional precipitation can be extended to the Chinese market. Jotun's decorative paints are world-class in terms of materials and technology, not only that, but also from a fashion point of view and from a bottom-up point of view, and are proud of Jotun's color experts, who first introduced color palettes in the 1970s. As for the powder coatings business, the development is not so fast, but Jotun will work with large downstream enterprises to develop more high-end architectural powder coatings, in addition, with many designers to strengthen cooperation. Dong said that Jotun has a lot of cases in China, so the two businesses also want to be able to pull up, so he told the headquarters about this, hope in recent years in China, from 3 billion to 5 billion, which is Jotun's near-term plan.
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This media exchange and interaction provides an opportunity to get up close and personal with Jotun company, Dong general combined with media questions for a multi-dimensional presentation, showing the company's concept of something to do something and high-end development line of operation strategy. As can be seen from this joint interview, Jotun's blood is always flowing with single-focused, focused genes, and is committed to the strength to the extreme, highlighting the strong driving force and vitality of sustainable organic development of enterprises. As Dong generally described the company, Jotun's good development in China is mainly based on strong support in three areas: one is the Jotun culture; Dong believes that Jotun's development in the next ten years, the goal will be more clear, the whole market will be more dynamic to lead the development of the entire paint market.
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