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    Key points of anesthesia management for cesarean section under general anesthesia

    • Last Update: 2022-04-30
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    First come to a general anesthesia cesarean section six mantras haha ​​remember or save general anesthesia cesarean section no longer worry about the principle of anesthesia implementation and management: A.
    Assess and check the airway, ask about the history of anesthesia, medication, allergies and fasting water conditions,

    Check for patency of the upper extremity venous access

    Monitoring measures include ECG, blood pressure, pulse oximetry, and end-tidal carbon dioxide monitoring

    Prepare for difficult airway intubation

    Prepare a suction device, a short-stemmed laryngoscope, a 6.
    0-gauge tracheal tube, and equipment to prevent failure of tracheal intubation

    Intubation is optional for rapid sequential induction

    Inhale pure oxygen for 3 to 5 minutes before induction, or inhale deeply for 5 to 8 times (5 to 6 L/min)

    Start anesthesia induction after all surgical measures (such as disinfection, drape, etc.
    ) are ready

    Use rapid sequential induction: intravenous propofol 1.
    5 mg/kg plus 1.
    5 mg/kg succinylcholine or rocuronium 0.
    0 mg/kg

    If the hemodynamics are unstable, 0.
    3 mg/kg etomidate or 1-1.
    5 mg/kg ketamine can also be administered intravenously

    Maternal muscle relaxants receiving magnesium sulfate treatment should be appropriately reduced

    Anesthesia maintenance can be maintained by inhalation anesthesia or combined intravenous inhalation anesthesia

    Avoid hyperventilation to prevent fetal acidosis

    After the fetus is removed, opioid analgesics such as fentanyl or sufentanil can be added appropriately

    Reduce the concentration of inhalation anesthetics so as not to interfere with uterine contractions
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