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    Laboratory decoration design of chemical analysis laboratory

    • Last Update: 2022-09-14
    • Source: Internet
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    The chemical analysis room is a laboratory laboratory and needs to be kept away from dust, smoke, noise and vibration sources, which shows that it is important
    to do a good job in design.

    How to do a good job in the design of the chemical analysis room in the laboratory design, PATEO Xiaobian takes everyone to understand the relevant knowledge

    First, the building requires the chemical analysis room to have fire resistance needs, so it is necessary to use fire-resistant building materials, and the partition and top surface should also be fireproof

    The ground can be optionally terrazzo floor, the windows should be dustproof, for indoor lighting, the door should be opened

    In addition, two exits will be set up to allow for the evacuation
    of personnel in the event of an accident.

    Second, water supply and drainage In terms of water supply, in order to meet the normal operation of instruments and equipment, it is necessary to ensure the corresponding water pressure, water quality and quantity

    In terms of drainage, the indoor main valve should be set up in an easy-to-operate position, the sewer material is acid and alkali corrosion resistant material, and the ground should have floor drain

    Third, ventilation facilities 1, full room ventilation: you can use ventilation shafts or exhaust fans, the number of ventilation times is 5 times / hour

    2, local exhaust hood: in the chemical analysis of toxic above the local exhaust hood, which can reduce indoor air pollution

    3, fume hood: this is a common with exhaust equipment, the interior is equipped with heating source, water source, lighting and other devices

    Fume hoods are usually made of fireproof and explosion-proof metal materials, coated with anti-corrosion coatings inside, and the ventilation ducts have the characteristics of
    being resistant to acid and alkali gases.

    Fourth, gas and power supply In terms of gas, it is recommended to install pipeline gas

    In terms of power supply, the lighting electricity is suitable for fluorescent lamps, and if the equipment uses electricity, the electrical appliances running for 24h should be supplied separately, and the rest are controlled
    by the total switch.

    In addition, in order to prevent sudden power outages at night, emergency lights should be installed indoors and in corridors

    Fifth, the experimental bench is mainly composed of 3 parts, namely: tabletop, understage bracket, utensil cabinet

    Among them, the countertop materials are mostly
    veneered physical and chemical boards, solid core physical and chemical plates, corrosion-resistant artificial stones, and terrazzo.

    In addition, in order to facilitate operation, the table can be set up with a pharmaceutical rack, and the two ends of the table can be installed with sinks

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