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    Learn to explain the acid-base balance with a unified theory

    • Last Update: 2021-05-10
    • Source: Internet
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    I have introduced the theoretical essence of acid-base balance many times before and after.
    Through the derivation of the relational formula, we get that PH (that is, [H+]) is completely affected by SID, [AT], PCO2, and everything leads to the acid-base of blood or extracellular fluid.
    The unbalanced factors all affect these three factors.
    In other words, SID, [AT], and PCO2 independently affect the acid-base balance as independent variables, and [H+] and [HCO3-] are all dependent variables.

    Any acid-base disorder can be found from the above three independent variables, and it is also helpful to understand which way to correct the acid-base disorder; for example, the infusion of sodium bicarbonate solution mainly changes PCO2, and the correction is caused by the increase of lactic acid and keto acid.
    The effect of acidosis caused by lower SID is limited, and treatment of the root cause is the key at this time.

    Regarding why hyperchloremia is acidosis, why the extracellular fluid is weakly alkaline, the Stewart model explains the acid-base balance, etc.
    , this article integrates the previous bit of knowledge and integrates the series in a simple ppt form to understand the logical relationship , Learn the new by reviewing the past.

    Recommendation: Origin of Alkali Supplement Formula Sodium bicarbonate corrects acidosis.
    Which gap was corrected?
    How to simply calculate the osmotic pressure of a solution?
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