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    Lepu Medical 300 million touch "risk" drug consistency evaluation pro-test

    • Last Update: 2021-02-20
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    Medical medicine "marriage" insurance, is becoming China's big health market boom. Lep Medical, the domestic heart stent giant, is one of the water testers in the boom.
    December 18, Lepu Medical announced that in order to continuously optimize the company's operating structure and industrial layout, and promote the company's sound operation and sustainable development, the company intends to participate in the launch of the establishment of life insurance co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "life shares") with its own capital of 300 million yuan.
    Times weekly reporter from Lepu Medical was informed that this time the company wants to cooperate with a third party to initiate the establishment of life shares, the company intends to subscribe for 300 million shares of life shares, accounting for 10.4895 percent of its registered capital. The outside world is concerned about the specific situation of the funder of the proposed insurance company.
    's medical department was reluctant to give further details. "In fact, the CIRC does not let us disclose this matter, but there must be a board resolution, and according to shenzhen stock exchange rules, once the board of directors must be announced, so we made a general announcement on this matter." On December 25th, a source in the medical securities department of Lepu told Time Weekly that specific matters must be approved before they can be disclosed.
    with the increasing pressure on social security funds and the deepening yearning of Chinese residents for the upgrading of health services, commercial health insurance will be the main trend of future development and an organic complement to social security. Pharmaceutical enterprises pile up "insurance", in addition to Lepu Medical, Kangmei Pharmaceuticals, Eyre Ophthalmology and so on have also been involved.
    Oriental Gaosheng Shenzhen, the head of the Yan told the Times Weekly reporter, in the domestic social security funds are tight and strict control of fees, some advanced drugs and technology use is subject to certain restrictions, the future of commercial insurance will become a good supplement.
    years, the company has focused on the cardiovascular sector after the tech-sempic-born Mr. Pu became the helm of Lepu Medical. However, Lepu Medical is not satisfied with being a single medical device manufacturer and is continuing to diversify into a cardiovascular-wide platform enterprise through continuous acquisitions and capital operations, i.e. a four-in-one of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, medical services and strategic businesses.The "Medical and Insurance" Model
    On December 15th, the 6th Meeting of the 4th Board of Directors and the 6th Meeting of the 4th Supervisory Board of Lepu Medical both considered and adopted the motion on the proposed participation in the initiation of the establishment of Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
    understood that Lepu Medical intends to subscribe for 300 million shares of life insurance companies, accounting for 10.49 percent of its registered capital. It is calculated that if the life insurance company is approved, its registered capital will be about $2.86 billion. However, according to the Lepu medical announcement, the company did not announce the co-sponsors and other circumstances.
    the outside world is concerned about Lepu Medical's main partners in setting up insurance companies this time. Some shareholders on the "launch of the life insurance company for Chinese life?" "Lep Healthcare did not respond positively to questions from Lepu Medical executives on the interactive platform, saying only that "at the request of government departments, it is not appropriate to disclose specific developments to the public".
    Lepu Medical said that the proposed company type is a limited company, its business scope covers almost all areas of life insurance, including general insurance, life insurance and annuity insurance, health insurance, accident insurance, dividend insurance, universal insurance;
    Lepu Medical was founded in 1999, formerly known as Beijing Lepu Medical Devices Co., Ltd., listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM in 2009, the company is mainly engaged in coronary artery intervention and pre-heart disease intervention medical device research and development, production and sales. The main products include intravascular drug (Repamycin) enchantment stent system for coronary heart disease treatment, coronary stent delivery system, PTCA balloon dilation catheter, drug center venous catheter, etc.
    recent years, Lepu Medical has continued to cultivate the domestic cardiovascular health market, but also try to improve the level of internationalization through industrial operations.
    In January this year, Lepu Medical Co., Ltd. bid more than 700 million yuan for the headquarters base of Nanshan District, for the company to build an international business operation platform centered on the cardiovascular medical industry as the core, to enhance the company's deep integration in the international and domestic medical industry.
    October this year, on the sidelines of an interview at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Lepu Medical Secretary Guo Tongjun confirmed to the Times Weekly that after obtaining the approval, the above-mentioned headquarters base project will start construction as soon as possible.
    the establishment of an insurance company is another bold attempt by Mr Pu, who will have a new business shape in the future. "The company's participation in the launch of the life stake is a strategic investment opportunity that has been actively sought in recent years," Lepu Healthcare said. "
    recent years, the CIRC has been very strict in its management of the establishment of insurance companies, and many insurance companies have had a relatively difficult process of obtaining approvals." This time there's just a chance to get involved. Lepu Medical Securities told Time Weekly.
    fact, dabbling in the insurance industry has been brewing within Lep Medical for years, and this is not the first time Lepu Medical has been involved in the insurance business. As early as October 2015, Lepu Medical's wholly-owned subsidiary Lepu (Shenzhen) Financial Holdings Co., Ltd. invested 20 million yuan to establish Lepu (Shenzhen) Insurance Brokerage Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Lepu Brokerage") as a platform for the company to carry out insurance brokerage business.
    a wide range of businesses, including the preparation of insurance plans for the guarantor, the selection of insurers, the processing of insurance procedures, as well as assistance to the insured or beneficiaries to make claims, re-insurance brokerage business.
    it has been pointed out that the launch of life insurance will further lay out life insurance, or will help to fill the gaps in medical services, and its pharmaceutical industry to form a synergy. Driven by the pressure of medical insurance charges
    In fact, Lepu Medical's vision is to build the company into a full-cycle cardiovascular-related disease prevention, treatment, rehabilitation of cardiovascular health ecological international enterprises, cardiovascular-related medical devices, medicine, health care products, medical services, new medical industry industry-wide industry chain products and services, as well as the establishment of cardiovascular health online and offline full-service platform.
    in Lepu Medical's view, this intervention in the insurance industry, is a matter of water. "This has always been the company's goal, because we do slow-motion management and medical services, and we're definitely going to be tied to commercial insurance in the future, after all, social security payments are under increasing pressure, and that's a imperative." Lepu Medical Securities department related people told the Times Weekly reporter.
    background of deepening medical reform in an all-round way, medical insurance fee control is the main theme of medical treatment for a long time, and it is a great challenge for medical institutions, production enterprises and drug distribution enterprises.
    this year, the most concentrated and powerful state fee control play is to deepen the reform of health care payment methods. On June 28, 2017, the General Office of the State Council issued the Guidance on Further Deepening the Reform of the Payment Methods for Basic Medical Insurance. The main goal of
    is to further strengthen the budget management of the health insurance fund from 2017 onwards, fully implement multi-composite medical insurance payment methods based on pay-per-disease, select a certain number of diseases to pay for disease-based, the state selects some areas to carry out by disease diagnosis-related grouping (DRGs) pay pilot, encourage all regions to improve pay-per-head, bed-by-bed and other payment methods.
    to 2020, the reform of medical insurance payment methods will cover all medical institutions and medical services, and the multi-composite medical insurance payment methods adapted to different diseases and characteristics of different services will be widely implemented throughout the country, with a significant decrease in the proportion of pay-per-project payments.
    the current major hospital health care charges have become the general trend, some investors worry that such a situation will be Lepu Medical's stents, drugs and other sectors of the sales test.
    to this, Lepu medical refers to, corresponding to medical insurance charges, the state has correspondingly introduced various policies to support independent research and development, encourage "import substitution", encourage more use of domestic high-quality products. The company will accelerate the development of a new generation of products, improve the cost-effective products, so that the pace of import substitution further accelerated, at the same time, by strengthening marketing and building well-known brands to consolidate and enhance the competitive advantage of existing products.
    galaxy securities research report that China's health insurance fund income and expenditure growth rate continues to decline, commercial health insurance has become a development trend. According to the Ministry of Human and Social Affairs, fund-raising from health-care funds: Although the implementation of the Social Security Law in July 2011 led to a significant increase in the growth rate of health-care financing, but then continued to decline, the 2016 fund-raising growth rate has dropped to 14.5%. From medicare fund spending: Spending growth has continued to decline since 2009 and has fallen to 13.4% in 2016. The rebound in health care financing and spending growth in January-October 2017 was mainly due to the acceleration of the integration of the two insurances, i.e., the integration of new agricultural integration into management.
    "We believe that in the context of the health insurance fund to collect expenditure, the future growth rate of expenditure is difficult to improve space." However, with China's entry into an aging society, as well as the increase in the penetration rate of disease treatment, relying solely on medical insurance funds has been difficult to meet the people's pursuit of innovative medical products and new high-end medical services, the future of commercial insurance will play a more important role. "The aforementioned study points out.
    As a platform enterprise in the whole industry chain of cardiovascular diseases, Lepu Medical is stepping up efforts to provide patients with a variety of innovative products and building a medical service platform, and it is urgent to form strategic cooperation or alliance with the commercial health insurance industry to promote the upgrading of the company's health industry products and services, while providing opportunities and competitive advantages for the company's development. Three service fees surge
    with the continuous progress of the reform of the medical and health system, as well as the provincial tender price reduction policy, national health insurance control fees, drug two-vote system and a series of policies, medical devices and drugs price reduction is imperative, which is bound to lepu medical treatment to continuously enhance market competitiveness to raise new challenges.
    addition to medical devices, Lepu Medical has been focusing on the pharmaceutical business sector in recent years. The device giant continued to strengthen the construction of a drug supply platform in the field of cardiovascular drugs, built a chain of cardiovascular drugs of several billion heavy varieties, and vigorously promoted the marketing of cardiovascular drugs such as lipid reduction, anticoagulant, antihyurtensing, heart failure and other drugs, but the current consistent evaluation has become a test.
    recent years, Lepu Medical's pharmaceutical sector continued to grow, is currently the fastest growing business sector. Lepu Medical continues to promote the construction of the drug marketing network of "medical institutions and pharmacies OTC plus third terminal", and strengthens the academic promotion of products and the differentiation management of sales channels through the implementation of branding strategies, the control of sales terminals, and so on.
    the first half of this year, Lepu Medical Pharmaceuticals achieved revenue of RMB831 million, up 50.78 percent year-on-year, and net profit of RMB255 million, up 70.80 percent year-on-year.
    To comprehensively promote the evaluation of drug quality consistency will put forward higher requirements for the total quality control of Lepu medical devices and pharmaceuticals, if the relevant provisions of the state supervision and administration departments are not always in line with the policy changes, the drug can not pass the consistent evaluation on time, the company may be significantly affected in terms of operation.
    Times weekly reporter was informed that Lepu Medical is gathering a variety of internal advantages of resources, further improve the drug consistency evaluation research team, a comprehensive and orderly promotion of heavy varieties of benzodiamin chloride, pyridoxine, chlorosatan potassium hydrochlorochlorophenidate, hydrochlorochloride, atropastatin calcium and other consistent research, the current varieties of research work in accordance with the original plan.
    Fact, the evaluation of the quality and efficacy of generic drugs is an important part of the reform of the drug review and approval system, which not only studies time-critical, heavy tasks, but also takes time and effort, but also requires investment.
    the first half of this year, Lepu Medical's research and development expenses reached 123 million yuan, up 36.20% YoY, "the increase in research and development investment, mainly related to drug consistency evaluation and certification work increased by 13.8239 million yuan."
    addition, the cost of sales of Lepu Healthcare has soared. In the first half of this year, sales expenses reached 418 million yuan, up 53.34% YoY, "mainly in the company's drug varieties further enriched, in the integration of drug sales platform, sales team configuration layout and marketing input have increased."
    according to the Times Weekly reporter observed that in the above-mentioned reporting period sales costs of Lepu Medical, consulting services fees from the same period last year of 21.4414 million yuan, to 103 million yuan in the current period. But Lep Medical did not provide further details about the cost of the consultation. (Time Weekly)
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