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    Listed wine enterprises richest 180 people list: kouzi cellar Xujin, Gujing Gong wine Zheng Hope, Huazhi wine line Wu Xiangdong ranked in the top three

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
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    since the opening of 2019, the A-share liquor sector continued to strengthen, the China Securities Liquor Index rose 48%On March 18, liquor listed enterprises are now up and down the tide, Guizhou Maotai market value broke trillion, become a landmark event in the liquor industry"up" continued behind, is the wine industry performance continued to improveData released by the National Bureau of Statistics show that enterprises above the size of the national wine industry in 2018 completed sales revenue of 812.274 billion yuan, an increase of 10.20% over the previous year, and realized a total profit of 147.645 billion yuan, an increase of 23.92 percent over the previous yearthe strong performance of wine companies in the capital market, how about the ability to create wealth?Sohu Finance, Sohu Wine Co., jointly released the "listed wine enterprises richest 180 people" list shows that as of March 14, through investment, holding listed liquor enterprises, 180 listed people held a total stock market value of 51.275 billion yuan150 of them have a market value of more than 10 million, and 66 have a market value of more than 100 million yuanIts shareholding market value also reached the list of people are wine executives, investors, employees involved in equity incentives, Chairman Xu Jin's stock value of 4.926 billion yuan, ranking first in the liquor company's rich list, followed by investor Zheng Hope, who has just completed the A-share listing of Huazhi Liquor, the majority shareholder Wu Xiangdong, the two holding stake market value of 4.524 billion yuan, 4.347 billion yuan, respectivelythe most powerful wine enterprises for the mouth cellar, the world, the top 50 list, from the mouth cellar, the current world of personnel occupy half of the wallLiquor industry leader Guizhou Maotai is no one on the listmouth cellar, the world's most powerful"listed wine enterprises richest 180 people" list shows that the value of wealth of more than 100 million people 66 people, 10 million range 84 people, million range 27 peoplelisted people's wealth is reflected in direct or indirect support for listed liquor companies, of which the phenomenon of executive shareholding stake accounted for about one-thirdXu Jin, chairman of, is the largest shareholder in The Mouth Cellars, with a market capitalisation of 4,926 million In the list, the mouth cellar into the list of 12 people, including the second largest individual shareholder Liu Anxian, five directors, Dong, deputy general manager and other shareholders or executives, the lowest shareholder in the market value of Zhong Jihua also has 252 million yuan listed mouth cellar shareholders, Dong guangao to obtain shares are mostly in the mouth cellar restructuring The predecessor of the mouth cellar was in 1994 by Huaibei City kouzi winery, Luxi County mouth winery to negotiate the formation of the "Anhui kouzi Wine Group", in 2002, the mouth group in conjunction with 17 other sponsors launched the mouth-suzi shares, the state-owned legal person shares completely emptied the fourth transfer of the shares of Thekouzi shares in 2006, the total shares of the original kouzi shares held by the Kouzi Group were transferred to 31 people, such as Xu Jin and Liu An Province, and the transfer price was 3.43 yuan/share based on the net assets per share after evaluation in 2015 mouth cellar in the A-share listing, Xu Jin, Liu An Province and other mouth cellar shareholderwealth growth On March 7 this year, after the ban was lifted, five natural shareholders of the mouth cellar reduced their holdings, cashing out more than 100 million yuan also gained a lot of wealth through their involvement in the restructuring of the wine industry, along with current executives The list shows that there are 12 people on the list, with a total wealth of 6,905 million yuan, and shareholders Chen Dehua and Chairman Zhou Suming, respectively, have a market value of 1.174 billion yuan and 1.046 billion yuan, respectively, ranking second in the world's fortunes this world landed in the capital market in 2014 Zhou Suming, the 57-year-old current world chairman, has been the current chairman since 2000, and before he was transferred to the current world, he served as the director of the office of the government of Jiangsu's Sushui County government and the propaganda minister of the county committee In an interview, Zhou Suming has said that at that time, as a "county standing committee, he also served as the current world's chairman." Yan Hanzhong, , a former deputy general manager and chairman of the supervisory board, has served as deputy director of the Sushui County Bureau of Justice and now has a market value of 522 million yuan the current world management of the shareholding, from the current world since the beginning of the restructuring in 2005 At that time, the world submitted "on the application for company restructuring", the final restructuring plan for the state-owned shares 90%, the management layer accounted for 10% of the shares At present, the People's Government of Sushui County, Jiangsu Province, through the current World Edge Group, indirectly control the listed company's current world edge 44.72% of the shares Guizhou Maotai no one on the list mouth cellar, this world occupies the top 50 of the top half of the wall the dark horse on the list, Wu Xiangdong, the real-time controller of Huazhi Liquor, which ranks third on the list with a market capitalization of 4.374 billion yuan Huazhi Liquor Is the only liquor distributor on the list In January 2019, Huazhi Liquor was officially listed on a Share A, and the effective controller, Wu Xiangdong, indirectly held 58.73 percent of the shares, allowing the wealth to increase significantly , the second-ranked Zheng Is an invisible billionaire The list shows that Zheng's wealth reached 4.524 billion yuan through indirect holdings of Gujing Gong wine in 2009 Gujing Gong wine restructuring, Shanghai Pucheng contributed 465 million yuan to the Gujing Group 40% of the state-owned property rights and behind Shanghai Pucheng, is a company called Shanghai Tonghua Chong league Investment Co., Ltd 100% of the shares, Zheng Panpan through 100% control of Hefei Dushen Trading Co., Ltd., holding 50% of the interests of Shanghai Tonghua Chong League deconstructed list can be found that the ability to create rich wine enterprises, are through the restructuring of the wine enterprises to allow the original management to obtain shares In the enterprises that are absolutely controlled by Mao Wuyang and other countries, executives have acquired shares in the form of equity incentives, but the amount is not much a total of eight executives holding shares, director and general manager Chen Lin the highest value, 7.512 million Chairman Liu China, who is worth 3.963 million, ranks third, with Wuliang's shareholders ranked lower in the list, between 156 and 191 Yanghe shares a total of 16 people on the list, the ranking distribution of a larger span, the value of more than 5 people Zhong Yuye, the former ceo of Yanghe, still holds a stake in the company after his retirement, worth up to $655 million, ranking 13th The rest are Feng Pantai, chairman of the Supervisory Board, Yan Sunda, a natural person shareholder, Vice President Cong School Year and Zhou Xinhu Chairman Wang Yao has the penultimate stake, worth just 3.322 million and liquor leader Guizhou Maotai, the body is absent from this list, there is no executive holding Similar to Guizhou Maotai, there are Shunxin agriculture, Yilite, old Baigan and other countries absolutely control the wine enterprises Copyright Image caption "Company Read Deep" is a well-crafted brand column by Sohu Finance, focusing on company reports and in-depth investigation reports If you are interested in contacting Sohu Financial Reprint, Interview, Breaking News and other matters, please email All unauthorized reproduction is a violation, Sohu Finance will be held legally responsible Source: Sohu Finance Zhou Xiaoling Fandi Li Wenxian
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