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    Live bamboo wine is called live wine, in fact, really pit father ah!

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
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    The bamboo is lush and the mountains are wildWhen the mountain wind blows, bamboo forest tide swaying up, came the pleasant sound of "sand sand"This is a mountainous area in southwestern Zhejiang Province, in order to see this bamboo forest scenery, I set out from Shaoxing, sleeping on the bus for more than five hoursof course have an interview assignment on this tripI came to this bamboo forest, only for a kind of wine: "live bamboo wine." It is reported that some people inherited the "ancient law" and developed a kind of "living bamboo wine"They are growing bamboo drilling holes, put good white wine into the wax seal, waiting for the bamboo to grow for a period of time and then cut down, a section saw down for saledrinkers use cones to break the bamboo section interval, the rich bamboo fragrance, yellow-green liquor will flow outBecause the wine is injected with bamboo, bamboo is still growing, this wine is also known as "living wine." " can make food meatless, can not live without bamboo"The role of bamboo in Chinese culture is so important that it's even more interesting to combine bamboo and wine in such a subtle wayI rushed to the bamboo forest, ready to have a good chat with the winemakerthis bamboo forest is owned by a farm, and it is the farmer who received me, a capable middle-aged manThe first thing he saw me was: "Zheng reporter, bamboo wine this thing is not worth publicity, do you want to write something else?" "I was taken aback and rushed to ask him to sit down, " he said in detailOriginally, the so-called in the early years of bamboo into wine, waiting for adults after cutting harvest is entirely bamboo wine publicity gimmicksIf this is done, there are no more than two results:either the degree of alcohol is too high, the bamboo "burned" to death, or alcohol through the bamboo volatilization, within ten days, bamboo only a dull tasteless winehow is the bamboo wine on the market made? In fact, bamboo is only a container for wine, not a greenhouse for secondary fermentation of alcohol Bamboo wine producers first put the bamboo section down, and then the brewed liquor into the bamboo barrel, and then with stickers will be blocked holes cover, hidden from haiti to get on the market for sale There is no doubt that this is certainly not an ancient law inheritance bamboo is not a fully sealed container, alcohol is highly volatile in the bamboo barrel Therefore, canned good bamboo barrel wine at room temperature can only be saved for about 15 days, time and a long wine taste ran away The farmer asked me, directly filled bamboo wine are so easy to volatilize, if poured into live bamboo, how much left? I understand that the so-called "live bamboo wine" is a lie I went to the shopping site to search for bamboo wine, the origin of Fujian, Hunan, Jiangxi, many provinces, almost bamboo places can produce bamboo wine Without exception, either the preservation method is specified as refrigerated and the shelf life is short, or the use of vacuum packaging, but also falsely indicate that the alcohol in the package is not a leak, but "to drink bamboo." even more amazing is the price of this bamboo wine The most common price of a kilo of live bamboo wine as long as thirty or forty yuan, the cheapest as long as a dozen yuan a bottle, but also parcel First regardless of the processing of bamboo, just look at the price of this wine can be what good wine? The farmer also said that the filling into bamboo is the market is the bulk wine sold on the market, not the propaganda said that "the ancient law brewed high-quality sorghum wine", some black heart merchants, but also it is entirely possible to pour into the inferior wine such a big lie, it spread for so long! Deception I am full of expectations of long-distance attack, but also deceive countless consumers The farmer was cheated Bamboo wine was on sale before he took over the farm He took over only to know the real situation of bamboo wine, conscience, he turned to the development of farming, tourism, picking and other agricultural projects, bamboo wine is no longer the main business of the farm, but only named with tourism publicity thank this honest farmer, if he wants to deceive me, just find a talk to hide the production process of bamboo wine, and then a scene of the scene But he didn't, he chose to tell the truth, he chose to stand up to his conscience Source: Zheng Jiaxuan, South Wind Window Reporter
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