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    Many new national standards for meat are introduced

    • Last Update: 2021-09-12
    • Source: Internet
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    Recently, the General Administration of Market Supervision and the National Standardization Management Committee published GB/T40464-2021 "Technical Requirements for Cooled Meat Processing", GB/T40466-2021 "Technical Regulations for Meat Cutting of Livestock and Poultry Pork", GB/T40467-2021 "Quality of Livestock and Poultry Meat" Three national standards related to meat, including General Principles of Near-Infrared Testing

    Standardize pork cutting procedures

    China is a big meat production and consumption country, among which pork product consumption accounts for the highest proportion.

    Zhang Xinling, a senior engineer of the China Center for Animal Disease Control and Prevention, told reporters: "During the formulation of the national standard for the "Technical Regulations for Poultry Meat Cutting Pork", a thorough investigation has been conducted on the main pork cutting products in the market, and the results of major domestic pig slaughtering and cutting companies have been consulted.

    According to Zhang Xinling, the standard not only unifies the names of some products, but also stipulates the relevant terms and definitions of pork segmentation, raw material requirements, basic requirements for segmentation workshops, segmentation methods, segmentation procedures and requirements, identification, packaging, storage and transportation requirements

    Zhang Xinling said that the issuance and implementation of the national standard of "Technical Regulations for Poultry Meat Cutting Pork" will lay the foundation for the standardization and standardization of domestic pork cutting technical regulations, effectively improve the level of domestic pork cutting technology, and promote the development of the domestic meat industry.

    Clarify the near-infrared detection process

    With the rapid development of the livestock and poultry meat production and processing industry, the demand for online fast and non-destructive measurement of meat quality and high-throughput real-time monitoring of quality changes during the production process has become increasingly strong

    Xie Peng, an associate researcher at the Beijing Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, told reporters that at present, the lack of consistency requirements in the key links of the livestock and poultry meat quality near-infrared detection process, the lack of validity verification of the spectrum measurement, and the inconsistent evaluation methods of the detection results are serious obstacles.

    "The General Principles of Near-Infrared Method for Livestock and Poultry Meat Quality Inspection" clarifies the technical principles of the near-infrared method for livestock and poultry meat quality detection and the basic requirements of testing instruments, and puts forward the consistency requirements for the key links of the near-infrared detection process.

    Xie Peng said that the standard regulates the near-infrared detection process of livestock and poultry meat at this stage, and puts forward framework requirements for the application of China’s near-infrared detection technology in the field of livestock and poultry meat quality detection, which will help improve the level of domestic livestock and poultry meat quality detection technology.

    Defrosted meat is strictly prohibited to be labeled "Chilled Meat"

    Chilled meat, also known as cold fresh meat, has the characteristics of easy digestion and absorption, delicious taste, high nutritional value and high safety, and its market share is gradually increasing

    Gao Shengpu, a researcher at the China Center for Animal Disease Control and Prevention, told reporters that the national standards of "Technical Requirements for Chilled Meat Processing" unify the concepts of "chilled meat" and "cold fresh meat", and stipulate the slaughtering, cooling processing, packaging and labeling of various types of chilled meat.

    Gao Shengpu said: "After the slaughter of pigs, cattle, poultry, etc.

    In addition, the standard also clarifies the requirements for the entire process of chilled meat production, emphasizes the requirements for cooling processing control, and also proposes temperature control requirements for products in different links, as well as relevant regulations on packaging and labeling

    Gao Shengpu said that in recent years, there have been many imported livestock and poultry meats on the Chinese market.

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