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    Medical institutions drug management to promote rational drug use work notice to come!

    • Last Update: 2020-07-12
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    Guide: Seven departments issued a notice, asked to put an end to the general, and strictly prohibit hospitals designated distribution enterprises and pharmacies, monopoly drug salesOn July 6,, seven departments, including the Guangxi Autonomous Region Health and Health Commission, issued a notice on further ingressing the management of pharmaceutical products in medical institutions to promote rational drug use (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice")municipal health and health committees, education bureaus, finance bureaus, human resources and social security bureaus, medical insurance bureaus, Chinese medicine bureaus, drug regulatory bureaus, relevant universities, district and direct medical institutions:for the in-depth implementation of the National Health and Health Commission and other six departments "on the issuance of strengthening the management of medical institutions to promote rational drug use notice" (National Health and Medical Development (2020) No2), the relevant matters are now stressed as follows:Drug supply, pharmaceutical management and pharmacy services of medical institutions are important components of medical work, directly related to the lives and health of the people, medical institutions pharmacy departments are responsible for the unified procurement of drugs in the institution, strictly implement the drug purchase inspection, acceptance and other systems, strictly implement the general name prescription provisionsPublic medical institutions should earnestly implement the requirements for centralized procurement of medicines at the national and provincial levels, and do a good job in the centralized procurement and use of medicines(2) standardize the catalogue of drug use in medical institutions and strengthen drug safety managementPublic hospitals and primary health care institutions at all levels give priority to the use of essential drugs in accordance with the prescribed proportion, encourage other types of medical institutions to be equipped with the use of essential drugs, promote the formation of a "1 plus X" drug use model supplemented by essential drugs (1) non-essential drugs (X), and give priority to the selection of national organizations for centralized procurement of medicines and the procurement of selected varieties of medicines and medical insurance catalogues by Guangxi Pharmaceutical GroupMedical institutions shall carry out dynamic monitoring and analysis on the whole process of drug procurement, storage, distribution, deployment and useFollow the principle of first out of the near-effect period, strictly regulate the management of special management drugs and high-warning drugs(iii) adhere to the public welfare of pharmacies in public medical institutionsPharmacy is the position of medical institutions to supply medicines and pharmaceutical services to patients, pharmacy and pharmacy professional and technical personnel set up, ownership, management rights are owned by medical institutions, drug procurement and use by medical institutionsMedical institutions should resolutely do not contract pharmacies, do not rent pharmacies (libraries), do not to for-profit enterprises to host pharmaciesMedical institutions do not allow the rental of pharmaceutical services, do not allow the transfer of benefits with enterprises, do not allow the designation or disguised designated distribution enterprises, do not allow distribution enterprises due to administrative intervention to cause monopoly drug distribution, do not allow academic cooperation, personnel training, drug development, information system construction, labor export, enterprise sponsorship and other forms to avoid legal and policy risks, prevent the derivation of new drug supplements, ensure legal compliance with drug supply reform, ensure the development of pharmacy development and public welfare , improve the level of rational drug use, expand the scope of pharmaceutical services
    (4) to promote clinical rational drug use Strictly follow the principle of "can orally do not muscle injection, can do not infusion" Establish a system for monitoring and reporting adverse drug reactions and report adverse drug reactions to the drug regulatory authorities in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State Strengthen the monitoring, evaluation and extraordinary early warning of clinical drug use, and monitor, analyze and evaluate the safety, effectiveness and economicity of clinical use of drugs Strengthen prescription audit and prescription review, gradually explore the development of prescription review sourciated by medical institutions in the region, focus on the legality, standardization and suitability of prescriptions, for non-standard prescriptions, prescriptions and unusual prescriptions, etc., should be timely communication with prescription physicians and urge modifications, to ensure the realization of safe, effective, economic and appropriate drug use The results of prescription review are included in the performance appraisal index of medical institutions and linked to the quality evaluation of prescription rights granted by physicians, job title evaluation, regular evaluation of physicians and review of prescriptions by pharmacists Strengthen the "Guangxi first batch of key monitoring of rational drug catalog (chemical drugs and biological products)" clinical application of the whole management (v) improve the capacity of basic pharmaceutical services Clinical pharmacists should actively participate in clinical treatment, provide inpatients with medical advice review, participate in the development of treatment programs, drug monitoring and evaluation, and drug education and other services In the family doctor contract service and other primary health care services, actively carry out drug counseling, drug treatment management, key population drug monitoring, family drug box management, rational drug use science and other services We will strengthen the guarantee of medicines for special chronic diseases in outpatient clinics in primary medical institutions (vi) promote the healthy development of "Internet plus Pharmacy Services" In accordance with the principles of law, safety, openness and impartiality, in the course of carrying out Internet diagnosis and treatment or tele-medical services, we should actively provide online pharmacy consulting, guide patients with rational drug use, and teach about drug use, such as "Internet and pharmacological services" with pharmacists in physical medical institutions as the main body Medical institutions shall strengthen the management of electronic prescription regulations in accordance with the Prescription Management Measures, the Regulations on the Administration of Pharmaceutical Stakes in Medical Institutions, the Regulations on the Administration of Prescriptions in Medical Institutions, the Measures for the Administration of Internet Diagnostics and Treatments (Trial), and ensure that information retention is left in key links such as prescription audit, deployment and verification, so as to ensure that prescriptions can be traced and uniform supervision offline We will continue to strengthen the construction of electronic medical records in medical institutions, and gradually realize real-time access to prescriptions in the medical association, mutual recognition and sharing (seven) regulate prescription out-of-the-line (extension) Medical institutions that carry out prescription distribution (extension) should establish a prescription distribution (extension) process and supervision system to protect the patients' right to know and choose, strictly prohibit the designated distribution enterprises and pharmacies (including self-funded pharmacies, self-run pharmacies, convenience pharmacies, etc., which have direct or indirect relations with medical institutions), and shall not cause distribution enterprises and pharmacies to monopolize drug sales The prescription of external distribution (extension) shall be reviewed by medical institutions and included in the scope of pharmaceutical services such as prescription evaluation, drug monitoring and rational drug use guidance Prescription external distribution (extension) information platform is of a public welfare nature, it is necessary to set access standards and management norms, put an end to the behavior of the general party, put an end to information leakage The use of external (extended) prescriptions is the responsibility of the prescriber, the pharmacy and the patient (viii) strengthen personalized services and explore long-term prescription management for chronic diseases We will encourage relevant departments such as pharmacy in medical institutions to carry out specialized and personalized pharmaceutical services to improve the level of clinical precision drug use through genetic testing, drug concentration testing, pharmacy monitoring, pharmacy clinics, multidisciplinary consultation, etc Health departments at all levels of health and health departments at the same level to formulate long-term prescription management policies for chronic diseases, issue "can issue long-term prescriptions of chronic diseases directory", clear the scope of drug use, management system, safety notice and other requirements, after assessment of patients with chronic diseases meet the requirements, can be issued within 12 weeks of relevant drugs The first long-term prescription must be issued at the physical medical institution When drug dispensing, the drug is gradually issued with the drug "chronic long-term prescription patient education list" to inform patients about drug storage, drug guidance, disease monitoring, discomfort and follow-up information Pharmacists are encouraged to participate in the family doctor team contract service, for long-term prescription patients to provide regular follow-up, medication guidance and other services , improve capacity, strengthen pharmaceutical organization steam and team building (9) improve the system of the Pharmaceutical Management and Pharmacology Committee The autonomous regions and municipalities have set up committees on pharmaceutical management and pharmacology, and set up a pool of pharmacistexperts to provide technical support for pharmaceutical management and pharmacology services in the region In determining the procurement catalogue and purchasing work, the pharmaceutical management and pharmacology committee of medical institutions shall, under the guidance of the local health department, randomly draw a certain number of pharmaceutical experts from the pool of pharmacists to participate, and increase the weight of the opinions of pharmaceutical experts (10) strengthen the construction of the pharmacy department The pharmacy department is an important department in charge of pharmaceutical management and providing pharmaceutical professional and technical services in medical institutions, and should set up the corresponding pharmacy department in accordance with the policy provisions, and implement the basic standards (trial) of the pharmacy department of the second and third general hospitals (Wei Medical Administration (2010) No 99 " and the Basic Standards of Pharmacy in Hospitals, equipped with and provide appropriate site area, professional and technical personnel, equipment and facilities, of which the third-level hospitals set up the Pharmacy Department, and according to the actual situation set up the second-level business department; Outpatient and in-patient pharmacies should be able to meet the needs of patients (11) strengthen the construction of clinical pharmacy disciplines and talents We will speed up the establishment of a modern hospital management system, implement the autonomy of hospital employees, and realize the establishment of posts and post management on demand To formulate professional development plans for pharmacy personnel, according to the functional positioning and development needs, scientifically set up pharmaceutical posts, and reasonably equip pharmaceutical personnel, so that its number can meet the needs of pharmacy services Implementation of the clinical pharmacist system, in accordance with the provisions of clinical pharmacists, tertiary hospitals strive to each hundred beds equipped with 6 pharmacists (including pharmacists and clinical pharmacists), each hundred beds equipped with 0.6 clinical pharmacists; (12) improve the performance appraisal management mechanism Explore the establishment of clinical needs-oriented, in line with the characteristics of pharmaceutical services performance appraisal system, and with the pharmacist's salary, job employment, job title promotion, etc linked to improve the level of treatment of pharmacists, stability and expansion of the team of pharmacists Insist on more work, good performance, income distribution to the heavy work tasks, high quality of work personnel tilt Changing the tendency of theme-only, more stimulate pharmacists to serve patients, serve the enthusiasm of clinical Encourage all localities to effectively reflect the value of pharmaceutical services in deepening the price reform of medical services, and to compensate for the necessary costs of pharmaceutical services in various ways To build a pharmaceutical service system that is up and down, improve the industry supervision (13) to promote the pharmaceutical service to sink to the grass-roots level, and strengthen the convergence of the drug supply catalogue Strengthen the construction of the invivia service system of the medical association, determine the orientation of pharmaceutical services in different medical institutions, explore the establishment of pharmaceutical service standards or norms in the medical association, build a unified knowledge base for the supply of drugs, the rules of prescription audit, realize the standardization of drug service and drug information in the medical union, lead medical institutions to strengthen the guidance of primary medical institutions, improve their reasonable level of drug use through further training, counterpart support, remote consultation, and so on, and promote the sinking of pharmaceutical services To promote the construction of the hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system and strong grass-roots focus, strengthen the medical union of medical institutions in the drug convergence, and gradually realize the sharing of drug resources in the region, to ensure the basic level of diagnosis and treatment, two-way referral drug demand, convenient for the masses to get medicine nearby (14) to carry out drug use monitoring and comprehensive clinical evaluation, and strengthen the supervision of rational drug use According to the unified deployment of the state, the information network on drug use monitoring covering public medical and health institutions at all levels in the whole region shall be established to promote the application of uniform drug coding Establish and improve the mechanism and standard of comprehensive evaluation of drug use monitoring and clinical evaluation, highlight the clinical value of drugs, and enhance the ability of drug supply assurance Medical institutions at all levels should make full use of the monitoring data on drug use, carry out comprehensive evaluation of the safety, effectiveness and economy of the clinical use of drugs, strengthen the analysis and application of the evaluation results, and serve as an important basis for the selection of drug catalogues, the clinical rational use of drugs, the provision of pharmaceutical services, and the control of unreasonable drug expenses Public medical and health institutions at all levels in the region join the National Health and Health Commission to formulate a system of reasonable drug use monitoring indicators, make full use of modern information means, improve the efficiency and level of supervision, and organize autonomous regions and municipal hospitals drug quality control centers to increase spot checks and publication efforts V Strengthen organizational leadership, urgently investigate and correct effectiveness
    departments at all levels should conscientiously fulfill their regulatory responsibilities, effectively strengthen organizational leadership, in accordance with the overall requirements of deepening medical reform, the management of pharmaceutical departments of medical institutions as a key task of medical reform in the near future to deploy, strengthen departmental collaboration the competent department of health and health shall, in accordance with the formulation of national drug prescription sets and drug quality control indicators, strengthen the training and training of pharmacists in medical institutions, carry out supervision and assessment of the rational use of drugs, and formulate relevant technical standards and service specifications for pharmaceutical service items education departments should increase the training of students with degrees in pharmacy, especially clinical pharmacy, and improve the quality of education the financial department shall implement the input responsibility in accordance with the provisions human resources and social security departments should work with the relevant departments to speed up the reform of the public hospital compensation system and job title evaluation, and improve the establishment of pharmaceutical personnel posts medical security departments should guide local governments to promote the reform of medical service prices, summarize and promote local practices that reflect the value of pharmaceutical services, and actively promote useful experiences The Bureau of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the Autonomous Region shall guide the local government to do a good job in the management of Chinese medicine public medical institutions at all levels should quickly check the irregularities in the work of pharmacy services, especially the relevant situation of pharmacy custody, formulate inspection and correction programs, clarify the division of tasks and time progress, and complete the work of investigation and correction in a solid way Adhere to the standard strict, work from fine grasp to urge rectification, the deadline does not check and correct, check and correct not in place, disguised evasion and false reporting of medical institutions and related responsible persons, will be informed of criticism, accountability by July 29, 2020, public medical institutions at all levels should complete the investigation and correction: the district-directed medical institutions will report the situation to the Health and Health Commission of the Autonomous Region; By July 31, 2020, the municipal health and health committees shall summarize the situation in their respective jurisdictions and report them to the Health and Health Commission of the autonomous region
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