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    Medical insurance negotiations approaching daratumomab price cut by 56.8%

    • Last Update: 2021-07-30
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    On July 27, the centralized procurement platform for medicines and medical consumables in Liaoning Province issued an initiative to reduce the price of daratumomab injection
    Xi'an Janssen’s 100mg/5ml daratumumab injection was reduced from 5460 yuan to 2358 yuan, and the 400mg/20ml specification was reduced from 19710 yuan to 8512.
    4 yuan, a decrease of 56.


    Daratumumab is a CD38 monoclonal antibody developed by Janssen.
    Its intravenous injection was approved by the FDA in November 2015 and its trade name is Darzalex

    Imports were approved in China in July 2019


    Daratumumab is a key product of Janssen.
    The financial report shows that the global sales of Daratumumab in 2019 reached 2.
    998 billion U.
    dollars, and its sales in 2020 reached 4.
    190 billion U.
    dollars, a year-on-year increase of 39.

    Multiple bone marrow cannot be cured, and patients show repeated relapses and remissions, often undergoing multi-line treatment.
    Darzalex's indications cover the first to fourth lines of medication, and it has become the cornerstone of clinical therapy

    In May 2020, Darzalex's subcutaneous injection formulation was approved

    Sanofi's CD38 monoclonal antibody isatuximab was approved in 2020, and the impact on Darzalex is not yet obvious


    On the other hand, Fuhong Henlius also received clinical approval from the State Food and Drug Administration on January 13 this year, agreeing to develop a recombinant anti-CD38 fully human monoclonal antibody injection (HLX15) to carry out clinical trials for the treatment of multiple myeloma

    Last year, the medical insurance negotiations for daratumomab injection failed
    This year’s medical insurance catalogue has been announced and medical insurance negotiations will take place from October to November.
    Therefore, the price cut of daratumomab injection by more than half this time may be a preliminary preparation for this year’s medical insurance negotiations


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