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    Meituan's takeaway point comes to moldy fritters, Meituan: The store will be removed for 3 days, 10 times the compensation

    • Last Update: 2022-09-23
    • Source: Internet
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    At about 19:00 on May 18, Mr.
    Zhang from Beijing ordered a beef and egg hot rice and 6 fried dough sticks from a restaurant called "Mama Hot Rice" through Meituan Takeaway.
    After the meal, Mr.
    Zhang received the meal.
    It was found that all 6 boxes of fried dough sticks had green mold to varying degrees, and the taste of hot rice was not fresh
    So he lodged a complaint with the Meituan food delivery platform and contacted the merchant

    The fried dough sticks that Mr.
    Zhang ordered from the takeaway looked obvious mildew.

    At 10:00 a.
    on May 19, Mr.
    Zhang received a reply from Meituan Takeaway, saying that Meituan Takeaway would impose a 3-day offline rectification penalty on the merchant
    Later, a Red Star News reporter contacted Mom's Hot Rice Beiyuan Store, and the store said that it had paid 10 times the compensation to the customer

    Through the photos of the food and documents provided by Mr.
    Zhang, the Red Star News reporter saw that the fried dough sticks ordered by Mr.
    Zhang were priced at 3 yuan per box, totaling 18 yuan
    All the fritters are packaged in transparent plastic food boxes, each with two to three roots.
    Each fritter has multiple green mildew spots, and some fritters have white mycelium on them
    There is also a spiced beef and egg hot rice.
    Zhang said that the taste of the hot rice is also very stale
    On the order, the price of hot rice is 39.
    5 yuan, which has been discounted by 4.
    8 to 18.
    8 yuan

    Zhang told reporters that after the incident, he made a complaint to Meituan Waimai.
    At 10 am on May 19, Meituan Waimai replied that according to the Meituan Food Safety Management Regulations, the merchant has been punished for 3 days for offline rectification, and will be rectified.
    The responsible salesperson should go to the store to supervise the rectification, check the purchase certificate and the shelf life, and confirm the quality
    At the same time, Mr.
    Zhang also received a call from the manager of the store surnamed Li, who apologized to Mr.
    Zhang and said that he had been punished by Meituan and would pay more attention to food safety
    Zhang told the Red Star News reporter, "This matter is too bad, such a store should not exist

    On the morning of May 19, a reporter from Red Star News contacted Mom's Hot Rice Beiyuan Store, and a staff member of the store said that the matter had been communicated to the customer, and the customer had been compensated 10 times
    The staff member said that the ingredients in the store are changed every day, and this happened because he didn't look carefully when the meal was served

    Subsequently, the Red Star News reporter contacted Meituan Takeaway, and got a reply that the platform attached great importance to the matter after receiving the complaint, and has made 10 times of claims to consumers and apologized through the "first compensation" mechanism
    After verification, the merchant has complete qualifications and certificates, and the food is caused by the lack of strict control of the merchant's procurement channels
    According to relevant regulations, the merchant has been punished offline, and a special person has been arranged to urge the rectification to the store.
    If the rectification is not completed within the time limit, it will not be able to go online

    On the morning of May 19, the reporter also reported the matter to the relevant food safety supervision department through the Beijing non-emergency service hotline 12345, but so far no reply has been received

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