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    Milk is spicy or yogurt is spicy.

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
    • Source: Internet
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    I believe that whether male or female compatriots, have like to eat spicy existence, is no spicy, no spicy foodBut often encounter too hot food, also need to drink drinks to relieve spicy, especially when eating hot pot, spicy drink is necessary, usually we may drink some herbal tea ah, juice ah, carbonated drinks and so on, but want to quickly de-spicy, or to rely on milk drink, then is the milk or yogurt spicy? This small editor to introduce you tomilk or yogurt to do spicy " principle" , let's take a lookWhy arepeppers hot?chili peppers are spicy because they contain capsaicin1, capsaicin is the active ingredient of chili peppersIt is irritating to mammals, including humans, and can produce a burning sensation in the mouthCapsaicin and some of the compounds associated with it, also known as chili meta, are secondary metabolites produced by chili peppers and may act as a deterrent to herbivoresThe average bird is not sensitive to chili seedsPure capsaicin is a reactive, colorless, odorless crystal or waxy compound2, people eat chili peppers to produce a burning sensation, the brain after receiving this feeling, will instinctively think that we are burned, began to release endorphins, endorphins are mainly used to relieve pain, but also produce a morphine-like "pleasure", addictivemilk or yogurt? Principle:in fact,milk and yogurt can be de-spicy, but milk is more spicy than yogurtResearchers at the Chilean Pepper Institute at New Mexico State University (NMSU) have found a quick solution to the spicy solution: milkteam found that there is a protein in dairy products that replaces the chemical scent that makes chili peppers taste spicy and immediately relieves the spicy sensation Professor Paul Bosland, of NMSU, said: "The chemical that makes chili peppers spicy is capsaicin We found that milk contained a protein that could replace capsaicin from the tongue receptor This is the best way to relieve the spicy " bite sips the chili peppers, capsaicin will attach to the sensor in the mouth This warns the brain about its exposure to hot things, which is why it sweats when eating chili peppers (so hot is also hot) milk and other dairy products aren't the only thing that can be quickly removed, and the team found that carbohydrates also play a role " carbohydrates can also replace capsaicin on the receptor, but it's not as effective as milk," said Bosland, of For example, bread and sugar have a de-spicy effect, sugar effect is better " chili lovers usually like to drink water or cool alcoholic beverages while eating spicy, but Bosland says it's just a wash of capsaicin in the mouth and doesn't really remove the spicy flavor to know that capsaicin repellent water-like lipids , soluble in fats, pure alcohol and other substances; And the milk itself can dilute the concentration of "spicy" solution in the mouth, timely capsaicin and taste organ nerve receptor contact probability is relatively reduced, spicy feeling reduced As a result, the researchers say, drinking milk is the best way to relieve the spicy taste but we should also note that casein in milk is a very good emulsifier, can be very effective in the trap of wrapping up and taking away The difference between different milk sass is small, but the temperature has a greater effect In general, low-temperature whole milk works best there is also cream, lactic acid drinks and other dairy products in the casein content is already very little, the effect of fighting capsaicin will become worse what other drink is there to be besides milk and yogurt? recommended: 1, apple cider vinegar, lemonade and other acidic drinks drink some more sour drinks, because acid can neutralise the pain of chili peppers, to relieve the burning of taste cells Can use apple cider vinegar, lemonade, as long as a little acid can, or with a little sweet are better, can be very effective in alleviating the pain brought by capsaicin, taste cells and tongue mouth have a certain repair effect, can greatly alleviate the burning sensation brought by chili peppers, is one of the spirit of the solution 2, herbal tea although herbal tea no milk, yogurt, apple cider vinegar these drinks are very spicy, but also can, eat hot pot too spicy, drink some herbal tea, although can not immediately eliminate spicy flavor, but can alleviate a great spicy flavor and burning feeling, and tea is mostly herbal ingredients, and hot detox, etc through the above analysis, after everyone in the hot, you can drink milk to remove spicy, of course, it is best to be that kind of pure milk There are people eat spicy also want the right amount, if eat too much spicy, will lead to the body on fire, throat itis, gastrointestinal discomfort, constipation, etc , but also will grow acne, so small editor here mind that we must eat spicy in moderation The above is the small editor for you to introduce the milk or yogurt de-spicy "principle" , hope to provide you with reference help
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