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    Mobile Healthcare Feb booms over 700 million IT giant BAT Nuggets new battleground

    • Last Update: 2020-05-12
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    in recent years
    mobilemedicalconcept has been hotly hyped, and in 2014 even reached the white-hot state, according to incomplete statistics, only august to mid-September has more than 700 million yuan invested in themobilemedical, Lilac Park is tencent 70 million U.Sdollars strategic investment, the achievement of the largest single financing in the field, at the same time, the field also due to the lack of mature business model caused by the industry's controversial, there are many optimistic that mobile industry has been able to achieve a unique model of mobileBy the aging society and chronic diseasepatients increasing the impact of mobile medical into the "sucking gold" fast track according to public reports combing found that from mid-August to date, the domestic has included "5U family doctor", spring rain doctor, lilac garden, fun medical network has accumulated more than 760 million yuan investmentAt present, the mobile medical market has attracted Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu and other Internetgiants
    in a variety of models into the mobile medical industryAmong them, Alibaba invested $170 million in the 21st century at the beginning of the year, and in July launched the "
    DrugSafety Program." That is, through the mobile phone Taobao and Alipay wallet client, scanning any box ofdrugpackaging on the national market bar code anddrugregulatory code, you can get thedrugof the authenticity of the tips, usage, taboos, production batch and circulation process and other informationMobile Baidu in early April this year officially announced the launch of the previously much-anticipated iBreath, as long as the phone breath, mobile Baidu can detect your physical conditionThe results can not only show the user's respiratory health composite index, but also the distribution of respiratory gas composition, expert advice report and many other contentThe introduction of Tencent Strategic Investment by Lilac Park is focused on industry customers to make better use of WeChat and Lilac Park platformfor compliance and efficient multi-channel marketing and digital asset managementThe so-called mobile medical, is through mobile communication technology to provide medical services and information, specifically to the mobile Internet field, based on Android and iOS and other mobile terminal systems based on the medical health app-basedSince 2012, China's mobile healthcare market has grown from less than 200 million yuan to 2.84 billion yuan, Health Daily reportedThis figure is expected to exceed 7 billion yuan by 2016 and exceed 12.5 billion yuan in 2017"Aging society and the growth of chronic diseases will lead to a growing demand for medical services, " Shang Hua, head of the software development department at Tsinghua ChangyuHospital in Beijing, told China News Network Health ChannelAccording to the latest data released by the Center for Disease controland Prevention of, China has reached 330 million people with hypertension in China, more than 100 million people with diabetes, the prevalence rate and absolute number of people in the world is the highest, hundreds of millions of people need to monitor physiological indicators through medical equipment, and the proportion of young people in this group is becoming larger and largerIn addition, the disease monitoring anytime, anywhere, so that mobile medicine is recognized by the industry Li Yi, secretary-general of the China Mobile Internet Industry Alliance, told China News Network Health Channel that patients in traditional medical institutions face long waiting times for registration, doctors' short diagnosis time, while mobile medicine allows patients to achieve diagnosis at any time and place At the same time, in Li Yi's view, the impact of mobile medicine on Western medicine, which is measured by data quantification, is much higher than that of Chinese medicine Still, some analysts are cold-thinking about mobile healthcare Shang Hua Section Chief believes that the value of mobile medical care at this stage is more reflected in mobile, and the medical core of diagnosis, disposal, care and other content, and not really reflected In fact, the cost of mobile medical care is not limited to the domestic Internet giants Abroad, Apple has launched a wearable smart device, the Apple Watch, which monitors blood sugar, blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, body temperature, breathing rate and other body health indicators anytime, anywhere Back in July, the acquisition of wearables company Zephyr Technology by Covidien, an Irish-based manufacturer of surgical equipment, sparked a heated debate Some analysts believe that the medical device industry has been operating in a traditional mode, lack of Internet thinking and experience There are two reasons why they are bullish on health-tracking companies First of all, health indicators tracking products in clinical application will increase, the momentum of development is very good Another reason is that mobile medicine can be the medical device companies from clinical to consumer-oriented tentacles Foreign mobile medical mature business model is difficult to replicate the local business model continued to explore, compared with the United States, Japan and other developed countries mobile medical market started earlier, has also formed a set of mature business model In the U.S., for example, Epocrate is the world's first publicly traded mobile healthcare company, which was listed on NASDAQ in April 2011 with a market of 40 percent of its users, thanks to the first-in-the-nation advantage of mobile apps in the healthcare sector Epocrat charges pharmaceutical companies mainly, as well as doctors, to hospitals, insurance companies, and consumers In China, a mature business model has not yet been established Take "apricot forest" as an example, founder Zhang Yusheng previously in an interview with the Morning Post, said that "apricot forest" itself has no sales force, income mainly from the marketing cooperation with foreign pharmaceutical companies, mainly for doctors to do marketing activities In addition, the "palm pharmacy" and other fee model is also limited to the pharmaceutical companies to charge rather than charge users, while "5U family doctor" is to allow users to buy family doctor services, 5U as an intermediary platform to charge a certain percentage of fees The profit model of "Spring Rain Master" is also being explored, with online service payments, but the proportion of paying users is still low and all handed over to doctors, and the free question-and-answer section is also to pay doctors, which has been posting money Can these business models be replicated abroad?" For the time being, China's medical system has not adapted to today's medical needs," Hong Bo, a five-quarter consulting partner at Internet Product Design Company, told China In the Opinions on Promoting Remote Medical Services in Medical Institutions issued at the end of August, the Commission limited the main body of telemedicine to medical institutions, and non-medical institutions were not allowed to carry out telemedicine services, which some industry analysts believe has blocked the profit model of many mobile medical companies In Secretary-General Li Yi's view, this does not prevent the development of mobile health care "The development of the Internet in China has always been to wipe the edge ball, in the sandwich to survive He believes that whether mobile medicine can be long-term development, ultimately depends on whether the relevant applications can bring greater benefits and convenience, whether consumers' physical fitness is better improved and helped "Mobile healthcare has some barriers in the development process, but it doesn't hinder the big trends "In addition to institutional factors, the growth of mobile medicine in China also makes it difficult to find a sustainable and effective profit model Secretary-General Li Yi believes that the U.S business model in China does not work, and China Mobile Medical to create a mature business model is more difficult, "China's Internet for so many years has been burned out by burning money, it is difficult to have a clear business model, mostly to catch a large number of users, and then attract advertising", investors are also mostly through the "burning money" to become the leader in the field, in order to get the capital market recognition after listing However, in the view of the founder of the company, Cheng Zhenning, foreign business models are very likely in the future, at present, there are already people doing For example, Epocrate is feasible abroad because foreign doctors in addition to providing information reference, the prescription process directly docking and thus occupy the core link of pharmaceutical marketing, the domestic similar apricot forest is far from being able to force or guide doctors to use its prescription, and can prescribe the Neusoft HER and other can not provide information reference, so the domestic information and business process (prescription) is split, which makes Epocrate model in China is difficult to copy, but with Ali and other companies to buy the domestic business layout and
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