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    Home > Medical News > Latest Medical News > Monks have more porridge! How to do a good job in China's biopharmaceutical industrial park enterprise services?

    Monks have more porridge! How to do a good job in China's biopharmaceutical industrial park enterprise services?

    • Last Update: 2020-12-25
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    1. Analysis of the development status of the domestic biopharmaceutical industrial park China's biopharmaceutical industry started late, in August 1988, the state began to implement the Torch Plan - high-tech industrialization development plan, clearly put forward the establishment of high-tech industrial development zones and high-tech entrepreneurship service centers, from 1991 onwards approved the establishment of the National High-tech Industrial Development Zone.
    Biopharmaceutical Industrial Park was born with the National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, and in 2009 Taizhou National Pharmaceutical High-tech Industrial Development Zone was established, which is also China's first state-level pharmaceutical high-tech zone.
    with the national "13th Five-Year" to biomedicine as a domestic pillar industry development, the number of biomedical parks in China showed explosive growth.
    , there are more than 2000 biopharmaceutical industrial parks or parks covering the biopharmaceutical industry in China, and industrial clusters have gradually formed in the Yangtze River Delta, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay Area, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and the central and western regions.
    Figure 1 Development Course of China Biopharmaceutical Industrial Park Photo Source: Firestone Creation China Biopharmaceutical Industrial Park Development and Operation draws on the experience of Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, and is divided into three main models, as shown in Table 1.
    table 1 The main mode of development and operation of domestic parks Source: Firestone Creation Local governments actively develop the biopharmaceutical industry, coupled with policy support, a large amount of capital intervention and rapid economic development, in recent years, various types of biopharmaceutical parks have sprung up, and some park construction has entered "Circle a piece of land, build several buildings, pull a number of enterprises into" development model, from the beginning of the extensive enterprise introduction to today's high-cost to attract key enterprises, park development from one extreme to the other extreme.
    this, there is still more monks and less porridge.
    difficult to attract investment has become a common problem faced by most parks, so there are many "hollow parks".
    Because the park construction pays more attention to attracting investment, after the enterprise's entry, the basic service is not perfect, the high-end enterprise service can not keep up, how to retain the enterprise and help its rapid growth has become an urgent problem facing the park development.
    II, the necessity of professional operation services in biopharmaceutical industrial parks, 80% of the country's major more than 150 biomedical parks have set up enterprise services departments, mainly concentrated in property management, some parks also try to set up results transformation departments, fiscal and tax support departments, science and technology services departments, financial services departments, consulting services departments, but due to the lack of professional operations team, service capacity and resource link capacity are insufficient, the subjective initiative of various departments has yet to be improved.
    fact, in the middle of this is the lack of a link for the campus enterprise external resources module, therefore, professional campus operation services for the development of the park is particularly necessary.
    Figure 2 Overview of the main service function modules of the Biopharmaceutical Industry Park Image Source: Firestone Creation 1. Helps break through the bottleneck of industrial development in the park Although China's biopharmaceutical industrial park is still developing, the mode of operation of the park with traditional investment as the main task is also changing, but it is still insufficient in promoting the rapid development of enterprises and forming a healthy park industry ecology.
    process from paying attention to land development and infrastructure construction to paying equal attention to improving the professional service capacity of the park to enterprises is tantable to the secondary entrepreneurship of the park, which plays an important role in breaking through the bottleneck of the development of the park industry.
    example, the ability to transfer and transform the results of the campus is a key indicator of the ability of the campus to serve, whether the introduction of results (license in) or the output of results (license out) will bring direct economic benefits to enterprises.
    Results", "mother-in-law difficult to find" is the first problem facing enterprises, enterprises to transfer their own scientific and technological achievements usually rely on results roadshows, professional meetings, enterprise BD promotion and a variety of results transformation platform, but these ways exist small audience, no targeting, professional results transformation personnel lack of pain points.
    some campuses are aware of the importance of this issue, and some campuses have had some noticeable effects by entrusting third-party operations services teams.
    2. Avoiding the internal roll-up of the development of the park industry is now a fashionable term, for the development of industry, refers to the low level of repeated construction and disorderly competition, so that industrial development can not change from quantity to qualitative change and result in waste of resources.
    domestic coal industry, cement industry and steel industry has experienced a tragic industrial roll, resulting in a large number of enterprises closed down, and now the biopharmaceutical industry also has this trend.
    to biological products pilot and production workshop construction as an example, most of the park itself built a production platform, CMO enterprises are also vigorously building expansion, drug research and development enterprises will usually build their own production platform.
    with the implementation of the MAH system and the improvement of regulations, the three parties will certainly produce fierce competition, and ultimately lead to the waste of resources.
    park through professional operation services, accurate docking of high-quality resources, to provide policy guidance, guide the development of light assets, will effectively avoid industrial development, to prevent enterprises into unnecessary competition and waste of resources.
    3. Breaking down barriers to communication between enterprises We found in the operation services of enterprises in the park that the level of mutual understanding between enterprises in the park is very low, from the point of view of commercial confidentiality, but this will also lead to the waste of resources in the near supply chain.
    For example, when we visited a business in a home area, they offered to find a company that did an animal model of a disease and screened several suitable suppliers, but it was too far away to communicate in a timely manner.
    in fact, there is a professional model animal body next door to the park.
    professional park operation service through a large number of visits to the park enterprises, and online data collection to complement each other, the establishment of accurate portraits of enterprises, can effectively avoid the miss of resources.
    The enterprises within the campus are still so, the enterprises between the parks will only be more serious, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, they are in great need of external resources in the early stages of development, but because of information asymmetry, in the choice of suppliers often put their own projects into a passive situation.
    a medical device company once entrusted its project to a third-party service provider for registration and declaration, the service provider's lack of experience in the registration of such devices almost led to the project's death.
    Domestic such as Firestone to create in the national operation of services in a number of parks, the park enterprises on-site visits to understand, and the country's more than 300 industrial chain suppliers to carry out strict quality control, including team composition, service capabilities, service experience, all kinds of qualifications, service cycles, service prices, etc., can effectively and effectively match the needs of enterprises, effectively reduce project risk.
    3. The professional operation service model of biopharmaceutical industrial park discusses the long industrial chain of biopharmaceuticals, and the development cycle is long, the risk is high and the investment is large, so it is necessary to require the operation service team to be professional, and at the same time realize the operability of supply and demand docking in the service process, and the requirements of the service team members are relatively high.
    1. Innovation-driven, to create high-quality park enterprise services innovation is the source of service power, innovation can make professional park operation services go faster and better.
    industry big data and artificial intelligence can be applied to industrial services, mainly in demand forecasting, resource precision matching, industry analysis and so on.
    blockchain technology has the characteristics of non-changeable and traceable, in the park operation services, involving online transactions, data upload, results assessment and other important links are conducive to establishing a mutual trust between supply and demand operating service environment.
    5G network in the operation of services through high-speed data transmission, can give both supply and demand to create a more convenient online interactive environment, such as non-delayed meetings, online practice guidance.
    We believe that building an industrial Internet platform with a new generation of information technology fusion such as big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and 5G is the main direction of industrial services in the future, combined with an efficient and professional offline service team.
    2. Online platform and offline complex, the formation of professional services closed-loop line that is, according to the characteristics of the park itself, to create a suitable for the characteristics of the park online service platform, usually contains the park enterprise introduction, high-quality supply chain resources display, patent database, professional personnel database, drug research and development database, enterprise demand online submission and other content, for regional enterprises to provide an online resource sharing platform, but also for regional enterprises to link professional services to provide online access, easy for enterprises to get help quickly.
    offline is the use of park space, to create a set of suppliers into, display, training, enterprise exchanges, conference development, general warehousing, bonded warehousing as one of the park integrated service space.
    through professional operation services, park enterprises can have direct access to quality service providers, carry out results or financial roadshows, organize professional training meetings, enterprises and suppliers can get fast warehousing and customs clearance services.
    3 Offline Complex Concept Map Photo Source: Firestone Creation Through online and offline services, to obtain business needs, address needs, feedback claims.
    especially supplier docking services, including product development, CDMO, inspection, animal experiments, clinical trials, registration, laboratory and workshop construction and other aspects of enterprise demand docking and supplier quality control, belong to the core business services sector of enterprises. figure
    Figure 4 to protein drug research and development as an example to see supply chain resources Picture source: Firestone creation IV, biopharmaceutical industrial park professional operation service outlook At present, the development of domestic biopharmaceutical park has gradually bid farewell to the original era of extensive development of the horse-running circle, through professional park operation services to retain resident enterprises and attract enterprises to stay is an important direction of future park development, which is a process of creating demand, the need for the park to take the initiative to carry out enterprise service work.
    through professional park operation services for the park industry strong chain, replacement chain, extension chain, but also in line with the country's "new infrastructure" policy.
    platform-based professional park operation service can not be separated from a large number of biomedical database resources, the ability of national park linkage services, industry experienced operators these three elements.
    through the biopharmaceutical industry chain in all aspects of professional suppliers to do a good job of quality control, linked to the national and even global high-quality resources, accurate and rapid docking enterprise development process of various types of needs, will greatly accelerate the progress of enterprise projects, while saving enterprise costs.
    , the introduction of a third-party professional operations services team is a better option.
    Some newly developed parks and developing industrial parks in China, in the process of attracting enterprises to the park, a short period of time can not form a complete industrial chain in the park, third-party professional park operation service team, through the online and offline model to integrate upstream and downstream supply chain resources, quickly improve the entire chain, for resident enterprises to provide services, but also conducive to the industrial park will be more resources for the core investment business development.
    author, Huang Shanghui
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