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    More than 60% of pharmaceutical enterprises are expected to achieve good results, with better performance in medical devices and biological products

    • Last Update: 2020-02-21
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    [industry trends of pharmaceutical network] 2019 is the year when the policies of pharmaceutical industry are implemented, but most pharmaceutical enterprises still have achieved good results in the challenges According to wind's current data, at least 60% of 193 companies reported good results In addition, from the perspective of industry categories, the medical devices and biological products industry performed well The leading performance highlights of medical device industry in 2019 With the start of centralized purchase and reconstruction of generic drug valuation system, there is a trend of price reduction for medical devices, but the rapid development momentum of domestic medical device industry remains unchanged On the one hand, the device products are not standardized, the domestic brands are not mature, and the degree of medical devices affected by the policy is still small On the other hand, grading diagnosis and treatment opens up the grass-roots space, encourages the society to run medicine and opens up the market of private medical institutions, and also stimulates the demand for medical devices, whose market scale has an average annual compound growth rate higher than the drug market In addition, the industry said that the separation system of registration and production of medical device products can directly benefit the R & D personnel, which stimulates the enthusiasm of the R & D personnel and makes the device industry develop steadily in recent years In 2019, the performance of leading enterprises in the industry has bright spots Among them, Mindray medical, as one of the leading enterprises in the current medical device industry, has a bright forecast It is estimated that the upper limit of net profit will be 4.835 billion yuan and the lower limit will be 4.463 billion yuan in 2019 For the growth of performance, Mindray medical said that the business scale of the enterprise has been expanding, the brand influence has been increasing, and the high customer groups in the domestic and international markets have achieved breakthroughs At the same time, the internal management of the enterprise is strengthened, which also jointly promotes the significant improvement of the operating efficiency of the enterprise Lepu medical, blue sail medical and other medical device enterprises also maintained stable performance growth Among them, according to Lepu medical's 2019 annual performance forecast, Lepu medical's business as a whole continues to grow compared with the previous year, and it is expected to achieve a net profit of 1.682 billion yuan to 1.852 billion yuan attributable to shareholders of listed companies, a year-on-year increase of 38% to 52%; blue sail medical's net profit of 450 million yuan to 550 million yuan attributable to shareholders of listed companies, a year-on-year increase of 30.00% to 60.00% In the long run, the industry believes that the consumption volume procurement is conducive to the improvement of the industry concentration In the future, consumables that conform to the health economics and have a clear clinical diagnosis and treatment value are expected to benefit Domestic consumables are expected to gradually seize the market share of imports due to their high cost performance In addition, domestic leading enterprises with independent innovation ability, diversified business layout, or single product with high-tech content and high added value, which have obvious advantages in differentiated competition, are expected to benefit from industry shuffling The leading performance of biological products industry is good In the biological products industry, thanks to the support of the national system and the improvement of the global industry development in recent years, China's biological products industry has also been rapid development, and the leading performance of the industry is good Among them, Zhifei biology, one of the leading domestic vaccines, currently has a maximum net profit of 2.54 billion yuan, second only to Mindray medical Zhifei Bio said that the company will continue to focus on vaccine and biological products business in 2019, the product sales progress is smooth, and the annual production and operation plan is well completed Changchun hi tech, Hualan biology, Shanghai Laishi, etc., which are also biological products industries, also achieved good performance in 2019.
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