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    More than just fun and games: celebrations are good for your health and well-being

    • Last Update: 2023-02-03
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    New research shows that when you get together to eat and drink, consciously recognizing positive life events and accomplishments makes you feel more socially supported

    The study, published on the website of the Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, found that celebrations in three situations — social gatherings, eating and drinking, and intentionally remembering positive events in life — increased perceptions of social support
    According to previous research, perceptual social support is the belief that you have a social network that will help you
    in the event of negative life events in the future.
    This belief is associated with health and well-being outcomes, including longer life expectancy and reduced anxiety and depression

    Study co-author Kelly Gulow White, an assistant professor at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business, said: "At this time of year, many celebrations include two of three conditions – eating and drinking
    " "Adding a third condition, consciously acknowledging the positive achievements of others, is key
    For example, take a moment to congratulate someone on being accepted to a preferred university, or a work project going well, or getting a new job
    This will maximize the benefits
    for you and all those who go to the holiday party.

    White and her co-authors, including Professor Danielle Brick of the University of Connecticut, James Bateman, Tania Chatland and Gawan Fitzsimmons of Duke University, used behavioral experiments to survey thousands of participants
    over several years.

    Research shows that even if the party is virtual, if everyone has food and drink (whether it's healthy or indulgent) and they are celebrating a positive event, this increases a person's perceived social support from which they can derive the same well-being

    This also has implications
    for marketing managers or anyone who wants to raise money for a charitable cause.

    Danielle Brick, a co-author of the study and an assistant professor of marketing at the University of Connecticut, said: "We found that when people felt socially supported after celebrations, they were more 'prosocial' and more willing to volunteer their time or donate
    to a cause.
    " "It's a great time for nonprofits to pitch a giving campaign because a lot of people are celebrating positive life events
    like holidays or graduations.

    The researchers note that in places that serve people who are more likely to be lonely and isolated, such as nursing homes or community centers, hosting celebrations can increase people's sense of social support and are particularly beneficial

    They also noted that understanding the wellbeing benefits of celebrations is important for decision-makers seeking to implement regulations or measures that may affect social gatherings, such as COVID lockdowns, to avoid negative
    impacts on mental health.
    They suggest that if organizers need to host a virtual celebration, it should include some sort of consumption event, as well as commemorate a separate, positive life event so that people can feel supported
    by society at the end of the celebration.

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