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    Nearly 40 million! A number of well-known pharmaceutical companies transfer varieties of technology, green leaf pharmaceutical, double into the pharmaceutical industry...

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    A number of well-known pharmaceutical companies will recently complete the transfer of some products and technologyGreen Leaf Pharmaceutical transfer 2 varieties of technology June 8, Sichuan Provincial Drug Administration issued a notice about the transfer of technology transfer of 2 varieties of Sichuan Green Leaf Pharmaceutical Co., LtdThe public notice states: Recently, Sichuan Green Leaf Pharmaceutical Co., Ltdsubmitted an application to the Sichuan Provincial Drug Administration for the transfer of pharmaceutical technologyAfter preliminary examination, the following varieties in line with the "Drug Technology Transfer Registration Management Regulations" of the varieties transferred out of the requirements, is now made public, the public ity of 10 daysIf you have any objection, please contact the Drug Registration Administration of Sichuan Provincial Drug Administration (028-86786021)It is understood that Sichuan Green Leaf Pharmaceutical Co., Ltdis approved by the Sichuan provincial government to establish the production of traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine-based national key high-tech enterprises, its production field mainly for the endocrine system field, digestive system field, rheumatic bone joint field, gynaecological field; According to statistics, China's urinary system disease patients more than 30 million, an average of 100 adults have 7 people with abnormal symptoms of urination, so for urinary tract infection in the traditional Chinese medicine market is still very large, and in the retail market for urinary tract infections, as many as 60 kinds of drugs, dosage forms mainly contain capsules, particles, oral fluids, tablets, dispersants, embolis and other pillsParticulates, tablets and capsules accounted for more than 90% of the market share, the green leaf pharmaceutical transfer of the future marketIn addition to the nearly 40 million transfer of anti-cancer drug technology, the local medical information station also noted that on the same day Shuangcheng Pharmaceuticals issued a notice that it intends to sign a "technology transfer contract" with the company's affiliate Ningbo Shouzheng, Ningbo Shouzheng will have its injection of yew alcohol (albumin binding type) project technology secretly transferred to the company, the company was transferred and paid the corresponding transfer fee of RMB 39.200 millionThe original drug product, called kessin, is used in the treatment of breast, lung and pancreatic cancersThis is following the transfer of injection with 50 million yuan in December last year, and The Pharmaceutical industry transferred the injection with yew alcohol (albumin binding type) for 39.2 million yuanIt is understood that the injection of yew alcohol (albumin binding type) is a kind of albumin-wrapped yew alcohol formed nanoparticle preparation, the original drug commodity name: AbraxaneAfter being encased in albumin into nanoparticles, the cytotoxic side effects of injected yew alcohol (albumin binding type) were significantly reduced compared with other yewalcohol drugs, the dose increased and the anti-tumor effect was enhancedIn addition, injection sequoia alcohol (albumin binding type) can produce accumulation in the tumor, targeted release to tumor cells, with a targeted, to further improve the efficacy of the drugThe original drug, Abraxane, was developed by Abraxis Bioscience and was approved for use in the United States in January 2005 for the treatment of breast, lung and pancreatic cancersIn July 2010, Celgene Corporation acquired Abraxis Biosciences for $2.9 billion for a market interest in Abraxane In January 2019, Bristol-Myers Squibb acquired Celgene Corporation Abraxane's full-year sales for 2018 were $1.06 billion It is currently listed in more than 40 countries and territories, including Canada, India, the European Union/European Economic Area (EU/EEA), Korea, Australia, Bhutan, the United Arab Emirates, Nepal, New Zealand, Japan, Russia, Sri Lanka and Argentina As recently as December 3, 2019, Shuangcheng Pharmaceuticals also proposed to grant Suzhou Second Leaf Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd the right to own specific intellectual property rights and production technologies related to the injection of bi-deeding in the designated area for RMB 50 million Bivalre is a reversible, specific clotting enzyme inhibitor Injection-than-deededive indications are used as an anticoagulant in adult syrosorostic coronary artery intraenterosis (PTCA) and transdermal coronary artery interventional therapy (PCI), as well as for patients in PCI with heparin-induced platelet reduction (HIT) or heparin-induced platelet reduction and thrombosis syndrome (HITTS) risk The company owns specific intellectual property rights related to the injection bivaleddine ("transfer product", "product"), legally owns the production technology of the transferred product, and in January 2019 obtained the "Pharmaceutical Registration Approval" issued by the State Drug Administration (approval number: National Drug Code H20193019), and in May 2019 received the "Drug GMP Certificate" issued by the Hainan Provincial Drug Administration (certificate number HI2019002) According to Shuangcheng Pharmaceuticals' 2019 annual report, Shuangcheng Pharmaceuticals' main business is industrial and commercial, accounting for 72.17% and 26.25% of revenue, respectively Technology transfer will become the industry "mainstream" in order to seek win-win cooperation, optimize product structure, in recent years, the major pharmaceutical companies choose technology transfer methods to obtain drug production research and development qualifications of well-known cases are not in the minority January 13, 2020, Yantai Dongcheng Pharmaceuticals (19.330, 0.53, 2.82%) Group Co., Ltd announced that at a price of RMB 8 million and Beijing Cancer Hospital officially signed the "Technology Transfer Contract" on the 11th, the success of the 99mTc-mark Merofa (99mTc-SLN-F) molecular probe products (hereinafter referred to as "target products") in the global patent, clinical development and registration, production and marketing exclusive rights July 24, 2019, Seisheng Pharmaceuticals (18.170, 0.64, 3.65%) The company and Green Bamboo Bio signed a "technology transfer contract", the contract agreed that Green Bamboo Bio will "human monoclonal antibody K3, K11" project related technology transfer to the Company June 25, 2019, Huahai Pharmaceuticals (31.580, 2.28, 7.78%) The holding subsidiary Shanghai Huaota signed the "Drug Technology Transfer and Cooperation Development Contract" with Junshi Bio, and junshi Bio agreed on the follow-up research, development, production, listing and sales cooperation of Avastin monoantibiolike drugs (project code "HOT-1010") and the joint application cooperation between HOT-1010 and Junshi Bio June 12, 2019, Fangsheng Pharmaceuticals (6.590, 0.10, 1.54%) Announced with Da Song Pharmaceuticals signed the "repulse capsule technology transfer agreement", "clear brain buck particle technology transfer agreement", with 11.95 million yuan, 9.35 million yuan, respectively, the "complex pulse capsule", "clear brain buck particles" drug production technology transferred to Da Song Pharmaceutical In recent years, technology transfer has become the main way for pharmaceutical companies to acquire new products The State Drug Administration has also repeatedly expressed its strong support for the transfer of technology by pharmaceutical companies, which can promote the healthy development of the pharmaceutical industry At present, the demand for technology transfer is very strong at home and abroad, the main reason is that large companies listed after the performance pressure, and improve performance of the main way is to promote new products.
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