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    Nearly 400 A-share listed companies received institutional research this month, and pharmaceutical biology is still "hot"

    • Last Update: 2022-05-08
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      [Pharmaceutical Network Market Analysis] Research is generally regarded as a weather vane for institutional layout, which can reflect market trends to a certain extent

    April has come to an end, how is the enthusiasm of the organization this month? Which sectors are getting more attention? According to incomplete statistics, up to now, a total of nearly 400 A-share listed companies have been surveyed by institutions, and the total number of surveys has exceeded 20,000, of which 67 listed companies have been surveyed by more than 100 institutions

    Compared with March, the overall enthusiasm for institutional research has declined

       Judging from the hot sectors of institutional research, pharmaceutical biology is favored by institutions.
    A total of 44 companies received institutional research, followed by the electronics industry, with a total of 41 companies receiving institutional research.
    It can be seen that these two fields have received much attention from institutions in April.


       Judging from the individual stocks surveyed, Mindray Medical ranks first in institutional research, with a total of 554 institutions surveying the company in March

    The second is Wingtech Technology, which has been surveyed by 412 institutions

    In addition, Hikvision, Sinovel, Tofflon and other companies have been investigated by more than 300 companies

       Among the above stocks, Mindray Medical, Hikvision, and Tofflon are all from the pharmaceutical and biological industry

    Among them, Mindray Medical was also the "darling" of the institutions in March.
    It has received a total of 346 institutions for research, and since April, it has received more than 500 research institutions


       On April 20th, Mindray Medical organized an institutional survey in the form of a conference call.
    A total of 554 institutions and 1,012 people participated in the conference, including 102 fund companies, 56 securities companies, 109 Sunshine Private Equity, 38 insurance companies, and 101 overseas institutions.
    and 15 QFIIs


    Judging from the list of specific research institutions, there are many large institutions such as Gao Yi Assets, Goldman Sachs Group, ICBC Credit Suisse, Jinglin Assets, and China Europe Fund, which has increased its positions in Mindray Medical against the market

       During the research and interaction session, the institution focused on the "new medical infrastructure" and the progress of overseas business

    In 2021, Mindray Medical's revenue from the new domestic medical infrastructure sector will be about 3 billion yuan

    The company revealed in its research that the expected revenue from new medical infrastructure this year will far exceed that of last year

    In terms of international expansion, Mindray Medical said that the company has been actively and deeply exploring localization layout, including the planning of local manufacturing

    In terms of supply chain, the company continued to promote domestic substitution of upstream raw materials and components

    Up to now, most of the raw materials and components purchased from overseas have been replaced by domestic replacement or multi-supplier backup

       On the evening of April 19, Mindray Medical released its 2021 annual report and 2022 first quarter report.
    Among them, in 2021, the company achieved operating income of 25.
    270 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20.
    18%; net profit attributable to the parent was 8.
    002 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20.


    In the first quarter of 2022, the company continued the growth trend in 2021, achieving operating income of 6.
    943 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20.
    10%; net profit attributable to the parent was 2.
    105 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 22.


       Mindray Medical is a large-scale medical device and solution supplier.
    Its main products cover the three major fields of life information and support, in vitro diagnosis and medical imaging


    At present, Mindray Medical's products cover nearly 110,000 medical institutions and more than 99% of the top three hospitals in China, and the product penetration rate has further improved

    During the reporting period, the company's market shares of monitors, ventilators, defibrillators, anesthesia machines, infusion pumps, and light bed towers all ranked first in China, and the import substitution space for blood cell business and ultrasound business is broad

       It is worth mentioning that, judging from the market performance of Mindray Medical, the stock price of Mindray Medical has fluctuated significantly since April.
    As of the close on April 28, Mindray Medical reported 319 yuan, an increase of 3.
    82% within the month, and an amplitude of 18.
    The total market value 386.
    8 billion yuan


       Some analysts pointed out that the frequency of institutional research can reflect market sentiment and structural opportunities to a certain extent

    At the micro level, the market value distribution and sector composition of institutional research can also reflect the current market preference for >

       Disclaimer: Under no circumstances does the information or opinions expressed in this article constitute investment advice to anyone

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