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    Home > Medical News > Latest Medical News > Nearly 80% of the new total market capitalization of pharmaceutical companies has increased compared to when they were first listed, with 2 companies increasing by more than 10,000%

    Nearly 80% of the new total market capitalization of pharmaceutical companies has increased compared to when they were first listed, with 2 companies increasing by more than 10,000%

    • Last Update: 2022-01-25
    • Source: Internet
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     After years of development and changes in the industrial chain, various segments of China's pharmaceutical industry are in full bloom, and many companies have inserted "the wings of capital".
    According to statistics, among the 424 companies in the pharmaceutical and biological sector, a total of 326 companies have a new total market value Compared with the total market value of the first listing, it has increased, accounting for nearly 77%

    Among them, the total market value of Yunnan Baiyao and Pien Tze Huang increased by more than 10,000%

    According to the financial report, the main business of Yunnan Baiyao Group is mainly divided into four sectors, namely medicines, health products, pharmaceutical business, and traditional Chinese medicine resources

    The pharmaceutical sector is mainly based on Baiyao series, including Yunnan Baiyao capsules, powders, aerosols, ointments, etc.
    , which are also the core products from which Yunnan Baiyao started

    Facing future development, Yunnan Baiyao proposes six innovations: technological innovation, business model innovation, product innovation, organizational innovation, talent innovation and brand renewal

    The company stated that it will continue to implement these six innovations in the future

    The share price of Pien Tze Huang, the "share of traditional Chinese medicine", has been on a positive trend in the past ten years, and is called "Moutai in medicine" by the market.
    In 2020, Pien Tze Huang's share price has doubled

    It is understood that the main sectors of Pien Tze Huang are divided into four sectors: pharmaceutical manufacturing, pharmaceutical distribution, daily necessities and cosmetics, and health food

    In recent years, Pien Tze Huang has actively used innovation to empower its brand and drive brand building with innovation

    For example, on the product side, Pien Tze Huang Pharma has invested heavily in innovative research and development, made efforts to master the core technologies of the industrial chain, and strengthened cooperation with many universities and scientific research institutions at home and abroad.
    The environmental safety policy of "green development, technology-driven" incorporates pollution control and energy conservation and efficiency enhancement into the environmental management system, and protects green waters and green mountains with green manufacturing and green development

    According to the industry, under the blessing of multiple forces, Pien Tze Huang has been continuously recognized by the market

    It is understood that in addition to the huge increase in the total market value of the above-mentioned companies, including Hengrui Medicine, Changchun High-tech, Pallin Bio, Meinian Health, Shanghai Medicine, Dong E E Jiao, International Medicine, Renfu Medicine, Liaoning Chengda, Tongce Medical, The total market value of 52 companies including Tigermed also increased by more than 10 times

    Take Hengrui Medicine as an example.
    It is understood that in the past few years, Hengrui Medicine’s performance has maintained a double-digit growth rate.
    At present, Hengrui Medicine is a large domestic anti-tumor drug giant.
    Contrast agents and other products sell well in the market

    In recent years, Hengrui Medicine has accelerated innovation and transformation, continuously deployed new technology platforms, broadened the field of disease, and strengthened translational medicine research

    And in recent years, Hengrui Medicine has been increasing investment in research and development.
    In 2020, the company's research and development expenses reached 4.
    989 billion yuan; in 2012, this indicator was 535 million yuan

    The company's third quarterly report shows that the research and development expenses in the first three quarters of 2021 are 4.
    142 billion yuan

    According to a research report, considering the capitalization of Hengrui Pharmaceutical's R&D investment, it maintains its revenue forecast for 2021-2023, raises its profit forecast, and maintains a "buy" rating

    In recent years, the growth value of China's pharmaceutical industry has become increasingly prominent.
    Some data predict that by 2025, the total profit of China's pharmaceutical industry will reach 578.
    02 billion yuan

    But at the same time, some analysts pointed out that with the continuous improvement of the industry's concentration, the competition between enterprises will also be more intense, and the pharmaceutical industry will face a "big reshuffle" in 2022

    In addition, some people said that with the gradual implementation of drug review reform and volume-based procurement policies, the market elimination mechanism will prompt pharmaceutical companies to open innovative models, increase investment in scientific research and the transformation of medical scientific and technological achievements

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