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    Negotiated 7 times to reduce the maximum price of consumables by 91%

    • Last Update: 2019-11-10
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    Finishing: Chocolate On November 8, Suzhou public resources trading platform of Jiangsu Province issued the announcement of negotiation on the volume price of medical consumables alliance of Suqian public medical institutions in Yancheng City, Suzhou (hereinafter referred to as the announcement), and established suyansu medical consumables sunshine Procurement Alliance According to the announcement, the varieties of the belt price negotiation of the alliance are: synthetic bone (bone particles, bone blocks), anchor screws with thread, single hair non absorbable clip under endoscope The members of the alliance include public medical institutions at or above the second level in Suzhou, Yancheng and Suqian According to the announcement, 80% of the total procurement volume of each member unit of the alliance in the previous year (August 1, 2018 to July 31, 2019) is estimated as the total procurement volume of the alliance The procurement cycle is one year, and the procurement results will be executed on January 1, 2020 For the participating machinery enterprises, the announcement requires that since 2017, the above-mentioned production enterprises with five categories of high-value medical consumables (excluding alternative and filing products) organized in Suzhou, Yancheng and Suqian cities and having actual sales in the three cities shall participate According to the statistics of cypress blue equipment, this is the eighth negotiation to be held in Jiangsu Province In the first seven negotiations, the maximum price reduction of the products is 91% In addition, unlike other provinces, Jiangsu Province not only publicized the negotiation results, but also publicized the negotiation process and details for many times In the seven consumables negotiations in Jiangsu Province, Xuzhou ranked first in the highest decline of single category On October 8, the people's Government of Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province issued a document saying that 25 public medical institutions completed the negotiation on the amount of consumables, the highest reduction of the selected varieties of orthopedic orthopedic needles was 91%, with an average decrease of 77.7%; the highest reduction of one-time trocar puncture device was 78%, with an average decrease of 59.5% According to the information of Xuzhou Municipal People's government, the negotiation was held in Xuzhou public resources trading center On the day of the negotiation, two clinical experts from 10 medical institutions of the Procurement Alliance negotiated with 24 medical consumables manufacturers on the price Before the negotiation, the Procurement Alliance conducted a month long research work According to the relevant information of Xuzhou Municipal People's government, after the negotiation, the leader of orthopedic needle negotiation group said that during the negotiation process, the medical institutions had full say in the negotiation with the manufacturers, and the final result reached and exceeded expectations The leader of the negotiation team of disposable casing puncture device said that when a single hospital conducts negotiation, it is difficult to negotiate the price of imported equipment However, after collecting the market share of the whole city's medical institutions, the imported enterprises finally made a substantial concession According to the Xuzhou Municipal People's government, after the negotiation, the Xuzhou Medical Insurance Bureau will also organize one-to-one negotiation on the price of consumables Among all the consumables negotiations in Jiangsu Province, the negotiation of Nanjing alliance is perhaps the most concerned by the industry According to Nanjing Medical Insurance Bureau, after the first round of negotiation of Nanjing alliance, the highest price of consumables was reduced by 80.39%, the lowest price was reduced by 51.67%, and the average price of three cities was reduced by 72.61% (including 75.14% decrease in Nanjing) Specifically, it involves 4 categories of 14 consumables, including implantable drug delivery device (infusion port), pre filled catheter washer, precision infusion device, closed retention needle, and a total of 323 models Nanjing Medical Insurance Bureau information shows that, unlike other negotiations, in the first round of this negotiation, the equipment enterprises should reduce the price in place, otherwise there will be a great risk of being eliminated In the first round of negotiation for a certain kind of consumables, several recorded products will offer a round of PK, and the winner will enter the second round directly In the second round of quotation, the bid winning enterprises cannot quote for the products on record, and they will PK again Therefore, if enterprises want to take the lead, they should put the price in place in the first round There are four rounds of negotiations, each round is eliminated, and the competition is quite fierce During the negotiation, in order to avoid the negotiation failure caused by the manufacturer's cooperation and refusal to reduce the price, it is required to store the mobile phone separately after entering the negotiation room, arrange a liaison person on site, do a good job of supervision and guarantee, and avoid the communication of enterprise representatives outside the negotiation room According to the information of Nanjing Medical Insurance Bureau, 86 medical institutions participating in the negotiation issued orders of more than 500 million yuan on the same day After the third round of negotiation of Nanjing alliance, the highest price drop of products was 83.86%, and the average price drop of central venous catheter was 70.82%; the highest price drop of blood dialyzer products was 66.86%, and the average price drop was 41.54%; the highest price drop of orthodontic bracket products was 64.78%, and the average price drop was 33.59% According to the information of Nanjing Medical Insurance Bureau, on the day of negotiation, there were 13 bidding equipment enterprises in the single lumen group of central venous catheter, which were divided into two groups, a and B, among which there were three equipment enterprises in group B after the first round of quotation, two enterprises were selected from the lowest to the highest according to the price to enter the second round of quotation The three equipment companies in group B completed the quotation within 10 minutes The president of one Hainan machinery company went directly to the scene to negotiate Although he gave the company's base price, it was still 4 yuan higher than the price of other enterprises and was finally eliminated In addition, the information of Nanjing Medical Insurance Bureau also shows that the 10 equipment enterprises in group a can only quote one price for different specifications and models, not higher than the benchmark price, which is related to whether they can enter the second round of negotiation At that time, after 10 rounds of quotation, 10 enterprises were invited to enter the site together to announce the final result One enterprise from Shenzhen was the lowest price among the 10 enterprises and was qualified to enter the second round of quotation It is understood that the selling price of the same product of this enterprise in the market is several times that of this quotation Nanjing alliance is not only the region with the largest number of negotiations, but also the focus of the equipment industry in the near future In the second round of negotiations, Nanjing alliance held talks with an equipment company for four and a half hours At that time, the talks were in a deadlock, and representatives of transnational equipment companies repeatedly applied to their superiors for price rejection, Xinhua Daily reported Until 8 p.m., it finally got concessions from the U.S headquarters and agreed to reduce the price of more than 200 products sold by the company in Nanjing and Huai'an by 25% on the basis of the existing price Recently, Nanjing Medical Insurance Bureau released the third round of negotiation results Nanjing alliance once again negotiated with an equipment industry on the integrity of all products, with an overall decrease of 30% In addition to the three rounds of negotiations mentioned above in Nanjing and the negotiation of the highest price reduction of 91% in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Provincial alliance has also carried out two rounds of negotiations, and Wuxi City has also carried out a round of negotiations According to the Jiangsu medical insurance bureau, 55 public medical institutions participated in the first round of negotiations in Jiangsu Province After the negotiations, the price of rapamycin and its derivatives stent decreased by an average of 51.01%, with a maximum decrease of 66.07%; the average decrease of pacemaker was 15.86%, with a maximum decrease of 38.13% In the second round, 107 medical institutions participated in the negotiation, with an average decrease of 26.89% and a maximum decrease of 38% for ophthalmic intraocular lenses, 74.37% and 81.05% for vascular interventional balloons, 47.20% and 76.7% for orthopedic hip prostheses.
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