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    Ningbo test water doctor title can go up and down

    • Last Update: 2021-03-04
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    "The pay distribution will be tilted towards high-risk medical services, key positions, new technologies and the front lines of health care, fully reflecting high technology, high risk, high responsibility and high remuneration; Recently, the Ningbo Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission of Zhejiang Province launched a pilot reform of the public hospital compensation system at the first hospital in Ningbo City, which will be launched next year in all municipal and county-level hospitals in the city.
    It is understood that Ningbo City, the first hospital's original compensation mechanism is divided into professional and technical posts into junior, intermediate, vice-high, positive high 4 categories of 13 grades, the implementation of the separation of evaluation and employment, each level of corresponding pay is different, reflecting the value of labor services is not obvious. After the implementation of the salary system reform, the hospital will be re-evaluated and hired into a combination of evaluation and employment, breaking the hospital professional and technical personnel title, level only up and down the status quo. In the case of a doctor with a senior 5 level, if the doctor's program scores lower in the second year, it is likely to be lowered to level 6 and 7, with lower pay at the same time.
    in accordance with the pay system reform pilot implementation program, the hospital in the future at all levels of all types of personnel appointment adjustment once a year. On the basis of meeting the basic conditions of appointment of various types of posts, the project's scoring form as the basis, according to the number of available positions to score high and low to be appointed. Post appointment and salary linkage, with the job workload, service quality and other key, combined with the post's knowledge, skills, responsibilities, risks and professional and technical requirements and other factors, fully reflect the value of medical personnel services. Post title and position can be up and down, so that the assessment and personal wage linkage.
    according to the assessment principle, the higher the criticality of the disease, the higher the performance, fully reflects the labor value of health care workers. Such as brain surgery intracranial tumor excision, the original performance of each doctor is 705 yuan, according to the new performance evaluation standards, the performance of each operation increased to 1804 yuan.
    Ningbo City First Hospital President Yu Lemin said that the new pay system will combine the hospital's different job responsibilities, technology, labor complexity, the degree of risk-taking, the size of the workload and other different circumstances, to high-risk medical services projects, key positions, the implementation of new technologies of outstanding personnel and medical front-line tilt, to the first-line clinicians, labor intensity of intensive intensive care, emergency care and other units. It is understood that the hospital in 2016 launched the annual salary system, a total of 14 experts currently enjoy the annual salary system. In order to attract and retain high-level talents, Ningbo First Hospital will actively explore and improve the agreed compensation system, increase the implementation of the annual salary system. (Health News)
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