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    Northeastern University overcomes the problem of comprehensive utilization of titanium-containing mixed slag

    • Last Update: 2022-02-24
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    After ten years of research, the teacher Zhang Li of the School of Metallurgy of Northeastern University led the scientific research team to successfully develop the "key technology for the clean and efficient utilization of titanium-containing mixed slag", which solved the global problem of comprehensive utilization of titanium-containing steel slag and vanadium-containing blast furnace slag.
    The efficient recovery of titanium, iron, vanadium, calcium oxide, and phosphorus components in the slag is achieved
    China has abundant reserves of vanadium-titanium magnetite.
    After blast furnace smelting-converter blowing, a large amount of titanium-containing blast furnace slag and vanadium-containing titanium steel slag will be produced, and more than 20 million tons of titanium-containing slag will be discharged each year, of which titanium-containing blast furnace slag The content of TiO2 is as high as 25%, the content of V2O5 in the vanadium-containing titanium steel slag is as high as 4%, and the content of vanadium-containing pig iron and vanadium-containing granular iron is as high as 10%
    In addition, a large amount of slag piles up like a mountain, which wastes resources and pollutes the environment
    "Key technology for clean and efficient utilization of titanium-containing mixed slag" mainly uses the high temperature and high heat characteristics of two titanium-containing slags to mix the two slags to recover titanium, iron, vanadium, calcium, phosphorus, etc.
    in the slag Components
    It is worth mentioning that this technology uses physical separation in the subsequent separation process, which will not cause environmental pollution, and has short process, low cost, simple operation, no waste water generation, and has the characteristics of high efficiency, cleanliness, and environmental protection
    At present, this technology can generate billions of profits every year in industrial production, not only has considerable economic benefits, but also achieved huge environmental and social benefits
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