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    Nutritionist: Under the same conditions, sugar-free drinks are compared with sugar-sweetened drinks...

    • Last Update: 2022-05-26
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    As the healthy life>

    The whole people implement the "three reductions" life, and the general trend of reducing sugar consumption

    Zhang Yongjian, director of the Food and Drug Industry Development and Supervision Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, pointed out that the "Healthy China" national strategy is an important guide for the development of the food industry, and the "three reductions (sugar reduction, oil reduction, and salt reduction)" are based on specific safety and health measures.

    Especially in recent years, China has gradually become the world's largest sugar consumption country, and the resulting national health problems have attracted great attention from the country

    Shi Wenhui, a researcher from the National Action Office of the National Healthy Life>

    It is for this reason that the government is also actively guiding the national sugar reduction action

    Scientific understanding of sugar, smart look at "sugar substitute"

    Although "sugar reduction" is the general trend, it is still necessary to treat "sugar" consumption rationally

    The intake of sugar is indeed closely related to health.

    But "sugar reduction" isn't one size fits all

    In this regard, Duan Shenglin, vice president of the China Food and Fermentation Industry Research Institute and director of the Beijing Key Laboratory of "Functional Staple Food Creation and Chronic Disease Nutrition Intervention", also has the same view

    According to Yang Yuexin, sugar substitutes belong to the category of food additives in China, and the scope and amount of use are subject to the "National Food Safety Standard for the Use of Food Additives" (GB 2760-2014) and the official notification document issued by the National Health Commission

    Therefore, "sugar reduction" does not need to talk about the discoloration of "sugar", and the rational use of sugar substitute products is also an option

    In this regard, Chen Wei, deputy director and chief physician of the Department of Nutrition of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, also said that in daily life, try to reduce the choice of sugary foods and sugary drinks

    National food safety standards, providing scientific safety guarantee for "sugar reduction"

    Sugar substitute provides a new option for "sugar reduction", and sugar substitute products are also subject to strict relevant national food safety standards

    She introduced that the formulation of national food safety standards has a set of strict systems and procedures, which require systematic risk assessment and corresponding demonstrations, with the aim of ensuring the safety of consumers

    Chen Wei also pointed out that regarding the safety of sugar substitutes that consumers are currently concerned about, the current sugar substitute products on the market, whether natural or synthetic, contain low energy or basically no energy, as long as they are in the market.

    The standard also stipulates related claims, which are in "Table C.

    Opportunities for "sugar reduction" in food companies require comprehensive support from ideas and technology

    "Sugar reduction" and "sugar replacement" are not only a kind of food fashion, but also a manifestation of scientific and technological progress in the food industry
    Duan Shenglin believes that in recent years, the penetration of science and technology into traditional industries such as food has accelerated, and food research and development and production are increasingly using new raw materials, new formulas and new processes.
    The adoption of new technologies has improved the quality of food.
    Improve production efficiency

    He also emphasized that the application of sweeteners in the food industry has a history of hundreds of years, and the research and development of sweeteners is also a hot spot in the field of food research, which has now evolved to the sixth generation
    It is precisely because of research and development and technological progress that the continuous iteration of sweeteners has been promoted
    "To borrow a familiar phrase - without additives, there would be no modern food industry

    In response to the idea of ​​"reducing sugar", more and more food companies are seizing new opportunities and actively seeking new development paths
    According to the "2021 China Sugar-Free Beverage Market Trend Insight Report", the size of the sugar-free beverage market in 2020 will reach 11.
    78 billion yuan, a seven-fold increase from 2014.
    In 2025, the market will increase to 22.
    74 billion yuan, doubling the size within 5 years.

    It can be seen that the market potential of "sugar reduction" is huge

    In this regard, Zhang Yongjian also mentioned the "vigor phenomenon" in the food industry in the past two years in his speech.
    He believes that the success of the vitality forest mainly includes six factors: first, the enterprise conforms to the general trend of health needs; The "sugar reduction" track in the "three reductions"; the third is to develop products that meet market demands and are recognized by consumers; the fourth is to establish a controllable production system; the fifth is the strong support of capital; the sixth is for specific consumption successful marketing
    The success of Yuanqi Forest in the market has attracted many companies to follow up, including leading companies such as Yili
    Recently, Yili launched its first national trendy tea brand "Tea and Tea Search", and its candy-free tea product is positioned as "0-candy tea with added probiotics"

    The huge market demand generated by "sugar reduction" not only attracts the attention and entry of capital, but also provides new development opportunities for traditional industries such as food
    "I also noticed that the initial capital of Yuanqi Forest came from the hot Internet industry in the past few years, but after entering traditional industries such as food, through multi-dimensional innovation, the "two-wheel model" of "product + marketing" in traditional industries has been transformed.
    After the transformation into the "four-wheel drive model" of "capital + technology + brand + marketing", it has achieved success, and this case shows that the real economy and traditional industries are promising
    " Zhang Yongjian believes

    In full communication with the participating media, everyone formed a further consensus that "sugar reduction" has become a global trend, and the food industry should follow the trend, guided by consumer demand and consumer interests, and under the support of national food safety standards , do a good job in scientific and technological innovation in food research and development, and bring consumers a better life with less sugar and less happiness

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