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    Oil bar safety consumption tips

    • Last Update: 2021-01-01
    • Source: Internet
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      The oil bar fluffy crispy and tough, the color is golden and delicious, is popular with the people of one of the breakfast.
    But the traditional puffing agent contains alum, the addition of improper easy to cause the aluminum content exceeds the standard, coupled with its high temperature frying production methods lead to high fat content, may bring some impact on human health.
    this end, experts suggest: oil bar operators to do: choose good oil, from the formal channels to buy cooking oil, strict demand for ticket management.
    oil temperature, to prevent long-term, high temperature production led to acrylamide and other harmful substances increased content.
    change the oil frequently, according to the number of frying strips in time to change the frying oil.
    limits, in accordance with the instructions to add puffer, it is recommended to choose "no molyb" "aluminum" puffer to make oil bars.
    health care, business premises to be hygienic and clean, operators to wear masks, food-grade gloves and wear work clothes, not directly by hand to take oil strips.
    to take protective measures to prevent exposed oil strips in the air from dust and other pollution.
    consumers should pay attention to: look at the color, the oil bar should be golden yellow, the color of the oil strip dark yellow or brown appear, may be the oil strip with oil problems or frying time, temperature and other improper control.
    taste, the oil strip should taste odorless, if the oil strip has bitter and other odors, may be improper use of food additives.
    , try to choose in good sanitary conditions, high reputation of food and beverage places to buy or edible oil bars.
    moderate amount of food, the Chinese Nutrition Society launched the "Chinese Residents Balanced Diet Pagoda (2016)" recommended that China's adult residents daily intake of oil is 25 to 30 grams.
    50 grams of oil bar, the oil content can generally reach 10 to 15 grams.
    long-term consumption may lead to obesity, high blood lipids, etc. , not conducive to health.
    : Heilongjiang Province, China Testing and Testing Technology Co., Ltd. Ma Haoran
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