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    On November 29, Chinese medicine stocks were repeatedly active, and many stocks rose to the limit

    • Last Update: 2023-01-01
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    【Pharmaceutical Network Pharmaceutical Stock Market】 On the morning of November 29, traditional Chinese medicine stocks were repeatedly active, and Teyi Pharmaceutical and Tailong Pharmaceutical rose to the limit
    Buchang Pharmaceutical, Wohua Pharmaceutical, Yisheng Pharmaceutical, KunYao Group, etc.
    followed suit
    Teyi Pharmaceutical At 9:34 on November 29, Teyi Pharmaceutical rose intraday to 32.
    88 yuan, and the current order is 38,786 lots, equivalent to 128 million yuan
    Analysts pointed out that the reason category of the price limit of Teyi Pharmaceutical is virus treatment + traditional Chinese medicine + medical beauty + influenza
    It is reported that the company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of Chinese proprietary drugs, chemical preparations and
    chemical APIs.
    The company's respiratory products mainly include cough tablets, Pudi blue anti-inflammatory tablets, cold spirit granules, etc
    The company's special brand cough tablet products, with a history of 100 years, are clinically used for the treatment of chronic bronchitis, and have a definite effect on cough (especially cold cough, phlegm wet cough); It has an effect on various types of chronic cough, and has obvious effects on cough, phlegm and asthma
    It is reported that the company plans to invest 100 million yuan to establish Guangdong Temei Health Technology Industry Co.
    , Ltd.
    , and the company to be established is the large health industry investment and operation platform of Teyi Pharmaceutical Group, and its development direction includes the development and investment
    of medical beauty services.
    Recently, Teyi Pharmaceutical introduced in an institutional survey that in terms of respiratory system cough and phlegm drugs, the company's advantage is the core product of special cough suppressant tablets
    At present, the company has a special production workshop for cough tablets, the current production capacity is 1 billion pieces (about 40 million boxes), and in the later stage, according to market needs, in the existing place to increase production shifts or production equipment, the production capacity can reach 2.
    4 billion pieces (equivalent to 100 million boxes).

    In the future, the company will take cough tablets as the core to form a market competitive product group
    focusing on phlegm and cough relief, heat and detoxification, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs.
    Tailong Pharmaceutical On November 29, Tailong Pharmaceutical rebounded quickly intraday, rising more than 2%
    in 5 minutes.
    At 9:40, Tailong Pharmaceutical rose intraday to 8.
    88 yuan, and the current closed orders are 154136 lots, equivalent to 137 million yuan
    It is reported that the main business of Tailong Pharmaceutical is pharmaceutical preparations, Chinese medicine pieces, drug research and development services and pharmaceutical material circulation
    Since the beginning of this year, focusing on the drug R&D service platform of the whole industry chain, Tailong Pharmaceutical has built a CXO system with company characteristics in many places, newly established Chongqing Yongchuan R&D platform, and released the production capacity of Zhengzhou R&D platform; Established a joint venture with Hainan Huluwa Pharmaceutical Group Co.
    , Ltd.
    to establish a high-end pediatric drug research and development platform in Hangzhou; Signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Peking University Third Hospital
    In terms of big health, in February 2022, Tailong Pharmaceutical took Tailong Health as a limited partner to participate in the establishment of Wuxi Jinyi Chanfa Venture Capital Partnership (Limited Partnership), focusing on medical and pharmaceutical and health industry related fields to explore investment opportunities
    On November 28, Tailong Pharmaceutical announced that the proposal of a wholly-owned subsidiary to participate in the establishment of a pharmaceutical industry fund and related party transactions has been deliberated and approved
    by the board of directors.
    It is reported that previously, Tailong Pharmaceutical issued an announcement that its wholly-owned subsidiary intends to jointly invest with Zhengzhou High-tech Industry Investment Group to establish Longhua Pharmaceutical Industry Fund with a scale of 400 million yuan
    Tailong Pharmaceutical said that the Longhua Pharmaceutical Industry Fund established this time will build a fund of funds platform with the help of the capital advantages of indirect controlling shareholders and the resource advantages of its subordinate state-owned professional investment institutions, link market-oriented investment institutions and industrial resources, accelerate the company's industrial layout in the fields of biomedicine and general health, form synergy with the company's existing business, and enhance the company's core competitiveness
    In addition to the above enterprises, on November 29, Buchang Pharmaceutical, Wohua Pharmaceutical, Yisheng Pharmaceutical, KunYao Group, etc.
    followed suit
    For example, Buchang Pharmaceutical rose rapidly intraday, up more than 2% in 5 minutes, as of 9:36, it was 22.
    47 yuan, with a transaction of 81.
    0084 million yuan, and a turnover rate of 0.

    Wohua Pharma rose rapidly intraday, up more than 2% in 5 minutes, as of 9:35, it was quoted at 7.
    17 yuan, with a transaction of 9.
    4787 million yuan, and a turnover rate of 0.

    Yisheng Pharmaceutical rose rapidly intraday, up more than 2% in 5 minutes, as of 9:40, it was 9.
    27 yuan, with a transaction of 34.
    3102 million yuan, and a turnover rate of 1.

    Intraday rapid rise, up more than 2% in 5 minutes, as of 9:33, at 17 yuan, the transaction was 26.
    2829 million yuan, the turnover rate was 0.

    Analysts believe that since the relevant departments issued the "Opinions on Promoting the Inheritance and Innovation and Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine" in 2019, relevant supporting policies such as various departments have been implemented one after another, emphasizing the innovation trend of traditional Chinese medicine, and this year China has also emphasized the inheritance and innovative development of traditional Chinese medicine, laying the main line
    of innovative traditional Chinese medicine drugs in the future.
    With the standardization of the approval process, the pace of marketing of innovative Chinese medicine drugs is expected to accelerate
    Disclaimer: Under no circumstances does the information or opinions expressed herein constitute investment advice
    to anyone.
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