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    Operation and maintenance of fermentation tank system

    • Last Update: 2014-11-04
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    1、 Sterilization operation 1 Close all water supply pipes and air pipes Open the steam line valve At the same time, slightly open the exhaust valve of the fermentation tank jacket to drain the remaining water in the jacket 2 Turn on the mixing motor of the fermentation tank and rotate it to 200rpm to make the fermentation liquid evenly heated When the temperature rises above 95 ℃, the mixing can be stopped Then when the temperature rises to 121 ℃ (tank pressure is 0.1-0.12mpa), the timing can start 3 When the timing starts, the fermentation time is generally 20-30 minutes During this time, the temperature shall not be lower than 120 ℃ Meanwhile, the air filter and air pipe can be sterilized 4 Air filter and air pipe sterilization: slightly open the drain valve of the filter and the diaphragm valve of the air pipe to ensure the steam sterilization of the air pipe But it should not be opened too much to avoid a large amount of steam entering the tank and diluting the medium 5 Slightly open the steam valve and outlet valve of discharge and sampling valve to ensure the pipeline sterilization The inoculation port on the cover of the fermentation tank also needs to be deflated to meet the sterilization requirements 6 When the insulation is over, close the diaphragm valve in the air pipeline first Close the drain valve of the air filter, and close the outlet valve of the sampling valve and the nut of the inoculation port Then close all steam valves 7 Open the cooling water valve and drain valve, open the air flow meter and air vent valve at the same time, and blow the air filter dry Pay attention to the change of tank pressure at this time The tank pressure shall not be lower than 0.02MPa And when the tank pressure reaches 0.05Mpa, immediately open the air pipeline to ensure that the tank pressure of the fermentation tank is about 0.05Mpa 8 When the temperature drops to 95 ℃, the mixing can be turned on When the temperature is lower than 50 ℃, it can be cut into the state of automatic temperature control to make the culture medium reach the inoculation temperature, and the sterilization process is finished 2、 Inoculation: flame inoculation or differential pressure inoculation can be used (1) Flame inoculation method: disinfect the inoculation port with alcohol fire ring, then open the inoculation port cover, quickly pour the inoculation liquid into the tank, and tighten the cover (2) Differential pressure method: put the gasket before sterilization, open the inoculation cover when inoculating, and pour a certain amount of alcohol for disinfection After a while, insert the needle of the seed bottle into the gasket of the inoculation port Use the pressure in the tank and the pressure difference in the seed bottle to introduce the seed liquid into the tank and tighten the cover 2 The tank pressure shall be controlled manually in the process of tank pressure fermentation, i.e the pressure in the tank shall be controlled by the outlet valve When regulating the air flow, the outlet valve shall be adjusted at the same time, and the pressure in the tank shall be kept constant more than 0.03mpa 3 Measurement and control of dissolved oxygen (do) (1) calibration of dissolved oxygen: before inoculation, under constant fermentation temperature, the do value of dissolved oxygen when rotating speed and air volume are opened to Zui is 100% (2) Do measurement and control in fermentation process: do can be controlled by adjusting air flow and speed Zui is simply the correlative control of speed and dissolved oxygen Secondly, the air intake (manual) control must be adjusted at the same time Sometimes it is necessary to introduce pure oxygen (such as in the high-density culture of some genetically engineered bacteria) to achieve the required do value 4 Measurement and control of pH (1) correction of pH value: the pH value of pH electrode shall be corrected before sterilization (2) In the process of fermentation, pH value control is achieved by adding acid and alkali into peristaltic pump 3、 Operation of the controller 1 Start of controller: turn on the power, first press the "s / E" key on the membrane keyboard, and then press the "confirm" key to start the fermentation control program; at this time, if the water in the heater is not full, the program will automatically carry out the water inlet operation; after the water is full, the user can control each actuator according to the above operation method of the lower computer controller 2 Operation of the controller: use F1-F6 keys to switch the interface in the LCD screen to the interface that the user needs to control, use the direction key to move the cursor in the interface to the variable that needs to be controlled, if it is to change the operation mode, directly press the confirmation key, if it is necessary to enter the number on the keyboard, press the confirmation key after entering the number For example: (1) temperature control: in the manual mode, manual operation of temperature is relatively simple, only the control quantity of manual state needs to be changed Enter the temperature control interface by selecting the shortcut key (F1 ~ F5), move the cursor to point to "manual mode", and press the "confirm" key to enter the manual mode of temperature control At this time, a small hand will appear after "manual mode" to indicate that the current selection is manual mode Move the cursor to the manual setting area and select control amount by moving the cursor up and down Input the output value of the control quantity to be set by pressing the number key, such as 80, and confirm by pressing the "confirm" key; (Note: the control quantity range is 0-100, when the input control quantity is greater than 50, it is heating state, otherwise it is cooling state) (2) Speed control: use cursor movement key to move cursor to "set value" Enter 300 on the numeric keypad, and the value of 300 should appear after the "set value"; then press the "confirm" key to confirm the input If there is an error in the input, you can press the "clear" key to clear the data 4、 Operation of the steam generator 1 Turn on the water inlet switch to make the water level of the water storage tank reach Zui high and maintain the water inlet state 2 Connect the power supply of the generator and supply water to the boiler to the normal water level (50-80% of the liquid level pipe), which shall not exceed Zui high water level and shall not be lower than Zui low water level Close the steam outlet valve 3 Plug in the power, turn on the power switch, the working indicator light will be on, and start to heat the boiler water 4 Connect the steam pipe to the mezzanine pipeline system of the fermentation tank, open the relevant valve, keep the pipeline unobstructed, and close the outlet valve of the fermentation tank When the pressure rises to the working pressure (2kg / cm2), open the steam outlet valve to supply steam 5 After use, turn off the power supply first, then turn off the water inlet pipe, and drain the sewage in the boiler body after the generator cools down properly [precautions] 1 The setting pressure of the safety valve has been adjusted by the manufacturer and shall not be adjusted at will If the safety valve is found to be out of order, a new safety valve shall be replaced It is forbidden to change the automatic pressure control function and parameters without permission 2 During normal operation, drain the water at least once every 8 hours, and use sandpaper to descale the water level probe in time 3 During use, it is strictly prohibited to close the safety valve, and it is strictly prohibited to refit without permission or block it with a plug 4 The water trap of pressure gauge shall be removed and cleaned regularly 5 Operation of air compressor 1 Plug in the power supply of the air compressor and turn on the air compressor, so that the machine can be started and operated under no load condition for 15 minutes 2 If there is no abnormal sound after startup, close the air outlet, connect the air outlet pipe of the air compressor with the air purifier, and connect a parallel connection to the air inlet pipe of the fermentation tank 3 When the air pressure rises to 2kg / cm2, open the air supply valve, open the air switch, and provide sterile air to the sterilized fermentation tank When the air pressure reaches the set pressure, the pressure switch automatically cuts off the power supply and the motor stops running 4 The operating pressure of the air compressor shall not be higher than the rated working pressure If it needs to be adjusted, it must be carried out by a special operator and shall not be adjusted by itself 6、 Maintenance 1, precision filter, general service life of one year If the filtration resistance is too large or the filtration capacity is lost, which will affect the normal production, it needs to be cleaned or replaced (it is recommended to replace directly without cleaning, because the performance of the filter cannot be guaranteed reliably after cleaning operation) 2 When cleaning the fermentation tank, please brush it with a soft bristle brush, and do not scratch it with a hard device to avoid damaging the surface of the fermentation tank 3 Supporting instruments shall be calibrated once a year to ensure normal use 4 Electrical equipment such as electrical appliances, instruments, sensors, etc shall not be directly contacted with water and steam to prevent moisture 5 When the equipment is out of service, it shall be cleaned in time to drain the residual water in the fermentation tank and each pipeline; loosen the tank cover and hand hole screws of the fermentation tank to prevent the deformation of the sealing ring 6 Carbon steel equipment such as operation platform and constant temperature water tank shall be painted regularly (once a year) to prevent corrosion 7 Check the oil level of the reducer frequently If the lubricating oil is not enough, increase it in time 8 Change the lubricating oil of reducer regularly to prolong its service life 9 If the fermentation tank is not used for the time being, it is necessary to empty the fermentation tank and drain the remaining water in the tank and each pipeline 7、 Note 1 It must be ensured that the system can be used when all single equipment can operate normally 2 When sterilizing the filter, the steam pressure passing through the air filter shall not exceed 0.17mpa, otherwise the filter element of the filter will be damaged and lose the filtering ability 3 During the fermentation process, the tank pressure shall not exceed 0.17mpa 4 In the process of actual elimination, when the jacket is preheated by steam, the steam inlet pressure must be controlled within the working pressure range of the equipment (no more than 0.2MPa), otherwise the fermentation tank will be damaged 5 During air and solid digestion, make sure to drain the remaining water in the fermentation tank jacket Otherwise, the cylinder in the fermentation tank may be flattened and the equipment may be damaged; during actual digestion, too much condensed water will be caused and the culture liquid will be diluted, so that the process requirements cannot be met 6 During the cooling process after air and solid elimination, it is strictly prohibited to generate negative pressure in the fermentation tank, so as to avoid pollution or even damage to the equipment 7 In the fermentation process, the tank pressure should be maintained between 0.03 and 0.05Mpa to avoid pollution 8 In each operation process, the pressure in the air pipe must be kept higher than the tank pressure of the fermentation tank, otherwise, the liquid in the fermentation tank will flow back into the filter, block the filter element or make the filter invalid 9 If you encounter problems that you can't solve, please contact the after-sales service department of the company directly Do not remove or repair by force  
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