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    Optimizing the disease diagnosis and treatment management mode and innovating treatment plans were unveiled at the Expo

    • Last Update: 2022-11-15
    • Source: Internet
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    At the 5th China International Import Expo being held here, all parties have presented optimized disease diagnosis and treatment management models and innovative treatment plans
    The reporter learned during the interview on the 6th that the innovative integrated diagnosis and treatment mode of fundus disease - the one-stop intravitreal injection base project was launched, which will strive to solve the three major problems of fundus disease patients "difficult to make an appointment, boring process, and long waiting"; The "Hereditary Angioedema Standardized Diagnosis and Treatment Project" was launched, hoping to establish 100 hereditary angioedema diagnosis and treatment centers and form a diagnosis and treatment cooperation network by 2025, shorten the treatment path of patients with rare diseases, and improve the quality of life
    Wang Jia, head of ophthalmology, transplantation and central nervous system therapy at Novartis Innovative Drugs China, said that Novartis Innovative Drugs China will continue to strengthen dialogue and communication with China's medical ecosystem through the platform of CIIE, so as to provide more and better solutions
    for patients.
    Fundus disease is an important irreversible blinding eye disease
    "Fundus disease not only has greater damage to visual function, but also irreversible disease progression and requires long-term treatment
    If you cannot receive standardized diagnosis and treatment and delay the progression of the disease, eventually the patient will be visually impaired or even blind
    Professor Xu Xun, head of the fundus disease group of the Chinese Medical Association, said, "The long-term diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases puts forward requirements for the convenience of patient treatment and the efficient operation of ophthalmology departments, and only by continuously optimizing the medical service mode and process and improving efficiency can we achieve the best treatment effect"
    "Intravitreal injection" is one of the important treatment methods for ophthalmic diseases, and has become one of the most common intraocular operations in the world by directly hitting the drug directly into the vitreous cavity of
    the eye, so that the drug can reach the lesion as quickly as possible and achieve rapid and effective treatment effects.
    The "one-stop intravitreal injection base project" can greatly shorten and optimize the service process by reshaping multiple links such as appointment, examination and follow-up consultation through informatization, shortening the waiting time for patient injection from two weeks to half a day, and realizing drug
    injection within 24 hours.
    Professor Wei Wenbin, chairman of the Ophthalmology Committee of the China Day Surgery Alliance, told reporters that in the past, patients needed to consult, examine, inject medicine, and return to the hospital three or four times
    to receive fundus disease treatment.
    "Through this project, we hope to achieve morning outpatient and afternoon injections in most hospitals across the country, and complete
    the treatment from consultation to treatment within 24 hours.
    The project model is jointly led by the Fundus Group of the Chinese Medical Association and the Ophthalmology Committee of the China Day Surgery Alliance, and jointly initiated by Professor Li Xiaoxin, Dean of Xiamen Eye Center affiliated to Xiamen University, Professor Xu Xun, head of the Fundus Disease Group of the Chinese Medical Association, and Professor Wei Wenbin, Chairman of the Ophthalmology Committee of the China Day Surgery Alliance, as academic leaders, and plans to realize the operation of thousands of "one-stop vitreous injection bases" in China after 2-3 years of efforts, empowering more than 10,000 ophthalmic medical and nursing professionals.
    It has benefited more than one million patients with
    fundus disease.
    In fact, the day surgery model has become an important part of the comprehensive reform of public hospitals, and the one-stop intravitreal injection model has improved the efficiency of the use of medical resources, promoted the development of outpatient and day surgery, and further released valuable doctor resources
    Zhang Ying, President of Novartis Innovative Drugs China, hopes to bring a more convenient, high-quality and efficient diagnosis and treatment experience
    to patients with fundus diseases in China.
    Hereditary angioedema is a rare autosomal dominant disorder that is unpredictable in most patients, with high frequency and moderate to severe seizures; Edema in the larynx progresses rapidly, and if the rescue is not timely, it can lead to suffocation and death
    in 4.
    6 hours.
    The reporter learned that Takeda China and the China Alliance for Rare Diseases launched the "Hereditary Angioedema Standardized Diagnosis and Treatment Project"
    at this Expo.
    Guohong, Shan Guohong, Global Senior Vice President of Takeda Pharmaceutical and President of Takeda China, expressed his hope to actively unite all parties to empower key driving roles in the industry and gradually form a patient-centric innovation ecosystem for rare diseases that can operate autonomously, but also connect and promote each other
    Li Linkang, chairman of the China Alliance for Rare Diseases, told reporters: "Today, China's ability to diagnose and treat hereditary angioedema diseases is far better than in the past; It is expected that the Alliance for Rare Diseases and all sectors of society will jointly promote the 'Hereditary Angioedema Standardized Diagnosis and Treatment Project', so that every patient with hereditary angioedema can receive timely and accurate diagnosis and effective treatment
    At the Expo, the reporter saw the clinical decision support system (CDSS) led by Professor Zhi Yuxiang, chief physician of the Department of Allergy of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, which will open a new exploration
    of digital solutions in the clinical diagnosis of hereditary angioedema.
    "The CDSS system will quickly move from 'concept' to 'value', and patients with high-risk hereditary angioedema can be screened through data screening models in the clinic, reducing 'missed diagnosis', and then empowering clinicians to make diagnosis and treatment decisions
    " Professor Zhi Yuxiang said
    It is also understood that at last year's Expo, Takeda Pharmaceutical signed a contract with the China Rare Disease Alliance, the Beijing Society for Diagnosis, Treatment and Security of Rare Diseases, and the China Hemophilia Collaboration Group to carry out the "100% Pilot" hemophilia multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment capacity improvement project
    It is reported that since the launch of the project one year ago, more than 700 doctors and students have received training and counseling, which has promoted the construction of tertiary diagnosis and treatment of hemophilia in China and the improvement
    of diagnosis and treatment level.
    In addition, at this Expo, including a number of innovative drugs, the "rare coagulation innovative drug family", the upgraded version of the management tool that supports hemophilia pharmacokinetics (PK) guidance: myPKFiT3.
    0, and the innovative drug maribavir for post-transplant anti-CMV (cytomegalovirus) therapy were unveiled on the same stage, which also made people full of confidence in improving the quality of
    life of patients.
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