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    Patients with mild COVID-19 will have symptoms of "long-term COVID-19"

    • Last Update: 2021-07-28
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    Patients with mild new coronary disease will have "long-term new coronary" symptoms

    Patients with mild COVID-19 will have "long-term COVID-19" symptoms.
    Patients with mild COVID-19 will have "long-term COVID-19" symptoms.


    International war "epidemic" operation

    Science and Technology Daily, Beijing, June 24 (Reporter Zhang Mengran) A research analysis of patients with new coronary pneumonia published by the British "Nature Medicine" on the 24th found for the first time that more than half of young and middle-aged (16-30 years old) patients with mild illness who were isolated at home Six months after the initial infection, symptoms of long-lasting dyspnea, loss of taste and smell, fatigue or inattention, and memory loss appeared

    Long-term complications after recovery from new coronary pneumonia are common in severely ill hospitalized patients, but the burden of this "long COVID" (long COVID) on mild to moderate patients has not been fully understood

    At present, the reason for the emergence of the “long-term new crown” has not been clearly explained, but a study published this month believes that the inflammatory response caused by the new crown virus infection caused the reactivation of Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), which may be a “long-term new crown”.
    "The cause of the symptoms, this is the first study to link EBV reactivation with "long-term new crown" symptoms


    In order to assess the long-term symptoms of patients with mild new coronary disease, the research team at the University of Bergen in Norway followed up 312 patients, who accounted for 82% of the total cases of the first wave of the epidemic in Norway
    This group includes 247 home quarantine patients and 65 hospitalized patients, with a median age of 46 years and women accounting for 51%

    The subjects went to the clinic to see a doctor and record their symptoms every two months

    At 6 months, 61% of patients had persistent symptoms, and the symptoms were independently related to the severity of the initial illness

    61 (52%) young adults who were isolated at home still had symptoms at 6 months, including loss of taste and smell (28%), fatigue (21%), dyspnea (13%), and impaired cognitive function (13%) ) And memory loss (11%)


    Researchers worry that some young people who have not been hospitalized will continue to experience potentially serious symptoms for half a year after infection, and pointed out that the incidence of persistent fatigue in patients with new coronary pneumonia is very high, which seems to be higher than other common infections, such as flu, after recovery.
    Observed higher


    Considering that millions of young people have been infected in this unfinished epidemic, researchers believe that it is necessary to carry out comprehensive infection prevention and control, universal vaccination, and further study the symptom spectrum of mild infections

    Focus on the new crown pneumonia epidemic
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