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    Pharmaceutical companies are named again for sales with gold

    • Last Update: 2021-04-23
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    On April 16, the Heilongjiang Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection issued an investigation notice involving medical anti-corruption.

    The notification showed that Lin Zhiguo (non-CCP member), former vice president of the First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, was suspected of serious violations of the law and voluntarily surrendered.
    He is currently under supervision and investigation by the Daqing City Supervisory Committee.

    According to an article published by the Heilongjiang Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision on March 25, "Sealing the two ends, blocking the middle, weaving the anti-corruption prevention and control network in the field of medicine purchase and sale", a few days ago, a serious meeting on the clean purchase and sale of medical consumables was held in the office building of Harbin Medical University.
    The conference room was held.
    Representatives of 24 suppliers who participated in the conference solemnly signed the "Incorruption Commitment Letter", expressing their attitudes to "hold the bottom line and not touch the legal red line" and "pure innocent supplies and do things cleanly".
    In fact, four consecutive meetings have been held recently with leaders of the affiliated hospitals of Harbin Medical University, section directors, suppliers and bidding agents as the main body.

    It can be seen that in recent years, relevant departments have been stepping up efforts to advance medical anti-corruption work, and hospitals are also paying more and more attention to compliance.

    The problem of gold sales has attracted much attention

    The problem of gold sales has attracted much attention

    Recently, the Ministry of Finance and the National Medical Insurance Bureau announced the results of joint enforcement for the first time, officially reporting the results of accounting information quality inspections of pharmaceutical companies, and imposing administrative penalties on 19 pharmaceutical companies.

    Subsequently, on April 15, the website of the State Supervision Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection released the article "In-Depth Concern | Sword Refers to Pharmaceutical Companies with Gold Sales", focusing on the analysis of the results of this inspection.

    It is understood that the audit of pharmaceutical companies began two years ago.
    On June 4, 2019, the Ministry of Finance announced that it will join forces with the National Medical Insurance Administration to carry out the 2019 medical industry accounting information quality inspection work, involving 77 pharmaceutical companies.

    According to the requirements, the content of this inspection includes the pharmaceutical companies’ compliance with accounting laws and regulations, financial accounting systems, internal control regulations, etc.
    , as well as the authenticity of pharmaceutical companies’ expenses, costs, and revenues.
    Especially the authenticity of sales expenses, cost authenticity, income authenticity, sales rebates and other issues.
    At the same time, the inspection will extend the inspection of affiliated companies and related sales, agency, advertising, consulting and other institutions, and medical institutions will also be inspected when necessary.
    This means that inspections will center on these companies and radiate the entire pharmaceutical industry's production, circulation, and use links.

    According to the above article, Liu Feng, the second-level inspector of the Bureau of Supervision and Evaluation of the Ministry of Finance, summarized from three aspects: “After inspection, he found out the cause of the falsely high drug prices, and deterred the illegal behavior of pharmaceutical companies to sell money and drive up prices.
    The smooth progress of major reforms such as centralized drug procurement with volume.

    It can be seen that the problem of gold sales is the focus of this inspection.

    Recently, an article written by Ding Yilei, deputy director of the Medical Price and Bidding and Purchasing Department of the National Medical Security Administration, was published on Banner.
    The article "Constructing a New Pattern of Medical Price Governance", in which the reform of medical prices and bidding and procurement adheres to the market-led approach.
    The content mentioned, “We must be good at giving play to the role of the government, and through restructuring the system, we must eliminate unreasonable phenomena such as gold sales, local protection, lack of credit, bad money expelling good money and other unreasonable phenomena that hinder the functioning of the market.
    The price that matches the advantages of China's ultra-large-scale market".

    Judging from the current policy promotion and the work deployment of relevant departments, the issue of pharmaceutical companies' sales with money and commercial bribery has become the focus of multi-sectoral and multi-dimensional joint crackdowns.

    At present, in terms of drug recruitment, commercial bribery of pharmaceutical companies is also severely cracked down.
    On April 12, the Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Equipment Purchasing Center issued a notice on the evaluation results of medical prices and untrustworthy levels of recruitment and procurement.
    A certain pharmaceutical company had a large amount of commercial bribery in the sales of a product, and the level of untrustworthiness was assessed as "serious" and the province was suspended.
    Intranet trading.
    This is the first case of punishment in the country where the credit rating has reached a "serious" rating.
    In the future, the credit rating of a company will be directly linked to the procurement of drugs, which will have a direct deterrent effect on the problem of commercial bribery in the pharmaceutical field.

    Procurement with volume to further squeeze the "gray space"

    Procurement with volume to further squeeze the "gray space"

    In the previous CCTV news report, regarding the issue of price reductions in the country’s mass procurement, Ding Yilei, deputy director of the Drug Price and Recruitment Department of the National Medical Insurance Administration, said that in the past, there was still a certain amount of gray space in this link when drugs were used in hospitals at the terminal , Because the volume purchase is to guarantee the supply, the company can guarantee sales without the gray space, which is also the source of the room for price reduction.

    At the Medical Reform Summit Forum of the 3rd World Health Expo held recently, in response to the past problems in drug recruitment and procurement, Zhang Ming, head of the expert group of the Medical Price and Bidding and Procurement Guidance Center of the National Medical Insurance Administration, said: First, the decoupling of volume and price is common.
    It is difficult for the price of medicines to drop significantly if only the price is recruited without the quantity.
    The second is the uneven quality.
    The concentration of drug manufacturers is not high, the sales cost is large, the R&D investment is not much, and the quality of generic drugs is uneven.
    The third is insufficient competition, lower procurement levels, scattered power, and insufficient bargaining power.
    Fourth, there is a lack of coordination, inadequate connections in various aspects, and there are many false highs between the ex-factory price of medicines and the final price of entering the hospital.

    It is understandable that the "gray space" and "false heights" mentioned above have a lot to do with cash sales and drug rebates.

    With the advancement of national centralized procurement and local mass procurement, the "gray space" of pharmaceuticals has been continuously squeezed.
    At present, four batches of national centralized procurement have been completed, and the fifth batch of national centralized procurement has officially started to report.
    A new round of drug price reductions is about to strike.

    In the future, more and more varieties will be included in mass procurement.
    For pharmaceutical companies, the idea of ​​relying on marketing to prop up the market will not work.
    Companies must adjust their marketing models in accordance with policies and markets in order to usher in better development.
    And those pharmaceutical companies that are not compliant and have no sense of innovation will gradually be eliminated in the big waves.

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