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    Pharmaceutical companies start a wave of cooperation again, and take the lead in the big health track!

    • Last Update: 2022-08-10
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    [Pharmaceutical Network Industry News] Under the background of aggravating aging, continuous upgrading of residents' consumption level, continuous increase of disposable income, support of favorable policies, and continuous increase of capital, the scale of the big health industry will increase by an order of magnitu.
    In recent years, many pharmaceutical companies have actively deployed the big health industry by increasing investment in research and development and cooperation, and strived to get ahead of the tra.
    Recently, another batch of pharmaceutical companies has set off a wave of cooperati.
    China Resources Pharma & China Resources Sanjiu & Huali Pharma On May 6, China Resources Pharma, China Resources Sanjiu and Huali Pharma, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huali Group, signed a strategic cooperation agreement and a share transfer agreeme.
    According to the content of the agreement, the three parties will carry out comprehensive strategic cooperation in traditional Chinese medicine, big health industry and other related industries to jointly expand the global mark.
    According to reports, the signing of the contract will play a positive role in promoting the cooperation parties to improve the industrial layout, improve the efficiency of resource allocation, and enhance competitivene.
    Shanhe Yaofu & Kintor Pharmaceuticals & Junshi Bio-Shanhe Yaofu disclosed the minutes of the telephone exchange meeting on the evening of MayIn response to the company's new crown oral drug related projects, Shanhe Yaofu said that it is currently cooperating with the general public of the pioneering pharmaceutical indust.
    Klutamide and Junshi Bio are developing oral drugs, and 3-5 companies that have not yet entered the late clinical stage are also cooperating with the compa.
    Imperial Palace Chain & Gome Holdings A few days ago, Imperial Palace Chain under Imperial Palace officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Oiyo, a subsidiary of Gome Holdin.
    The two parties will rely on their respective advantageous resources to jointly develop the big health business online and offli.
    It is reported that Royal Bentang Chain has cooperated with Oiyo this time to empower its health sector, while also linking many businesses of Gome Group and the interconnection of the membership system, entering the fast lane of head resourc.
    Wohua Medicine & Jointown On May 9, Wohua Medicine signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Jointo.
    The two parties set an annual cooperation target of 100 million yuan in 2022 and an annual cooperation target of 300 million yuan within five yea.
    The cooperation content will carry out omni-channel cooperation in the whole range of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, orthopedics, women and children, e.
    Relying on the high-quality and comprehensive channel resources and service advantages of Jiuzhoutong, Wohua Medicine's brand good medicine will further reach medical treatment in more regio.
    market, covering blind spot areas and providing patients with more medication optio.
    It is reported that the strategic cooperation between the two parties has expanded from e-commerce cooperation to omni-channel cooperation, from multi-variety cooperation to full-variety cooperation, to achieve online and offline full-terminal cooperation, and will promote the brand of Wohua Medicine through the complementation and sharing of advantageous resourc.

    The expansion of Good Medicine in pharmaceutical chains, e-commerce, grade hospitals, primary medical care and other terminals, while enriching the product line layout in the chronic disease field of Jointown Group, stabilizes its leading position as a pharmaceutical distribution enterpri.

    China Resources Double Crane & Henan True Biotechnology Recently, China Resources Double Crane and Henan True Biotechnology announced the signing of a 10-year strategic cooperation agreeme.

    The two parties will expand cooperation in product development, production, distribution and various aspects and fields directly related to distributi.

    It is reported that the two parties have entered into a framework agreement on entrusted processi.

    Henan Zhenzhen Biotechnology owns the ownership of Azvudine tablets, applies for and obtains a drug registration certificate for the drug, and is the holder of a marketing licen.

    The right to release and se.

    Affected by this news, on May 9, China Resources Shuanghe opened the daily limit and closed at 316 yuan per share, with a total market value of 3464 billion yuan and over 640,000 orders on the daily lim.

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