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    【PPT sharing】Professor Ouyang Wen preoperative assessment and decision-making of elderly patients

    • Last Update: 2022-01-24
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    Authorized by Professor Ouyang Wen to share thanks to all the professors who have benefited a lot from their careful production Background: Aging makes the functional reserves of all organs gradually impaired, but individual differences are large.
    Peri-risk strategy: Improve inspection and adjustment treatment plan (including functional exercise and surgery plan) Focus: Understand that the limited functional reserve of organs makes the fragile balance of the elderly easily disrupted by negative effects such as anesthesia and surgery, and form a dynamic comprehensive balance view at work ( The advantages of anesthesiologists in perioperative management) elderly patients should be based on ASA grading, metabolic equivalent level, nutritional status, suspected difficult airway, history of systemic diseases, physical examination and related auxiliary examinations, allergy history, and medication history before surgery.
    (including anticoagulant drugs, etc.
    ), previous surgical history and planned surgery, etc.
    to evaluate the patient, in order to fully grasp the patient's physical status


    When necessary, appropriate multidisciplinary experts were invited to participate in the discussion of the timing and plan of the operation and the corresponding preoperative preparations

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