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    Precancer polyps can be found without colonoscopy Non-invasive testing identified by FDA

    • Last Update: 2020-06-08
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    CRC is the third most common type of cancer in the United States and the second leading cause of cancer deathMore than 137,000 new patients are sicker each year, and 56,000 die as a resultAlthough colonoscopy is the gold standard for early detection of precancerous lesions, two-thirds of Americans do not follow screening guidelines because of the intrusive nature of the tests, and 60 percent of CRC patients are not detected until laterIt is estimated that broader CRC screening could save 18,800 lives a year in the United StatesHowever, non-invasive tests currently on the market are mainly for CRC, which already has cancerous tissue, rather than precancerous lesionsColonoscopy remains the primary detection of CRCLifeKit Prevent testing uses the company's proprietary 16S rRNA MultiTagDx screening technology to identify microbial DNA and RNA biomarkers associated with lower digestive tract tumorsIt uses non-invasive means to obtain samples from feces for analysisIf the test results are positive, the presence of rectal adenoma or CRC is indicated, followed by a diagnostic colonoscopy and polyps ectomyprevious clinical studieshave shown that LifeKit Prevention may be more accessible to patients and medical personnel than current CRC diagnosticsBased on the current results, LifeKit Prevention has high accuracy in colon cancer detection and, more importantly, in the detection of precancerous lesions that have not been detected in existing non-invasive testing methodsPositive test results from LifeKit Prevention can prompt high-risk patients who do not want to undergo colonoscopy to remove precancerous adenomas to prevent further development of cancer and reduce THE incidence and mortality of CRC"We are pleased to have this LifeKit Prevention test, a non-invasive diagnostic test that not only helps detect colorectal cancer, but also helps identify patients at risk of late adenoma." By identifying people at risk of precancerous lesions, we can stop and save lives before tissue cancer," said DrKeri Donaldson, CEO of Prescient Medicine HoldingsThis FDA finding confirms the uniqueness of our technology and the potential benefits our tests may offer to an increasing number of CRC patientsReferences: , FDA Grants DiscoverY Device To The Prescient Metabiomics LifeKit® Prevent Test for The Early Of Colon Polyps and Colon Cancer, Retrieved September 04, 2019, https://
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