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    Puyang plans to build 1495 village health rooms in 3 years Villagers look forward to more female doctors

    • Last Update: 2020-05-12
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    Wang Youhai, head of the health room in Xinglong Village,

    City, is checking the infusion situation for the villagers Correspondent Zhu Juzheng Wang Weixuan original title: in the next 3 years, the city's 1495 village health rooms to be relocated, rebuilt or remodeled, and promote the immediate settlement of new agricultural joint farmers so that farmers do not seek to see a doctor far away because of the city hospital equipment, good environment, doctors, many rural residents like to see the doctor near the distance

    The newly released "Three-Year Action Plan for Improving People's Livelihood" proposes that in the next three years, 1,495 village health rooms in the city will be relocated, rebuilt or remodeled, so that all village health rooms in the city can meet the "five" standard, farmers can get the same basic public health services and urban people and safe, effective, convenient and inexpensive basic medical services

    Visit to the health room to see a doctor convenient and cheap July 11, The village of Xinglong village in the town of Niushou, Weicheng, Shi Minggang, came to Xinglong Village Health Room infusion

    Shi Minggang, 65, just a few days ago in the town health hospital to complete gallbladder stone surgery, 10, he returned to the village health room infusion anti-inflammatory, so that more convenient for him to go home to raise his body

    Reporters in Shi Minggang's infusion prescription list to see, 5 drugs and syringes together, a total of 13.9 yuan

    Because of participating in the new agricultural joint, the same day, his infusion expenses outpatient reimbursement of 8.4 yuan, his personal expenses only 5.5 yuan

    Shi Minggang told reporters, and compared with the past, people to see a doctor is much more convenient, even if the operation, the condition is stable can return to the village for rehabilitation treatment, and the cost is reimbursed for most of the big, this is really a happy good thing

    Li Shoutang, a 73-year-old villager, said he had been a regular visitor to the village's health room because of his age and suffering from various diseases such as emphysema and coronary heart disease

    Since the country fully implemented the new agricultural policy, and the abolition of primary medical institutions drug increase, the cost of his own expenses to see a doctor has been greatly reduced

    Take a cold as an example, now a cold infusion, than in the past about 10 yuan cheaper

    In addition, he took a variety of chronic drugs year-round, the cost has been reduced, a year to save the cost of medicine, enough to live for several months

    Expect the village health room more female doctors in fact, Xinglong village health room is only a microcosm of the changes in the city's primary health care institutions, Shi Minggang and Li Shoutang is only two of the countless beneficiaries

    At present, the city has a total of 2450 village health rooms, village health room services to achieve full coverage, especially rural medical and health institutions have eliminated the dangerous housing, farmers access to the environment and conditions continue to improve

    In the interview, the reporter learned that, with the implementation of medical reform, in recent years, the city's rural health care service network has become more and more complete, the masses feel that now more and more convenient to see a doctor, the cost is also cheaper than in the past

    But some people put forward a lot of expectations and suggestions for the future village health room

    Xinglong village resident Wang Shifu said that now the rural health room of rural doctors generally older, service capacity is not high, hope to strengthen the existing professional and technical training of doctors, at the same time, the introduction of more skilled personnel to the grass-roots work


    Li, a 31-year-old resident of Bi Temple Village in Wolong Town, said that most of the village health rooms are male doctors and hope to have a female doctor in the future, so that it is more convenient to see a doctor and check-up

    Promised that each village at least one health room city health and family planning committee of the primary health and maternal and child health services section chief Yang Yuru introduced, in the next three years, the village health room construction adhere to the first planning, after the construction principle

    In principle, each administrative village has a village health room

    In the village health room construction, strict implementation of the project legal person responsibility system, bidding system, project supervision system, contract management system, good planning and design, building materials, construction and other aspects of quality, resolutely put an end to the "tofu slag" project

    In addition, will further improve the rural medical institutions diagnosis and treatment environment, village health room business room area requirements reached 80 to 120 square meters, must be set up diagnostic room, treatment room, observation room, public health room, pharmacy and other "four rooms one room", with 29 kinds of commonly used equipment

    All localities will also integrate village health rooms into the information construction and management scope of primary health care institutions, ensure that the village health room information system network by the end of 2015, and promote the integration of information integration in key work such as the immediate settlement of new agricultural joint agriculture, the use of basic drugs, and performance appraisal management

    At the same time, increase the introduction and training of rural doctors, for the village medical team to inject new vitality to meet the new medical reform and grass-roots people's new requirements for public health work

    Target 1495 village health rooms to achieve "five" by the end of 2016, the city's 1115 private homes set up with village doctors and the construction of 380 village health rooms to be relocated, rebuilt or remodeled, so that all village health rooms in the city to achieve property rights public ownership, construction standardization, management standardization, operation of information and management integration "five" standards, basic ally ingested to meet the needs of the masses of public health care and public health services

    In 2014, 602 new or expanded village health rooms were built or expanded, including 49 in Nanxian County, 54 in Baokang County, 99 in Gucheng County, 60 in Yicheng, 90 in Fuyang City, 50 in Laohekou City, 56 in Luzhou District, 65 in The City of Luzhou, 50 in The City, 14 in the high-tech district and 15 in Dongjin New Area

    In 2015, 487 new or expanded village health rooms were built or expanded, including 45 in Nanxian County, 54 in Baokang County, 78 in Gucheng County, 30 in Yicheng, 68 in Fuyang City, 50 in Laohekou City, 54 in Luzhou District, 45 in Lucheng City, 39 in Lucheng City, 12 in high-tech areas and 12 in Dongjin New Area

    In 2016, 406 new or expanded village health rooms were built or expanded, including 45 in Nanxian County, 53 in Baokang County, 70 in Gucheng County, 20 in Yicheng, 75 in Fuyang City, 59 in Laohekou City, 50 in Luzhou District, 23 in The City of Lucheng and 11 in Dongjin New Area.

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