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    Quality efficiency, fluorocarbon coating crack photovoltaic back plate crisis

    • Last Update: 2020-12-26
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    Under the impetus of industrial adjustment and upgrading and national good policy, the photovoltaic industry has ushered in the development of technological innovation and market competition, and China has become the world's largest producer of photovoltaic modules. As one of the most representative products in the field of photovoltaics, photovoltaic backplate is an indispensable auxiliary material in the photovoltaic industry chain. It protects solar modules from the environmental factors such as light, humidity and heat in the outdoor environment, and plays an important role in insulation, weather resistance, protection and support, and plays an important role in promoting the development of new energy sources.(See all pictures of China Paint Online News)
    photovoltaic back plate as a direct contact with the outside natural environment large area of packaging materials, its performance directly determines the performance and service life of photovoltaic modules, so photovoltaic modules on the back plate thickness, anti-spread strength, fracture elongation, shrinkage, inter-layer adhesion, and
    bonding strength and other performance indicators have high requirements.
    In recent years, under the pressure of the market environment to reduce the cost of open source and cut costs, some unverified back panel materials have been used on solar modules, resulting in large-scale failures of components that use these back panels only a few years after working outdoors, leaving component manufacturers facing huge claims and power plant developers suffering losses. It can be seen that from the source of the back plate material, for reducing the risk of outdoor failure of components, improve the yield of power station is of great significance.
    Jiangsu Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional production of solar cell back panel materials of science and technology enterprises, its products are widely used in aerospace, solar photovoltaics, decorative building materials and other fields. The company hopes to develop a photovoltaic back plate fluorocarbon coating to improve the quality and performance of enterprise products and enhance market competitiveness.
    because the photovoltaic cell back plate needs to have many excellent characteristics, most of its raw materials are well-insulated
    subfilm and barrier, excellent weather resistance of fluorine-containing materials, of which
    base film mainly provides insulation and electrical properties, but poor weather resistance, the need for fluorine-containing materials to provide additional weathering, rowing, corrosion resistance and other properties.(See all images online of China Paints)
    The company found
    , a Chinese-made technology service platform,
    ) through an
    online search to find a solution to its needs. After obtaining the company's specific needs, feitian wisdom platform technical person in charge said: "From the material performance, fluorine-containing materials due to the large electronex negative fluorine element, the bond between the fluorocarbon bonds is very strong, coupled with fluorine-containing material structure of the molecular arrangement is tight, rigid, smooth, these characteristics make fluorine materials show excellent weather, heat, temperature and chemical resistance, etc., to meet the requirements of long-term outdoor use of photovoltaic modules." And we happen to have a professional supply side for this material.
    Immediately, Feitian Zhi platform found a platform for a platform supply Shanghai Technology Co., Ltd., the company is committed to special materials, fluorocarbon nano-impermeable coating series, building waterproofing and other materials development and research of high-tech enterprises, technical research strength, its "fluorocarbon" products have been widely used in aerospace, military and civil and other fields.(see all the pictures on China Paints Online)
    Under the help of feitian wisdom, the supply and demand sides have carried out a number of offline exchanges and contacts. In the end, the two sides reached a cooperation. After several test adjustments, finally meet the demand side of the demand. Through many performance evaluations of the product, it is learned that the coating, especially for wet and hot environment, thermal impact, aging, local discharge and other weather-resistant tests, the test results have reached or exceeded the
    standard requirements, can determine the service life of more than
    years, and at the same time meet the expected technical and economic indicators.
    photovoltaic back plate is an important sub-sector of the photovoltaic industry, with the progress of technology, the national environmental protection policy tightening and corporate environmental responsibility awareness is increasing, the requirements of back plate materials will continue to improve. In the future, in addition to efficiency and reliability, environmentally friendly materials will become increasingly important.
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