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    Real World Data inc. raises $30 million

    • Last Update: 2021-03-02
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    , Syapse, which specializes in precision medicine, announced the completion of a $30 million financing to accelerate the creation and use of real-world evidence (RWE) in oncology. The company has been listed as the world's most innovative company in 2018 by Fast Company, an internationally renowned business media outlet.

    Genomic testing has become an integral part of cancer care. But to develop a treatment plan, doctors often have to look carefully at data on similar cases first. In smaller facilities, or in patients with rare cancers, many doctors need to search outside their own hospital systems in order to find similar cases. By integrating previously fragmented clinical, molecular, therapeutic and therapeutic data, Syapse can help doctors find similar cases and choose the most appropriate personalized precision medicine treatment for patients.

    Syapse's data-sharing network brings together RWE from multiple hospital systems, including molecular sequencing data such as anonymous electronic medical records, pathology reports and DNA. Its portfolio provides insights from real-world data, as well as support for research and product development, clinical trial patient matching, real-world data regulatory documentation, and monitoring of commercially approved products. Today, Syapse has established one of the world's largest data provider-driven precision medicine data health learning networks. The company's partners include well-known medical institutions such as Seoul National University Hospital, with the goal of achieving optimal individual care for cancer patients everywhere and on any income.

    Last August, Syapse signed a multi-year research collaboration agreement with the FDA's Center of Excellence in Oncology (OCE), focusing on the use of RWE to support regulatory decision-making. Syapse and OCE will work with fda departments to address key regulatory issues related to testing and treatment models, dosages, safety, and oncology efficacy. Last May, the company teamed up with Amjin to find insights to support the development of cancer drugs by mining real-world data.

    "We are extremely proud of the partnership we have built and thank these outstanding investors in the industry for their support," said Ken Tarkoff, ceo of Syapse. They share our vision of harnessing the power of real-world data to accelerate the development and delivery of therapies. " (

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