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Recommendations for cheese intake for different populations

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The "Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents (2022 Edition)" recommends that adults with daily energy consumption between 1600-2400 kcal should consume 300 grams of liquid milk or equivalent dairy products
per day.
As a fermented dairy product, cheese can be eaten with confidence by people who are lactose intolerant; Overweight and obese people and "three high" people need to properly control cheese intake and try to choose low-sugar, low-fat, reduced-salt cheese

For preschool children (2 to 5 years of age), guidelines recommend 350 to 500 ml of liquid milk or an equivalent amount of dairy products per day to meet calcium requirements
It is recommended to choose liquid milk, yogurt, cheese and other dairy products
without added sugar.
Young children have limited chewing and digestion and can choose fresh soft cheese or cheese sticks for breakfast and snacks

For school-age children (6-17 years of age), the guidelines recommend that dairy products be an integral part of the daily diet, ensuring a daily intake of 300 ml of liquid milk or an equivalent amount of dairy products
Cheese can be supplemented in an appropriate amount at breakfast or between classes to meet the needs of normal intellectual and physical development; For children with dyslipidemia, abnormal blood sugar, overweight or obesity, cheese intake should be appropriate, and low-sodium, low-fat cheese
should be selected as much as possible.

For older adults, guidelines recommend a daily intake of 300-400 ml of fresh milk or an equivalent amount of dairy products
In the elderly with malnutrition, muscle decay and inadequate calcium intake, cheese can be one of the main dairy products; Elderly people with chronic diseases should choose low-fat cheese
Elderly people with micronutrient deficiencies can choose the appropriate fortified cheese
according to their own situation.


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