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    Refinement of medical insurance services to enhance people's sense of gain

    • Last Update: 2022-11-14
    • Source: Internet
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    Medical insurance departments across the country actively open up various payment channels, and urban and rural residents can pay offline at bank business outlets, or pay online through local tax mini programs, Alipay citizen center social security payments, bank APP
    , etc.
    For the elderly and people with limited mobility, local medical insurance departments also carry out door-to-door payment services
    Only when people pay medical insurance premiums can they enjoy real medical security treatment
    when diseases occur.
    Xiao Xu, a 23-year-old villager in Zhao Village, Si'an Town, Changxing County, Zhejiang Province, spent more than 300,000 yuan on medical expenses
    last year after suffering an injury outside of business, causing spinal cord injury.
    After the disease occurred, local village cadres and medical insurance departments visited his door many times to handle various medical insurance services
    such as serious illness insurance and policy-based commercial insurance for him.
    With the support of various comprehensive protection policies, medical insurance reimbursed nearly 220,000 yuan
    Right now, village officials in Dongcun Village, Si'an Township, Changxing County, are teaching villagers to inquire about their medical services through their mobile phones, and also helping villagers open electronic medical insurance cards
    A few years ago, villager Zou Xinfei underwent a kidney transplant, and now he has to do the corresponding adjuvant treatment
    every month.
    Nowadays, Zou Xinfei only needs to bring his mobile phone to complete medical and medical insurance services
    such as medical treatment and reimbursement.
    The report points out that it is necessary to constantly put forward new concepts, ideas, and new methods
    for solving problems around the problems that the masses of the people are anxious about.
    The National Medical Insurance Administration requires all localities, in the process of improving and optimizing medical insurance services, to attach importance to giving play to the "intelligent" role of modern scientific and technological means, but also to give play to the subjective active role of "medical insurers", and to provide intimate and heart-warming services
    for the insured.
    The higher the quality of medical insurance development, the more satisfactory the people's sense of gain, the more solid their sense of happiness, and the more reliable
    their sense of security.
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