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    Renal transparent cell carcinoma immune escape "culprit" identified

    • Last Update: 2021-02-23
    • Source: Internet
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    The immune "escape" schematic of renal transparent cell carcinoma
    of Fudan University School of Basic Medicine, introduced that adult renal malignancies are rich in pathology, but renal transparent cell carcinoma is the most common, accounting for 75%. The early stage of the disease is often hidden very deep, until the appearance of painless blood urine and accompanied by low back pain, lumps, systemic fatigue and other symptoms before the appearance of its face, because it is not sensitive to chemotherapy, so the prognosis is very poor.
    Xu Jiejie said that immunotherapy has become an important means of treating advanced tumors, but studies show that only 40% of patients are sensitive to immunotherapy response, what is the reason for insensitivity to most patients?
    In this study, the team found that CD8 protein-positive T-cells, as the "pioneer" and "main force" of tumor-killing, play an important positive role in the elimination of tumors, and that highly immersive CD8-positive T-cells often indicate a good outcome for the patient's survival. But the team found that, unlike most solid tumors, CD8 protein-positive T-cells in renal transparent cell tumors were highly immersed but could not distinguish between prognosis and even poor prognosis in patients. Is it the "renegade" of the CD8 protein-positive T cells that have been soaked?
    In order to delve into this issue, the researchers focused on the nephrotic transparent cell tumor immune microenn environment, focusing on the specific esoteric characteristics of internally immersed CD8 protein-positive T cells and their link to the overall microencular immunospectral offset.
    researchers found that some of the CD8 protein-positive T-cells immersed in the original renal transparent cell tumors will appear CXCL13 protein this trending factor, if the CXCL13 protein and CD8 protein double-positive T cells this subset of high expression, will make "immune brake (escape)," that is, this group of "traitors" high immersion foreshadows a worse prognosis. Later, the research team studied the nephrocent cell tumor microenencular immunospectral spectrum by combination of immunogroupization, flow detection, bio-letter analysis, etc., and found that the "double positive" of CXCL13 protein and CD8 protein T cells was related to the overall immunologic microenceptive environment of tumors that tended to "surrender". A variety of "renegade" immune cells that promote tumor progression are "smelly" with CXCL13 protein and CD8 protein double-positive T cells. CXCL13, CD8 protein double-positive T cells are likely to be the product of this immunosuppressive microenceptive environment, and the components within the microenceptive interact and link.
    study provided a new direction for improved prognostic prediction models and individualized options for immunotherapy in patients with renal transparent cell carcinoma. Xu Jiejie said, however, in the process of triggering renal transparent cell carcinoma immune escape, the specific cells, factors and pathlines play a key role, how to combine immunotherapy to enable CXCL13 protein and CD8 protein double-positive T cells to re-perform the "responsibility" of anti-tumor immune response, is still under further exploration. (Source: Huang Xin Sun Guogen, China Science Journal)
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