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    Renovation Note: What are the details of waterproof paint construction?

    • Last Update: 2020-11-30
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    Renovation on a lot of cats tired, there may be people will not find for a lifetime, there may be people can not too long to appreciate the quality of decoration but off, so encountered unscrupulous decoration of the business, really want to cry without tears. Especially waterproof homewear, if you hold a lucky mentality casually fooled, then the next is endless trouble.
    small editor summarized the home waterproofing needs to pay attention to several aspects of the work, for your reference to
    1, pay attention to the treatment of the grass-roots, that is, the pre-treatment of the concrete wall floor

    2, trench groove grooves to be sealed strictly
    especially the pipeline grooves, flues reserved for the placement of toiletries area, according to the above-mentioned methods to clean up after wetting with water, with the leak king repair after painting waterproof paint.
    third, pipe root, ground leakage slot treatment and strengthen treatment
    Yin and Yang angle, pipe root, ground leakage brush waterproof, these node parts must be strengthened to deal with. The specific method is: pipe root, ground leakage steel brazing groove, and with the leakage king seal tight, maintenance. Then in the treatment of waterproof paint and non-wovens, the use of "one cloth three coating" method, repeated brushing, so as to completely close the effect of a leakage site.
    4, large-face painting do not
    do, fast, save" followed by a large area of brushing, first wall and then the ground, painting 2 to 3 times, the former and the second crisscrossed. It should be pointed out that we must wait for the first waterproof surface dry before brushing the second time, the interval depends on the temperature and humidity of the day, the general summer 2 hours, winter time is slightly longer.
    , threshold stone waterproof can not forget
    the entire bathroom after painting, remember there is a place not to forget, is the threshold stone.
    threshold stone waterproof specific practices: clean water wet, plug leakage king fill, dry solid brush waterproof, extended to the outer wall with about 30cm each, high 30cm, waterproof layer dry solidified, laying threshold stone.
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