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    Research and development daily Johnson and Johnson new crown vaccine animal test results excellent Colen Ostavey newspaper listed.

    • Last Update: 2020-08-26
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    2020.07.31 Research and Development NEWS: BI/Lilly Engele net reaches Phase 3 clinical endpoint; Johnson and Johnson Stelara is FDA approved for use in children with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis; Gene Tektecentriq combination therapy approved for extended adaptation; Yangzijiang "phosphate ostavir particles" to initiate BE trials... We focus on the latest developments in pharmaceutical research and development, to provide research and development personnel with timely and accurate information reference.
    (click on the title, can read the original version) "Drug Research and Development" Johnson and Johnson new crown vaccine animal experimental results excellent today, Johnson and Johnson announced that the company's development of the main new coronary virus vaccine in preclinical research achieved positive results.
    BI/Lilly Engele net reached phase 3 clinical endpoint Today, Burglinger Ingelheim and Lilly jointly announced that the jointly developed SGLT2 inhibitor Engele net reached the primary endpoint in a Phase 3 clinical trial for adults with reduced shot failure.
    Johnson and Johnson EGFR-MET Double Anti-Registration Launched Phase III Clinical Study of First-Line Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Phase III, Johnson and Johnson registered Amivantamab (EGFR-MET Biathal) on the website for the first-line treatment of local late-stage or metastatic non-small cell lung cancer with Lazertinib.
    Yangzijiang "Phosphate Ostawe particles" launched BE test 31, Insight database shows that Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical Group Beijing Haiyan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. launched "Phosphate Ostawe particles" bioethicity test, the specification of 25mg.
    (Drug Approval) Johnson and Johnson Stelara was approved by the FDA for use in children with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis 30, Johnson and Johnson's Xi'an Jansen announced that the U.S. FDA has approved its anti-inflammatory drug Stelara for use in children with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis (6-11 years old).
    the FDA's priority review of the application for the treatment of triple-negative breast cancer in Mercerton, Mersadon announced that two new applications for a license to supplemental biological products against PD-1 monotherapy Keytruda had been accepted by the FDA.
    is an application to accelerate the approval of Keytruda combined chemotherapy for the treatment of patients with tumor expression PD-L1 with local recurrence that is non-excisible or metastatic tri-negative breast cancer (TNBC).
    tuesday about Keytruda's combination chemotherapy as a new complementary treatment for high-risk early-stage TNBC patients, followed by a single drug as a complementary treatment after surgery.
    Gene Tektronum Tecentriq combination therapy approved to extend the adaptive Roche gene Tektronits announced today that the FDA has approved its heavyweight PD-L1 inhibitor Tecentriq, in combination with MEK inhibitor Cotellic and BRAF inhibitor Zelboraf, for first-line treatment in patients with advanced melanoma with braF V600 mutations.
    Takeda "first-in-class" NAE inhibitors were identified by the FDA breakthrough therapy Takeda today, the FDA awarded it the drug pevonedistat breakthrough therapy identified for the treatment of high-risk bone marrow growth abnormal syndrome patients.
    The first-in-class" therapy was approved clinically in China for the first time on the 30th, the NMPA Drug Review Center's latest announcement, Youssebi's class 1 new drug rozanolixizumab injections obtained clinical trials implied approval to develop on-demand treatment for patients with generalized severe muscle weakness who develop moderate to severe symptoms and require additional treatment.
    31st CDE official website data show that Colleen Pharmaceuticals phosphate Ostawe capsule 4 imitation listing application was undertaken.
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