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    Research hotspots on turmeric and curcubin

    • Last Update: 2021-02-08
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    Ginger's antioxidant and anti-inflammatory health benefits have made it a star.
    , according to the Austin (U.S. Botany
    ). Austin
    ) annual
    U.S. Herbal Dietary Supplements Sales Report, turmeric as a natural and healthy food ingredient in
    as the number one selling herbal ingredient, with a single ingredient growing by more than
    percent. Let's take a look
    latest health findings on the efficacy of turmeric and curcub extracts
    the world.Exercise Recoveryresearchers at the University of North Texas report that curcutin, its anti-inflammatory effect, can help muscle recovery after exercise and reduce inflammatory markers after exercise in adult subjects.healthy skinItaly: Curculin has been found to enhance the effects of local steroids, can improve psoriasis.A recent study by the U.S. National Cancer Institute showed an improved effect on radiation-induced dermatitis curculin;Brain Health Alzheimer's disease, early data show that curculin can help promote the elimination of amyloid plaque from the brain.cancercancer is a symptom of severe inflammation. For this reason, researchers are increasingly considering the potential of curcutin to support cancer treatment.project is exploring the safety of curcubin extracts for cancer patients, the potential coordination between curcub and chemotherapy drugs, and early data suggest that curculin may have an impact on tumor growth.recenthave shown that curcumin and curcumin extracts have antibacterial effects on pathogens. In these studies, the infection and growth of bacteria in food has been an antibacterial agent, curcutin can be used in vegetables, meat, feed additives. Turmeric is not yet a commonly used antibacterial agent, but it has been approved in the United States and the European Union as a food additive for coloring purposes.Recent studies byhave shown that the antibacterial quality of turmeric can be applied to oral care., for example, researchers are exploring the use of curcubin's anti-inflammatory properties to develop turmeric mouthwash, which may help relieve chemotherapy-related mucositis. is currently on the market based on turmeric, oral care is limited, can develop more mouthwash and toothpaste products, increase the popularity of the use of turmeric. Bioavailableness manufacturers need to remember that not all turmeric extracts are the same, each turmeric supplier provides turmeric bio-utilization, nutritional content is not different, should be based on its advantages and disadvantages, decided to buy and use. trend of curcucuin products scientific research has a new understanding of curcucutin. In the past, turmeric was sold only as an independent spice, but now more and more manufacturers are using turmeric and extracts, the market for dietary supplements has been established, and beverage products have been introduced. trend, turmeric and extracts as ingredients used in a combination of intestinal health ingredients, as well as fish oil and curculin soft gel products. ingredients
    's ginger next? , which last year defined turmeric as one of the most important superfoods of
    , now appears to have been widely used in various categories around the world, and its anti-inflammatory function continues to receive attention. This
    "super spice" ingredient excels in the Asian market. Turmeric has grown strongly in the Asian market in recent years. According to

    , the number of food and beverage products containing turmeric
    doubled between 2012 and
    2015. addition to adding spicy and natural yellows to the food, turmeric is also used in new categories such as fruit juice drinks and hot drinks.
    ColdJuice Company
    's nourishing cold juices in Indonesia are made from apples, peppers, cucumbers, lemons and turmeric juices;
    's white tea turmeric drinks in Thailand are free of artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. addition, turmeric in addition to the anti-inflammatory effect is very famous, but also conducive to human recovery after exercise, access to sports drinks and health care products.
    brand launched in Thailand earlier this year, the three-in-one energy drink contains curcumin from natural curcumin, vitamin
    and vitamin
    to maximize the use of turmeric as an ingredient. also has some claims that health benefits are consistent with health problems in older people, so there is considerable potential for use in health products aimed at a growing older population. For example, the
    brand's turmeric
    composite health care product in New Zealand claims to relieve fatigue and joint stiffness, improve gastrointestinal function and increase absorption capacity by
    times. popularity of turmeric foods and beverages will make more consumers aware of the spice ingredient, which may also encourage people to look for turmeric health products.
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