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    Results of the WHO avian influenza mission back to Beijing and Anhui epidemic focus to be announced

    • Last Update: 2008-11-03
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    Introduction: yesterday morning, a team of nine experts from the World Health Organization and the Ministry of health left Anhui after a three-day avian influenza investigation On the afternoon of the 30th, the investigation team fed back the results of the investigation to the Department of health of Anhui Province, and highly appraised the prevention and control work of Anhui Province However, the head of the Information Office of the Department of health of Anhui Province told the first financial daily, "it's not clear whether there is any new discovery in the focus of the two cases of bird flu in Zongyang and Xiuning." In November, two human cases of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) occurred in Anhui Province, which attracted the attention of the Ministry of health and the World Health Organization Experts from the Ministry of health and the World Health visited Anhui Province, including epidemiologists, laboratory experts, animal experts, clinical experts, etc After listening to the special report of the Provincial Department of health on the prevention and control of human avian influenza, the investigation team was divided into two groups to visit Tongling, Zongyang and Xiuning on the spot, have a discussion with the staff of the local hospital and the CDC, and visit the two natural villages where the cases occurred on the spot Li Qianji, the head of the investigation team and epidemiologist of the WHO representative office in China, believes that: Anhui provincial governments at all levels attach great importance to the prevention and control of human avian influenza, establish a very powerful command center, and work closely with multiple departments to do a lot of work in the prevention and control of human avian influenza; in complex situations, the health sector, through a sound monitoring system, has no In the case of animal avian influenza, cases of human infection with avian influenza were found in the shortest time, indicating the high alertness and quality of medical staff; after cases of unexplained pneumonia were found, the Provincial Department of Health reported them to the Ministry of health in the first time, striving for valuable time for prevention and control; the Anhui Provincial Center for disease prevention and control obtained accurate inspection in a very short time The results were confirmed by the reference laboratory of the National Center for Disease Control and prevention, indicating that the relevant laboratories in Anhui Province have a strong ability.
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