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    Russian expert: Coronavirus is not a virus that can be embedded in the human genome

    • Last Update: 2021-07-30
    • Source: Internet
    • Author: User
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    Recently, Alexander Semenov, acting director of the Yekaterinburg branch of the "Vector" National Science Center for Virology and Biotechnology, affiliated to the Russian Consumer Rights Protection and Public Welfare Supervision Agency, said that unlike HIV or hepatitis B virus, coronaviruses are not considered safe.
    A virus embedded in the human genome

    Coronavirus is constantly mutating, which is the law of natural selection


    Semenov said that the new crown virus belongs to the coronavirus family and does not have the necessary structure to integrate with the human genome and artificially interfere with it
    There are indeed viruses that can be inserted into the human genome in nature, such as HIV, hepatitis B virus, and various tumor viruses that scientists have already carried out research

    But the coronavirus family cannot be embedded in the genome at all.
    They have no genes encoding proteins to cut human DNA and insert viruses into chromosomes


    Semenov believes that the coronavirus is constantly mutating, and the mutation process is developing in the direction of increasing infectivity.
    Each mutated strain is more infectious and aggressive than the previous ones.
    This is the law of natural selection

    For example, the delta mutant strain that caused the third wave of the epidemic is obviously more infectious than the original new coronavirus strain, the alpha mutant strain first discovered in the UK, and the beta mutant strain first discovered in South Africa, and it has spread to the world.
    Locally, it replaced other mutant strains of the new coronavirus


    Many experts in the world also believe that the characteristics of Delta are significantly different from other mutant strains.
    From the point of infection, it is developing in a "worse" direction

    Semenov said that due to some mutations in the Delta virus genome, it is more suitable for penetrating human cells, multiplying faster, attacking more tissues, including lung tissue, and being infectious to young people

    Patients infected by Delta virus have symptoms that are more like acute respiratory virus infections, runny nose, sore throat, coughing and sneezing

    Because it penetrates the epithelial cells of the larynx faster into the lungs, the clinical development of pneumonia is faster


    The incubation period of the new coronavirus is 7-11 days, while the delta mutant virus only needs 3-5 days
    All these symptoms also indicate that the new coronavirus comes from nature like the flu


    Semenov is a well-known Russian virologist.
    He used to be the deputy director of the St.
    Petersburg Pasteur Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology.
    This year he was transferred to the deputy director of the Yekaterinburg branch of the National Science Center for "Vector" Virology and Biotechnology

    Since the start of the global new crown epidemic, he has been introducing the situation and related issues of the new crown virus from a scientific point of view


    The Russian National Science Center for "Vector" Virology and Biotechnology is a world-renowned virology research institution.
    It was the first to develop a new coronavirus test agent in Russia in March 2020, and in November it developed Russia’s second new coronavirus vaccine EpiVacCorona, the vaccine It is a synthetic vaccine that has been used for large-scale vaccination in Russia

    The center is currently developing a nasal spray new crown vaccine

    (Reporter Dong Yingbi)

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