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    [Science Sub-Journal] A cheap oral drug-arginine, can enhance the effect of cancer radiotherapy?

    • Last Update: 2021-11-14
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    Author: Ashley Guide: A recent study reported the prognosis of 31 patients with brain metastases given arginine before standard radiotherapy.
    During the 4-year follow-up period, nearly 78% Patients with brain tumors experience complete or partial remission

    Evidence from this study and previous studies also shows that arginine can not only directly hinder tumor cells, but also enhance the activity of anti-tumor immune cells

    A proof-of-concept, randomized clinical trial conducted by researchers at Cornell University Medical Research Institute and Angel H.
    Roffo Cancer Institute showed that treatment with arginine (an amino acid building block of protein) can enhance patients with cancer brain metastases The effectiveness of radiotherapy

    Published on November 5 in "Science Advances", the study titled: "The metabolic adaptation evoked by arginine enhances the effect of radiation in brain metastases" reported 31 patients with brain metastases given arginine before standard radiotherapy (Can be administered orally) the prognosis

    During the 4-year follow-up period, nearly 78% of patients with brain tumors experienced complete or partial remission, while only 22% of the 32 patients who received a placebo before radiotherapy experienced such remission

    The test aims to determine the effectiveness of arginine as a "radiosensitizer" to enhance the effect of radiotherapy

    However, these results and the apparent mechanism of action of arginine suggest that amino acids may be more effective as an anti-cancer therapy

    As an attending oncologist at the Angel H.
    Roffo Cancer Institute in Argentina, he participated in the design and implementation of the trial.
    The senior author of the article, Dr.
    Leandro Cerchietti, associate professor of medicine in the Department of Hematology and Oncology, said: “Based on these findings, we should continue to study Arginine combined with radiotherapy can also be combined with chemotherapy or immunotherapy, or even arginine alone.
    ” The trial was also co-led by Dr.
    Alfredo Navigante from the Roffo Cancer Institute

    Arginine, also known as L-arginine, is cheap, widely available, generally considered safe, and relatively easy to enter the brain from the bloodstream

    The idea of ​​using it to treat cancer stems from the observation that tumors usually help themselves to survive by producing high levels of the related molecule nitric oxide (NO)

    The latter can regulate many processes in the body, including the flow of blood through blood vessels.
    Tumor cells usually up-regulate it to produce a special enzyme called NO synthase, which can synthesize NO from arginine

    Reducing NO production is a possible way to take advantage of tumor dependence on this molecule, but the effect is not good, partly because of its side effects

    The researchers hypothesized that increasing the production of NO by increasing the precursor arginine may be beneficial because tumors can use NO to promote their growth and survival, but their production must be kept below a certain limit

    The lead author of the study, Dr.
    Rossella Marullo, said: "Nitric oxide is a reactive molecule that itself or other reactive molecules derived from it can stress and damage cells-so cells can only tolerate these nitric oxides.
    ," Dr.
    Rossella Marullo is a medical instructor in the Department of Hematology and Medical Oncology at Cornell University School of Medicine

    She added that overloading a high-NO tumor with more NO before radiotherapy may impair the tumor’s ability to repair radiation-induced DNA damage.
    In fact, her preclinical trials in mice confirmed this effect.


    In clinical trials, patients were treated with high-dose arginine or a placebo oral suspension one hour before radiotherapy for brain metastases-representing brain tumors where the primary tumor has spread elsewhere (such as the lungs)

    After 6 months of radiotherapy, 82% of patients in the arginine group had improved or at least not worsened their neurological symptoms, compared with 20% in the placebo group

    Most of the arginine-treated patients who died during the study died of cancer spreading to other parts of the body

    In addition, although metastatic cancer usually has a poor prognosis, there are some patients treated with arginine whose intracerebral and extracerebral tumors disappear, indicating the possibility of a cure

    Cerchietti said that the evidence from this study and previous studies also shows that arginine can not only directly hinder tumor cells, but also enhance the activity of anti-tumor immune cells

    The promising results prompted the research team to start and plan to further study the use of arginine alone or in combination with other anti-cancer drugs

    "In principle, any tumor that overexpresses the NO-producing enzyme is susceptible to arginine treatment-this type of tumor is very common," said Dr.
    Cerchietti, who is also a member of the Sandra and Edward Meyer Cancer Center at Cornell University Medical Institute.

    He also warned that this requires further research and that patients should consult their doctors about the use of any supplements outside of clinical trials

    The arginine preparation used in this study is only available in medical institutions

    Reference materials: https://medicalxpress.
    html Note: This article aims to introduce the progress of medical research and cannot be used as a reference for treatment options

    If you need health guidance, please go to a regular hospital

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