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    Sequoia NMN emerged, breaking the market pattern to promote the industry reshuffle.

    • Last Update: 2020-10-10
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    Compared with previous years' consumption trends, the health industry market consumption skyrocketed, Sequoia NMN, as a cutting-edge NAD plus dietary supplement, since the market, with its cutting-edge technology, civilian prices, perfect service, frequently praised by the vast number of consumers, just the past month, once appeared by consumers crazy pursuit, and even sold out of stock situation.
    experts predict that the brand may break the market pattern to drive the industry reshuffle.
    1929, British biochemist Arthur Harden won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for discovering a magical substance called NAD plus in the human body.
    , NAD plus is considered one of the leading causes of disease and aging.
    2000, many well-known scientists have proven that NAD plus is a key factor in reversing aging.
    Because direct supplementation of THED-plus body can not be absorbed, in 2013 by Harvard University Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging experiments confirmed that the supplemented NMN into the cell, and then consume an ATP, the formation of AND-plus molecules, which can effectively increase the content of NAD-plus in the body, thereby helping humans to repair DNA damage, delay aging.
    2013-2018, David Sinclair, a professor at Harvard Medical School, written in top international journals such as CELL, Science, and Nature, confirmed that NMN restores 22-month-old mice to 6 months of age (equivalent to a 60-year-old in humans). By the age of 20), the anti-decay effect makes NMN known as the "no-old god medicine", the media is also competing to report on NMN, David said the ingredient can "increase people's youth by 20%, not just 20% of life", he himself after several years of taking, physiological tests found that the reverse growth of ten years.
    David Sinclair's paper, published in the scientific journal CELL, on NMN's ability to reverse vascular aging In recent years, NMN's move from the lab to the market has undoubtedly become a secret to some people's resistance to aging.
    but because of its complex extraction technology, access is limited, the previous price was once as high as 2000 dollars / g or more, to meet the needs of the human body to take the cost is as high as 1.56 million / year sky price! For the average person, NMN is expensive to take, which is also out of reach of most ordinary consumers with anti-decay needs.
    all of this has been broken with the launch of Sequoia NMN.
    learned that in the past 618 e-commerce activities, Sequoia NMN with its purity of more than 99%, less than a thousand yuan price has been recognized by the vast number of consumers, once out of stock situation.
    can be said that in a group of quality, high prices, good and bad NMN products, Sequoia NMN is undoubtedly a stand-out.
    the author learned that Sequoia NMN originated from SHINEBION Corporation of the United States, a biotechnology company focused on the international cutting-edge research in the field of anti-decay.
    Sequoia NMN by the United States senior health food experts, nutrition researchers, technical and regulatory professionals, such as joint research and development products, is committed to integrating the world's top resources for technology research and development, through cooperation with anti-aging laboratories around the world, the latest research results will be rational transformation, so as to help people in a scientific and effective way to delay aging, enjoy high-quality life.
    has obtained GRAS, FDA, Kosher clean food and other authoritative certification, is a new product created by Sequoia.
    SHINEBION NMN (Sequoia NMN) on the basis of the original production process, the upgrading of enzyme-directed catalytic technology, so that NMN active ingredient production increased by more than 30%, higher yield, higher activity, higher purity, cost significantly reduced.
    at the same time, the unique NMN-Ultra ultra-pure optimization technology, so that SHINEBION NMN (Sequoia NMN) product composition is more dense, each capsule NMN content is in line with or higher than the calibration content.
    the breakthrough of the production process of Sequoia Bao NMN, the innovative crack of the original NMN enzyme synthesis process β-NMN doped with α-NMN this technical problem, making its yield higher, Higher activity, higher purity, and significantly lower costs, so that NMN prices fell below 1,000 yuan for the first time, 899 yuan / bottle price compared with the previous cost of 2000, or even 3000 yuan, to provide more consumers with the opportunity to try.
    It is learned that SHINEBION NMN (Sequoia NMN) as the industry's dark horse, the price broke the market's commercial war pattern, the future or will promote the NMN industry technology development, in the price so that ordinary consumers are no longer rejected, will be healthy anti-decay benefits to every ordinary people!Sequoia NMN in order to give users a more complete experience, set up a professional user communication platform, to provide the vast number of anti-decay users with the latest literature exploration and interpretation, cutting-edge anti-decay research, user anti-decay log and other ecological content, while providing real-time consulting and after-sales service, around the NMN such cutting-edge anti-decay research, forming a depth, attitude, temperature in one community atmosphere.
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