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    Shanghai is short of medicine many times hang up the net still can't buy Hospital high price to buy!

    • Last Update: 2017-04-06
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    Source: Cypress blue 2017-04-06 Medical Network April 6 news bidding and price cutting are busy, down! But some drugs are going against the current, and the prices are rising, higher and higher! ▍ the short drugs have been put on the Internet for many times, but they still can't be bought Recently, the notice on online purchase of clinical short drugs was issued by Shanghai Pharmaceutical centralized bidding procurement management office It is required to purchase 4 products including "vitamin K1 injection" and "magnesium sulfate injection", which are in short supply in clinical practice In fact, this is not the first time Shanghai has issued such a notice Since 2017, the notice of clinical shortage of drugs has been issued four times by Shanghai Pharmaceutical bidding and procurement Institute Moreover, some details show that the direct online purchase of these medicines in short supply is not smooth Because, some products appear continuously in these notifications For example, "vitamin K1 injection" will be purchased online in Shanghai on March 21 In the notice on April 1, it still indicates that the drug is in short supply; there is also "magnesium sulfate injection", which is in short supply on February 10 and March 21 By April 1, it is still in short supply The specifications of each purchase are the same, but the manufacturers are different According to the normal logic, it is likely that there is no pharmaceutical company willing to supply, only to try another manufacturer next month ▍ the purchaser raised the price frequently, the crisis was difficult to solve the clinical shortage of drugs, the emergency (emergency) drug supply was cut off, no one asked for bids Saberan once reported that 57 products were out of stock in Liaoning Province, so Liaoning also issued an urgent notice The main reason has been discussed before, mainly the price This has also been fully shown in four successive notices in Shanghai For example, "vitamin K1 injection", the reference price given by Shanghai procurement in March is 7.35 yuan / piece, and in April, the price of the same specification rose to 9.9 yuan / piece; "magnesium sulfate injection", the price in February is 9.8 yuan / piece, and in April, it rose to 15 yuan / piece By comparison, the price given by Shanghai is at least much higher than that of Liaoning The price of "vitamin K1 injection" given by Liaoning Province is 1.2 yuan / piece, which is not surprising Because the price is not close to each other, this is one of the 57 medicines in short supply notified by Liaoning emergency Now, the official price hike means hospitals will buy the drugs at a higher price than before ▍ the disappearance of cheap drugs accelerates Who will stop it? The situation has changed dramatically As far as the medicine in short supply is concerned, it is now the seller's market For example, the previous "Mitomycin for injection", which was out of stock nationwide, did not produce any of the three pharmaceutical enterprises with the approval number However, it needs to be used urgently in clinical practice, lacking or expensive substitutes In the centralized procurement with the main purpose of reducing drug prices, this must be a dilemma for the authorities Is it possible to purchase the medicine in short supply? It's hard to say It is a test for the purchaser on the premise that the enterprise can't cooperate with the administrative order or the code of ethics Perhaps, as some industry people suggest, the state also gives some preferential policies and financial subsidies to the distribution and tax of the drugs in short supply Even, it's better to pay for it by contracted production Otherwise, more and more cheap drugs will disappear Attachment: list of drugs in short supply in Shanghai
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