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    SINBON Pharmaceuticals Receives Research from 10 Institutions: National Chinese Medicine Industry Policy Brings Positive Impact on the Company

    • Last Update: 2021-11-13
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    On November 3, SINBON Pharmaceuticals issued an announcement that the company will accept surveys from 10 institutions on November 3, 2021, including Gaoyi Assets, Harvest Fund, Essence Fund, Nantu Assets, Guoxin Yongfeng Fund, Great Wall Fund, Jilin Min credible, wide silver wealth management
    The main content of this survey mainly revolves around: the completion of the company's 2021 stock option incentive plan; the company's overall industry chain advantages; the impact of the national traditional Chinese medicine industry policy on the company; the company's next development plan in medical services
    In response to the company’s entire industry chain advantage, SINBON Pharmaceutical responded that the company is a medical and health industry chain group integrating medical services, pharmaceutical circulation and pharmaceutical industry, and has formed a medical service as the core, supplemented by pharmaceutical circulation and characteristics.
    The main business structure of traditional Chinese medicine has built a "medical service +" platform operation model, realized resource sharing, and highlighted the platform's advantages such as strong anti-risk ability, high management efficiency, and low financing cost
    In recent years, the Chinese medicine industry has developed rapidly, and the state and local governments have continued to introduce a series of favorable policies and measures to support the development and growth of Chinese medicine
    Regarding the impact of institutional concerns on the company, the company said that as of the end of the third quarter of 2021, the company's sales of proprietary Chinese medicines have stabilized and achieved growth, and sales of Chinese medicine decoction pieces have continued to grow
    In addition, the company continues to deepen cooperation with Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and continuously strengthens cooperation in health care products and medical services on the basis of the current cooperation in Chinese medicine decoction pieces.
    The coordinated development of integrated Chinese and Western medicine
    Subsidiary Tongde Pharmaceuticals takes traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces as its main product, and is the first in the country to realize the seamless connection of traditional Chinese medicine from the construction of planting bases, the production of Chinese medicine decoction pieces to the use of medical institutions, which effectively guarantees the product quality, clinical drug safety and The curative effect is developing rapidly with an average annual growth rate of 50%
    The medical service sector is also one of the main businesses of SINBON Pharmaceuticals.
    Regarding the next development plan in this field, the company stated that it always takes "building a high-tech medical service group" as its development goal, and strives to do a good job in corporate development and safety.
    Innovate the business model and continuously pursue management results to ensure the company's continuous, stable and healthy development
    Specifically, the company adheres to the concept of coordinated development of medical education and research, and further implements the management model of "integrated management and homogeneous development"
    Promote the regional development of the oncology discipline, assist the construction of the oncology discipline of the hospitals within the group; promote the construction of the three major projects of health care, outpatient clinic, and oncology in Baiyun Hospital, and become a comprehensive teaching hospital with high standards of medical treatment
    On the other hand, strengthen refined management, do a good job in the allocation of human resources, strengthen political and ideological work, and cultivate a group of medical personnel who are responsible for the patients and truly serve the common people, who love the medical cause, have a solid foundation and in-depth medical personnel
    According to the third quarter report of 2021 disclosed by SINBON Pharmaceuticals on October 29, the company achieved total operating income of 4.
    72 billion in the first three quarters of 2021, a year-on-year increase of 10.
    4%; net profit attributable to its parent was 210 million, a year-on-year increase of 70.
    5%; earnings per share were 0.
    12 yuan
    In the past 90 days, there were 5 institutions giving ratings and 5 buying ratings; the net inflow of financing in the past 3 months was 88,409,700, and the financing balance increased
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