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    Home > Medical News > Latest Medical News > Since the beginning of this year, a large number of multinational pharmaceutical companies have failed clinically in tumor immunotherapy!

    Since the beginning of this year, a large number of multinational pharmaceutical companies have failed clinically in tumor immunotherapy!

    • Last Update: 2022-09-21
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    Tumor (Tumor) is a new organism
    formed by the body under the action of various carcinogenic factors, a certain cell of the local tissue loses the normal regulation of its growth at the gene level, resulting in its clonal abnormal proliferation.
    In recent years, the research and development of anti-tumor drugs at home and abroad has developed vigorously, and a large number of innovative drugs have entered clinical trials and clinical use
    However, it should be noted that drug development has always been a challenge and an opportunity, in recent years, especially this year, with the continuous increase in investment in innovation of pharmaceutical companies, a large number of pharmaceutical companies have reported the news of
    clinical trial failure.


    For example, in early August, Innate Pharma's NKG2A antibody Monalizumab, in combination with cetuxima, failed to meet the efficacy endpoint
    in the Phase III clinical INTERlink-1 trial of relapsing refractory metastasis squamous cell carcinoma with cetuximab.
    Also in August, Jounce Therapeutics announced that the second-line clinical SELECT of ICOS antibody Vopratelimab combined with PD-1 PD-1 antibody For the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer did not meet the primary endpoint
    In addition, Merck also announced that two Phase III clinical trials of PD-1 monoclonal antibody Keytruda failed to reach the endpoint


    In March and May, Roche TIGIT monoclonal antibody announced two Phase 3 clinical failures, namely the Phase 3 critical SKYSCRAPER-02 trial of tiragolumab combined with PD-L1 monoclonal Tecentriq in the first-line treatment of PD-L1 high expression of locally advanced or metastatic NSCLC and the phase 3 critical SKYSCRAPER-02 trial
    of tiragolumab combined with chemotherapy first-line treatment ES-SCLC.


    In March, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Nektar announced that the phase III clinical trial of biased IL-2 (Bempegaldesleukin) combined with the PD-1 antibody Opdivo for metastatic melanoma did not meet the primary endpoints
    of PFS and ORR.
    In the same month, AstraZeneca also published the results of the Phase 3 trial of anti-PD-L1 therapy Imfinzi (infinitus, common name: durvalumab) for locally advanced cervical cancer, which did not meet the primary endpoint and failed clinically




    According to statistics, in addition to the above drugs, in recent years, the tumor immune targets of the folding also include IDO, TIGIT, TGFβ, biased IL-2, NKG2A and so on
    The industry believes that from the above, although the market prospects for tumor immunotherapy drugs brought about by favorable policies and capital increases are becoming more and more broad in recent years, the examples of the failure of new drug research and development of these multinational pharmaceutical companies are constantly warning everyone that even if they go through phase I and phase II clinical trials, they may also encounter challenges
    in phase III.


    From the overall point of view, the new drug research and development project is a "high investment, high risk, long cycle" project, there are many reasons for research and development failure, including project establishment errors, stakeholders who do not have project matching, technical risks are uncertain, etc.
    At present, the enthusiasm for innovation of pharmaceutical companies continues to rise, because clinical failures are becoming more and more common


    For pharmaceutical companies, what can be done is to innovate at the same time, as far as possible from the past pharmaceutical company failure experience analysis and summary of the basis, more reference, less detours, to avoid failure
    In addition, in the future on the hot track, the industry believes that pharmaceutical companies should also be approved for more indications to stabilize their position and increase revenue


    In fact, in recent years, with the continuous growth of the tumor treatment market, domestic pharmaceutical companies are competing to actively layout
    in this field.
    At present, the number of clinical research and development of domestic enterprises on many targets is growing, and new drugs are also being listed
    one after another.
    As before that, the world's first double immune checkpoint inhibitor bispecific antibody new drug independently developed by Kangfang Bio - Kaitanil ® (cardulinizumab injection) National Listing Conference has been held
    in Huangpu District, Guangzhou.
    It is understood that the new drug is independently developed and marketed by Kangfang Bio, and the drug can be used for the treatment of patients with relapsed or metastatic cervical cancer who have previously received platinum-containing chemotherapy treatment


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